Thursday, October 06, 2011

Garden pickings

First I wrote a guest post over at Her Packing List about one of my favourite books. If you like travel, adventure, and AMAZING writing skills I'd highly recommend going to check out this post.  Seriously, just go.

If you don't like travel, adventure, or amazing writing skills, then you can hang here with me and we'll talk about garden spinach.  Hey hey now, don't leave. Spinach is delicious.

On Tuesday night, I picked our first garden goodies from my planter box: spinach and coriander.  I picked it brought it inside and put it in the sink to give it a good wash and get all the bugs off of it - growing up on a farm has made me both paranoid about eating slugs and kind of blasé about bugs in my food.

Because fresh garden spinach isn't something I get to eat very often, I wanted to make sure I was eating it raw and right after it was picked to capitalise on its freshness. Now if I lived alone, I probably would have made a salad with some Gorgonzola cheese, apples and pears, spinach and some pine nuts. But I don't live alone. I live with Inspector Climate who thinks that lettuce and spinach (raw, he's fine with it cooked) is rabbit food (which so are carrots, and he eats those. His logic is full of holes).

So instead I made his favourite meal home made refried black beans (bean loaf, recipe from on my blog previously here) with home made corn tortillas, home made fresh salsa, some grated cheese and sliced spinach.
Holy Yum!


  1. i am desperately trying to grow fresh herbs in window boxes at the moment. so far the only thing that is thriving is dill. i was kind of hoping for the basil but oh well, it's a start.

    (and yep, girls are indeed whack. and yet when you find an awesome girlfriend, it's the best! *sigh*)

  2. Holy yum is right! Those look delicious!

  3. Did you say "home made corn tortillas?" I bow down to you!

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by! Having a garden is awesome! I wish that I had one. I keep pestering my hubby to help me with one and we've set aside space for it but it will take a little longer to actually get motivated to design and construct one. Anyways, this looks delicious.

    If Work Permits

  5. Haha! Definitely holy yum! That looks fantastic! My husband and I have spent the last half hour checking out your blog! Lovin' it!

  6. I'm so jealous!!! I grew a whole patch last year and nothing edible came out :(( (that's probably because I the smart one planted it in the shade) BUT, bon apetit love, eat in good health and spirit!

  7. I really wish my taste buds would work with me especially with spinach. I guess I just haven't had the perfect spinach salad yet.

  8. That looks sooo good! I love fresh spinach and try to incorporate it into as many dishes/salads as I can.

    Gonna hop over and check out your favourite book :)

  9. I friggin love coriander. If only I had a garden. :(

  10. That is so awesome that you grew and picked your own spinach! And your meal looks super duper yummy =)

  11. I'm not one to jump up and down for raw Spinach, but that looks seriously delicious :)

    About twice or thrice a month, my Mom makes this juice that restores all those electrolytes and makes you kinda high on life. Basically she takes 1 Beetroot, a few leaves of baby-spinach, a few celery stalks, about 4 medium sized carrots, an apple and a handful of fresh parsley. Try it, its great!

  12. This looks so good..beautiful foodie picture.

    I loved that about his logic being full of holes.

    I made a salsa with some fresh cilantro we finally have growing.

    We have a cold frame that is really handy when the weather turns ...winter.

  13. Holy Yum is right!! This truly looks delicious...AND nutritious! Kudos on accomplishing both.

  14. fresh greens are the way to go! Spinach is my fave as well.. lots of iron! I really suggest kale too. It's loaded with good stuff!

  15. Okay I WISH I had a garden for things like this.

  16. Mmmm...Spinach is yummy!! Love it! Now we call coriander cilantro in these here parts...but I actually love both names for it, cause it is the most awesome spice!

    Inspector Climate's logic IS full of holes :P

  17. that looks so delicious girl! props!!
    xo TJ

  18. Jealous! I love spinach, I hate anything else in my salad.

  19. So Matt also thinks that spinach is rabbit food...but he LOVES carrots. Are we in a relationship with the same man? Weird.

  20. That's awesome that you have fresh spinach you grew. I live in an apartment, but would love to grow my own produce. It'd be nice to have fresh greens!

  21. Yummm! Fresh food is amazing; while I often got sick in Vietnam, nothing will compare to the flavour of their veggies and fruit! And I read you guest post, it sounds like the cutest book. And I love what you took away from it :)

  22. SJ - My basil is totally failing too! Le sigh.

    Lauren - Thank you! They were totally yum.

    The Zadge - It's actually incredibly easy!

    Beckaboots - Yeah, it's a really nice thing to have, I must say.

    Rolex - Aw thank you! That is so sweet!

    Siddy - Whoops, gardening is definitely a learning experience.

    Steph Anne - Aw, it just takes practice, I used to be able to eat it raw but not cooked.

    Crystal - I feel the same way about spinach! It's so delicious.

    Sentimental Suitcase - Coriander is amazing!

    Teacher girl - Thank you, it was.

    Azra - Maybe I'll give that a try.

    Ellie - Aw, thank you so much! My parents have a cold frame too - jealousy!

    M.L. - Thank you! It is both! It is so amazing.

    OMelly - Fresh spinach is totally delicious, and kale is yummy too!

    Krysten - A little planter box is probably totally doable!

    Tracy-Girl - Thank you!

    Ashley - Yes, I used to call coriander cilantro too - but since moving to Australia, I had to change my ways.

    Mr. Taylor and his lady - Thank you!

    Missa Lee - I know iceberg is just not ok.

    Alexa - We are totally dating the same guy. how awkward.

    Dirt on the Rocks - I live in an apartment too! It can be done!

    Many Colours of Happiness - Thank you! That is one of my fears of travelling to vietnam but the fresh produce.

    Lindsay - Thank you!

  23. I love spinach. That's great you're able to grow it. Any way to eat it is good to me!! Those look so yummy!

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes