Saturday, September 03, 2011

Let's my birthday

Last Saturday, I turned twenty six. I find that birthdays are a better time to make some yearly goals than the New Year for me. I am not sure why that is.

Lets take a look at last year's goals:

1.  Get a job. I want a job that fulfils my visa requirements, that makes me feel like I am contributing to something useful in this world, that is hopefully in melbourne - but if not somewhere that's beautiful to live and near good yoga (one can't be too picky), that while I may not love going to work EVERY day makes me inspired and excited. Also, not to be too you know...picky, but soon would be nice...Just Sayin',

Ok, so the year prior I had these goals where I learned that perhaps I should be specific in visualising what I want.  A lesson I clearly needed to remember this time - I did get a job that fulfilled my visa, however I only had it for 3 months. Which is unfortunately not even close to long enough to appease the visa gods.

Anyway, That's not the point the point is that this year I have some new goals.

1. I want to find fulfilling work in the environment sector that I love and that I am good at.

2. I want to get better at taking pictures.  Now notice I didn't saw photographs - and there is a difference. As such, I promise to post more pictures in my posts.  In fact this week, I took a picture every day here are some of them:

The birthday cake that Mrs Climate made me (hazelnut sponge cake with chocolate cream layers)

A door into a mine:

The tower in Melbourne Central

The flower Inspector Climate picked for me after getting engaged

 Tune in next time for the engagement story.


  1. I just this very minute realized that I am 47 and my mom was 21 when she had me, which means that I am exactly as old as she was when I turned 26 like you just did.

    Which, I think, means I'm your mother.

  2. aw, I love that flower. Its great to have goals. And you are working very hard on them. Its great to look forward and make the most of each year.

    Wishing you great things this year..and more to come.

  3. That cake looks so good...and makes me want to make one too. Darn you and your yummy birthday cake!


  4. That tower photograph is excellent, truly. I share your desire to post more of my own photos, and taking pics of food made me realize how bad I am at it. So that's a new goal of mine.

    I've actually thought of taking one photo a day as a sort of creative project, I really like that idea. One thought I had was photographing my garden every day is exactly the same spot, then making a time lapse video of a year in the garden at the end.

    I cannot wait for the engagement story!

  5. You cake looks yummy! Love the two "artsy" pics, the tower and the door.

    Yay, engagement story!!

  6. Engagement story! Yes! Please!!!

  7. I love the Melbourne Central photo! And can't wait for the engagement story, of course :)

  8. happy belated! hope you had a wonderful bday... the pictures look really pretty :)

  9. happy belated! hope you had a wonderful bday... the pictures look really pretty :)

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!! I can't wait to hear about how you got engaged!

  11. Happy belated birthday!!! And congrats on the engagement, I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!! xoxo

  12. I really wouldn't mind having a Mrs Climate baking delicious hazelnut sponge cakes with chocolate layers for me ;)

    PS. I know exactly what you mean about making Specific goals. It's much the same like making Specific wishes. Example, you wish for your dream guy, and then you find him, but he's already taken!

  13. oh my goodness i totally missed your engagement... CONGRATULATIONS. so so happy for you.
    hope you had a wonderful birthday too

  14. That's a great idea! Birthday resolutions! I've started this 26 before 26 thing and pretty much completely ignored it the ENTIRE month of August. I suppose I should update that bad boy.

  15. oh yay! i love seeing pictures from your life in australia. and that cake - oh my!!! i'm so glad you had a great birthday, even with all that craziness that was going on at the time. hooray for a new year!!!

  16. The Zadge - I think you're right. Crazy! Happy seriously belated mother's day, on my behalf.

    Ellie - Thank you! That's very sweet.

    Working Mommy - it was divine. Do it!

    Susan - Thank you! I've been considering that myself! Although I've already fallen off the wagon of taking photos every day, so I think I'll just try to take pictures more.

    Teachergirl - It was DELICIOUS. Hah - thanks. I think i could've gotten a better one of the door. I loved the door.

    titlelessblog - It's up, it's up!

    Faith - thank you! that building is pretty awesome.

    wander.lust - Thank you!

    Crazy Shenanigans - It's up, it's up!

    Many colours of happiness - thank you again!

    Azra - I know, she spoils me that future mother in law of mine!

    Eleanor - Thank you!

    jehlik501 - yes, I love birthday resolutions, it all started because I was going to do a 24 in 24 but only came up 4 goals!

    Kimbirdy - Hooray indeed!