Friday, October 14, 2011

Be careful with that knife, you might have to kiss the nearest boy!

A couple of weekends ago, Inspector Climate and I attended his cousins second birthday party where I was reminded of a strange Australian tradition.

When Australian's cut a birthday cake if the knife touches the bottom of the cake you have to kiss the nearest person of the opposite sex.  Which basically means you always have to kiss someone of the opposite sex because how do you NOT touch the bottom of the cake? It's a knife and you're making a slice - what are you going to do only cut 3/4 of the way down?

Is this something your family does?  What birthday traditions do you have? And most of all, have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier & leaving such a lovely comment!

    Gotta say I'm really fond of this Australian birthday cake tradition. Can't wait to try this out at my next birthday party haha! :)

  2. I have never heard of this lol this is cute thanks for sharing


  3. that's a very funny tradition, in spain we just pull the person's ear one time for each year.

  4. That's so funny, I've never heard that. I love hearing about Australia though because my husband lived there for two years. However, I can't do vegemite.

  5. i had never realised that it was a cultural thing, it's just something i've always grown up with.

    the other one is you have to kiss the opposite sex if the knife is dirty (also impossible) :)

    have a good weekend!

  6. My family has always done "If the knife comes out dirty, you have to kiss the nearest boy." No idea why either tradition exists though. Perhaps to teach small children to be cautious with enormous knives?! ;)

  7. Our tradition is we don't eat our birthday cake the traditional way. We just shove our face in the cake and bite!

  8. Haha, I've never heard of this tradition before. It's sort of cute but if we did this I'd have to always be sure to be standing next to the hottest dude at the party...just in case ;)

  9. very interesting! We don't have any cake traditions to speak of in Canada nor my family. Somehow, that makes me feel a bit sad. LOL

  10. I had never heard of this traditon! They closest we come to tradition is that we always have to have party rings (biscuit) and iced gems (snacky treat).

  11. hahah what a random fun tradition!! I had never heard of it before but then I'm not complaining when it comes to spreading love lol

  12. That is so weird! My family doesn't really have any birthday traditions that I can think of, hmm.

  13. hahaha never heard about that tradition before! that's so funny.. thank you for teaching me something new :)


  14. Can't say I've heard of that before, even though SA and OZ are pretty similar in most respects. Have an awesome weekend :)

  15. I've never heard of this but it sounds so funny and I bet it can get a bit awkward too! xx

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  16. Haha. That is hilarious..have not heard of this one. My family doesn't really have traditions like those. We make wine and drink wine...I guess that's a tradition. ;)

  17. That's very interesting. I love to hear about other cultures and traditions but I'd never heard this one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. that's so bizarre! i've never heard of this, so i'm sure it's something dannon's family does not do. of course, his family is pretty conservative {his dad's a pastor} so i'm not sure they'd be promoting kissing the nearest person of the opposite sex. how funny!

  19. ha, that is hilarious. i have never heard of this before. but true, it's nearly impossible not to touch the bottom.
    xo TJ

  20. Adam's sister married an Australian and we'll have to check if this is a tradition in their home as well. His Mom believes the first piece cake of must be cut and eaten by the person whose birthday it is. She can get quite agitated if this rule is not followed.. bad luck or something...

  21. Can't say I've ever heard of this.... my sister's tradition is to make you as uncomfortable as possible by buying obnoxious glasses, banners, sashes, beads, balloons... basically whatever she can get her hands on. Annoying!

  22. Interesting tradition! I don't really have any like this. Have a happy weekend! ;)

  23. What a cute custom. I think that should spread worldwide! thanks for sharing. xo

  24. Hahah....that's silly. I don't know any birthday traditions, but in Chile for New Years people have been known to wear yellow underwear and then turn them inside out after midnight. Then you have to run around the block with a suitcase. There is symbolism there, I guess.

  25. nice story, thanks for sharing! really love your blog dear <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  26. I've never heard of that! The Swiss have one that we abide by. If you lose your bread in the chocolate fondue you have to kiss the cook. And if you find a garlic clove you have to kiss the cook. Basically it pays to be the cook!

  27. Ally - It is really sweet isn't it? Although, also a bit strange.

    Carrie - You should have heard me the first time I heard this tradition!

    wander.lust - The ear? Really? for good luck?

    Autumn - No, I am not a big fan of vegemite either!

    SJ - Totally a cultural thing! I love it. but it's silly!

    Melbourne on my mind - Hah! Yes, that is an important lesson.

    a daft scots lass - hah! I like it!

    Lin - Yes, exactly. you'd have to be careful when and where you cut the cake!

    Oneika - No real cake traditions in my family either. Well, besides the fact that we like cake.

    Shiny Pigeon - Oooh! those sound like good traditions!

    Angela - I know, it is NOT well publicised.

    Siddy - Exactly! IC told me it was a way for aunties to get kisses from young nephews as well. Which I like!

    Krysten - I hear ya. I think we were too excited just at the fact that we could eat the cake! Nom, cake.

    Teresa - any time!

    Azra - They are similar in someways, but I don't know about SA, but Australia LOVES its slang.

    The otherside of cool - Yeah, I imagine it does get totally awkward.

    Alexa - Making wine! Awesome.

    Linda - I think Australians think it is so normal it's not something they'd think to bring up as "different"

    Kimbirdy - Well as IC would say "it's not a full on pash, just a peck on the cheek"

    Mr. Taylor and his Lady - i mean the tradition might as well be, on your birhtday when you cut the cake you kiss the person nearest to you!

    Cheryl and Adam - mmm, Interesting! Is it supposed to bring good luck?

    Missa Lee - Eek! That would be embarrassing, but the photos of past years must be awesome!

    Teacher Girl - I know! It's an unique one!

    Sarah - I like that! Let's advocate more kissing.

    Titleless blog - Why yellow underwear? What if it was blue?

    Mitha - Thanks for stopping by!

    Crazy shenanigans - I know! i am starting to think they keep it a secret!

    Nikki - the cook definitely seems to get the better end of the stick there!

  28. Thats funny. We have a family tradition (not sure it's a "tradition" or just something we happened to do each year) where we always take pictures around the same table every year and put up the same sign. It's funny because if you look at all of our birthday pictures growing up they look exactly the same but we are just one year older.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower :)

  29. Omg! I am Australian and this is what I've done since I was born haha I thought the whole world did it! Haha every party I've ever been to with cake someone shout "don't touch the bottom" and people either run towards the cake or far away!!

  30. You've got your apostrophes mixed up.Cousins needs an apostrophe because it's possessive. Australians doesn't because it's plural.