Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's divine. It's delicious. It's scrumptious. It's down right delectable.

Again, I bring you a post that I started writing months ago and have finally decided to bite the bullet and post. Because I live on the edge like that.  You see, I'm suffering from some bloggers block. I'd love to tell you about how last week I had to go get an ultrasound and not just any ultrasound but an internal ultra sound. And if you're a mother or pregnant you're all "whatevs" because hey doctors look at your nether regions all the time.  But let me tell you I was totally freaking out about the whole ordeal (I looked truly fabulous in my polka dotted smock though, next time I'll be brave enough to take a picture, I promise).  And when it was over the guy was all "I can't see anything wrong with your ovaries" and I breathed a big sigh of relief until he was all "well, except for the blood around that one, it's probably nothing but I want you in for another ultrasound in seven weeks" which obviously was terrible news because it means I have to go through the trauma of being probed AGAIN.  So instead of talking about that (which of course, I've now talked about for a very large and clumsy paragraph) I bring you a small observation about Australians.

There are words that I would use to describe food - and by food I mean the taste of food.  Things like "It's delightfully crunchy" or "or that hint of lemon is just yummy!"

However, I've found that most Australians, when presented with something absolutely delicious will describe it as "beautiful."  I find this fascinating, beautiful things to me are visual and not based on the taste. I love it.

Of course they mean something entirely different when they say "you beauty."


  1. i've never noticed that before, now i'm going to be aware of it any time someone describes food :)

  2. When I was on a cruise last summer, I was with a bunch of Irish people who described delicious food as being "gorgeous". It always threw me. Hope you are feeling better soon! *hugs*

  3. I've heard British people refer to food as "beautiful" and "gorgeous" too. It's really strange to my north American ears. If they call a chicken curry gorgeous, do they call Kate Moss delicious?

  4. Argh...that bit of news..is so stressful. Hope, all will stay calm.

    Interesting word play.

  5. Augh - how frustrating!! I've had to go to the doctor for two colposcopy's - which aren't nearly as invasive (not to be confused with a colonoscopy!) and both times I've been told that everything is fine. But they still make me come back because my pap smears keep coming back wonky. I know it's best to be safe, but at the same time it just gets so annoying!

    Sounds like those Australian's need to broaden their vocabulary. ;) Kidding!

  6. Feel better! And I love when we were living in New Zealand and everyone said "brilliant" when describing a plate of food!

  7. Haha, Australians are very similar to South Africans in that sense... I call everything I love beautiful, including Ice Cream. And "You Beauty" is a term used for everyone we like/love (especially when someone's scored a goal)...

    On another note, I hate being probed too, it's the worst kind of invasion :/

  8. Hope you are okay, and that is a cool way to describe food.

  9. I had to have one of this: the internal ultrasounds. I know what that's like, the awkwardness. The tech who did mine was a real bitch. They found out I had cysts. The whole experience was a downer. I hope you are doing better.

  10. I'm sorry you have to go back but I hope you're okay! Hang in there. <3

  11. Oh goodness--I hope the second ultrasound shows everything all cleared up! I had to have an internal one done, and I was pretty freaked about it too, but I think I was expecting something SO AWFUL that the reality wasn't so bad ;)

  12. Hope you get the all clear soon, sometimes the waiting is often worse than the results, fingers crossed.

    Sometimes folk have a hard time dysphering my phrasings too, but it's the meaning that counts, and it's usually well!

  13. Oh no!! I hope that everything is ok, and will be ok! And I agree, hate being probed! :)
    I could totally call some foods beautiful, as long as my taste buds agree with it :)

  14. Ugh, I hate certain medical procedures. And all the questions they're "required" to ask. Stuff most men never have to be asked in a doctor's visit. Good luck, I hope everything turns out okay!

  15. Sorry about the US. After two kids, I still don't want my nether regions probed. I never mastered the "whatever" attitude about it beyond labor & delivery. Hoping that it turns out to be nothing. My husband - Canadian - often describes food as "nice" as though everything delicious is a fine wine or a symphony. It's odd, but he has yet to call any food "beautiful." Great observation.

  16. They say beautiful like that in Ireland as well and I got in the habit of saying it. I quite like it :-)

  17. Hmm...I didn't realize I picked up "beautiful" while there, but I do it now too!

    Hope you're ok girl *hug*!! <3

  18. Eleanor - Yeah, I feel fine. It really is probably nothing.

    SJ - Yes! take note :)

    Teacher Girl - Yeah, weird isn't it? Gorgeous or beautiful. oy! Aw, thanks.

    Crazy Shenanigans - Thanks!

    Crystal - That is a very good question.

    Ellie - I think I was just so relieved it was OVER and then, to hear him say I had to have another one!

    Meredith Duck - That is so annoying. Le sigh, I mean I am usually a better safe or sorry kind of girl. But this doesn't answer why I was in so much pain.

    Alexa - hah! Yes, brilliant is said sometimes too.

    Azra - Exactly! I am not surprised the vernacular is similar to South Africa.

    Imperfect Mama - Yes, i feel ok - I just don't want to go through the internal ultrasound again!

    Titleless blog - It's SO awkward. Aw! They didn't think I had any cysts which means there is no answer for why I was so owie.

    Steph Anne - Thanks!

    Angela Noelle - Yeah, i certainly was expecting it to be SO much more uncomfortable, but it doesn't mean I want to do it again!

    Shrinky - Yeah, i don't really fear the results. Only the probing.

    Courtney B - Yes, I don't understand why a taste couldn't be beautiful - it's just not something we say in the US frequently.

    Iris - I know - Honestly, if I get asked one more time if I'm pregnant. Ho boy!

    Jesssica - Well, I guess it's kind of a relief to hear that not all mamas get blase about their nether regions!

    Sara Louise - Yeah, it's nice isn't it! I enjoy it too.

    Heather - Well, either in Oz or from your British friends!