Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm too busy being Grumpet

I am having an extremely Grumpet kind of day (Grumpet clearly being a grumpy muppet).  I'm homesick. Very very homesick. 

I even tried to cover up the homesickness by eating four Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

It helped a little.

So, um, that's what's new with me. What's new with you?


  1. Hope today is better.

    We have a cat named Grompet.

  2. Totally thought you said Grommit. Hope you get a better day today. Whats new with me? I'm starving. Being on a diet sucks major

  3. I understand how it feels when you get homesick. But the best way for me to beat it is by doing something that occupies me, like writing or blogging.

    Hope you get a better day. :)

  4. Ah.. Comfort food, don't give into it. I've had a decent day, hope you do too.

  5. I love peanut butter cups. So good.
    Hope you feel better soon :)

  6. Skype! Get your family on the horn and skype! That's what I do when I'm homesick. As opposed to home sick, where I am now, recovering from knee surgery yesterday!

  7. hahaha. Well the reese's peanutbutter cups didn't do the trick?!? I was convinced those were magical :)

  8. When I studied abroad I was miserably homesick. I coped by racking up a ridiculously large phone bill. ;) Don't know how you do it....

  9. I was doing great until I read about Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.... Now I will be miserable until I can put one in my mouth! I hope today is kinder to you.

  10. It might be the time of the year..or the weather..but everyone seems to be catching a cold of some kind around me...which means I wonder when I'll get sick.

    Sorry to hear you are homesick. Some extra cuddling might be in order from someone...& a few phone calls back home, included.

  11. Reese's always makes things better. Of this I am sure. ;) Feel better soon!

  12. Awww, sorry you are having a bad day, lady!!! Feel better!

  13. I could do with any kind of chocolate... I'm on the job hunt on a serious note. One more day at my current job is one less day I'm living! *sigh*

  14. Totally understand about having a "grumpet" day! Reese's always make my day better. Or any kind of chocolate. :) Speaking of, I just may have to go get some because this day is turning out to be crazy!

    Hope your's improves!

    ~ Angela

  15. sometimes the best thing you can do is just distract yourself with something like a feel good cheesy movie. that's what i usually did when i was homesick while living in the UK. either that or heading out for a walk in an attempt to remind myself that being away from home wasn't *so* bad.

    hope you feel better!

  16. I am having a grumpet day too =(

  17. :HUGS: Feel better :( Here's to TOMORROW being a better day!

    I have a giveaway on my blog, if that'll hep you feel any better? teehee!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  18. awww that's a cute expression!
    Hope tomorrow is more of a huppet day! (happy-muppet?) ...or maybe muppy? that could work hehe :o)

  19. Been there done that...aren't those days the worst? Fortunately, things always seem better by the next morning (usually)!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been enjoying yours and your extremely witty writing...always a favorite of mine :) I like to think of myself as a clever writer but yours seems a bit more effortless :)

    I find your journey and writing super interesting and will definitely be sticking around to read more! I hope you'll consider following mine too :)

  20. Awww DEEEEE!! Don't go down the grumpet road :)) COOK something instead!! Lol, coming from me that's terrible because I can't cook to save my life but when I do miss home, I call my mum, or a friend, or a loved one and make something I only have back there :))

    Hope you feel the sunshine soon
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  21. I think I'm being Grumpet last few days, too :)

  22. I have no idea what peanut butter cups are :( hope you're feeling better though! <3

  23. P.S. Make sure you check out Grahangela tomorrow! I'm tagging you in "7 Things" and you'll be linked up in my blog. Loving following your blog!

    ~ Angela

  24. Oh! I so remember the homesickness...actually I still experience it, but not in the same way because I'm back in the US now.

    I love how you keep your sense of humor. Grumpy muppet = grumpet...LOL.

  25. I hate that feeling! Being homesick is the worst. I try to keep myself very busy. I'm at my worst when I'm sitting around the house.

  26. Lisa - Really? What a great name!

    Imperfect Momma - Eep! Starving is no good.

    Glee - Aw, thanks for the suggestions.

    Neatfit - Comfort food is sometimes the only solution.

    Shannon - They are SINFUL aren't they. My mom sent me them.

    The Zadge - Yes, skype is AMAZING isn't it. It's not quite cutting it though any more I am afraid.

    Ashley - They're PRETTY magical.

    Missa Lee - Aw, Luckily skype is free.

    Angela - Get thee some peanut butter cups asap.

    Ellie - Aw, I know it's always bad when you see everyone getting sick and just know you're probably next.

    ALexa - Amen sister, amen.

    My day in a sentence - oh no!

    Oneika - Thank you!

    Azra - Ugh, I hear ya on the job hunt, I am there too

    Krysten - Yes! use it :)

    Angela - Reese's do solve most problems.

    SJ - Yes, I have a tendency to watch really terrible tv shows when homesick.

    Teachergirl - oh no! hope things got better for you!

    Cami - oooh, I'll come check it out!

    Sonja - Haha! Love it.

    Jenn - Aw, thank you! seriously this comment made my day!

    Siddy - That's part of the joy of reese's peanut butter cups they remind me of home.

    Marina - hope thinks are less Grumpet-y now.

    Anna - for serious?

    Angela - Aw, really? Yay!

    Titleless blog - Ugh, I know i think about that a lot too - like if we moved to the US, I'd be so homesick for Australia and travel.

    Aqui - hmm, I am not sure where I am at worst - recently, It's all pretty bad.

  27. ha, this reminds me of my boredom post. hope you are feeling better girl. it's always just one step at a time.

  28. a grumpet! that is hilarious. hope you're having a better day :)

  29. I know what you're feeling! I really miss Reeses' candy...I even names my dog that! Some days, I only talk to my husband...its hard. luckily he's my best friend.