Sunday, October 30, 2011

November, we meet again.

I know, I know it's not November yet, but this year, much to Magneto Bold Too!'s dismay, I'll be participating in NaBloPoMo, again.

To try and make this as painless (for both you and me) as possible, I am going to try and be a little bit more formal with posts this time around.  This will hopefully prevent any "Oh no! I've nearly forgot to post" posts. Because no one enjoys that.

So for the month of November I'm instituting:

Getting Married Tuesday's where I'll write about our 'Getting Married' ceremony, our wedding in 2012, or some honeymoon tidbits.

What I Wear Wednesdays where I will demonstrate the numerous ways to wear khaki pants and pajamas (probably not together...). 

I'll try to post some new recipes one day a week, too.

(I'm notoriously bad at actually posting weekly prompts on the days they're supposed to be posted - so you know these are rough estimates, I make no promises)

I'm sure, as is Decoybetty tradition, there will be some fantastic posts with just haikus.

Are there any weekly prompts you'd love me to join in on?

Are there any questions you'd love for me to answer (ask me anything)?

(No, seriously, I can promise to answer your questions though, pinkie swear!)

Are you participating in NaBloPoMo? Or are you annoyed by the amount of posts in your feed?


  1. Oh you have lovely time ahead.Time of your life.Nice of you to share that joy of us

  2. I briefly considered it (about five minutes ago). But I'm pretty sure I'd make it through about a week and then go "Aaaaargh, run out of ideas!!" And just resort to posting pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad......... ;)

    Good luck with it!!

  3. I think planning out themed posts is a good idea for those participating in NaBloPoMo.

    Personally I think it puts pressure on bloggers and usually becomes a "quantity over quality" thing. Anyone could post every day if they wanted to I guess, but my criteria for visiting someone's blog is the quality of the posts (even if just a few times per month), and not the fact that they have something on there every day.

    But I'm looking forward to checking you out all November, and especially the wedding themed posts!

  4. I'm still weighing up whether or not to take part... I haven't got any plans like you have so I'm worried I'll just end up posting junk.
    But as someone in the middle of planning their wedding I've got total 'Bridal Brain' and can't wait to see what you write about it!

  5. Excited that you are doing this and the What I Wore Wednesdays! I think you'll be fine. I always love your posts!

  6. You're welcome to join in my soon-to-be-resurrected 'Five For a Friday'.... :)

  7. I can't wait to hear more about your wedding! You're always more than welcome to join in on Theater Thursday posts!

  8. I don't think I know what that is...can't wait for your ceremony ideas!

  9. I think you should do a couple of Q&A posts, that would be fun.

  10. What is it? I have never heard of that before!

    I can't wait to hear all about your wedding, how exciting! and the themes sound really interesting :)

  11. I only own one pair of khaki pants, and I rarely wear them. Please, enlighten me ;)

  12. Oh yay! I signed up for NaBloPoMo too! I haven't done it for a few years, so I'm kind of confused about the new platform, but I'm determined to complete it this year. It's smart of you to have a plan in place--good luck to you!

  13. With NaNoWriMo I have no time for anything else sadly =-( I wish I could participate in EVERYTHING.

  14. Oh my gosh. I am ridiculously.excited. about the khaki and pajama posts. I'm all for looking relaxed+rad. Ha.'s to a new month, right? Can't believe it's almost the end of the year.

  15. What's on the dessert menu? You can't have a wedding with no dessert...:)

  16. ok, i actually haven't had a chance to read this post yet. i just had to respond to your question about the goonies asap. YES!!! that is, without a doubt, my all time favorite movie ever. it combines boobie traps, pirate ships, serial killers, multiple close calls, and cyndi lauper. what more could you possibly ever dream of having in a movie?! :)

  17. Haha I havent even heard of thids before will have to check it out. Your comment about khaki pants make me laugh out loud at work hehe. Goodluck with the chllenge.

  18. You are hilarious.


  19. sounds fun! haikus are the BEST :)


  20. Dzoli - Thank you

    Melbourne on my mind - That doesn't sound too bad at all.

    Crystal - There is something to be said about writing for writing though - sometimes just forcing yourself to write (quantity over quality) bring out some quality?

    Miss Sparkles - That's ok too, I think!

    Teacher Girl - Aw, thank you!

    Matthew - I might! Thanks for the tip off.

    Crazy Shenanigans - Another good idea!

    Mrs Pancakes - I don't think I'll be posting an ceremony ideas - it's National Blog Posting Month.

    Skye - That would be fun, but no one ever asks me any!

    many Colours of happiness - National blog posting month, where you post every day for a month! I should've linked. sorry.

    Titleless blog - haha, I'll do my best.

    Angela - I have no idea regarding how it works now - but I am mostly doing it just for me.

    Krysten - TOTALLY get that!

    Alexa - I know it's gone by SOOO quickly.

    Azra - Great Question! I'll file that away I promise!

    Kimbirdy - Ok! I'll find it, I'll find it, last time i checked our movie rental place they didn't have it though :(

    Megan - Aw, I am so glad you found it amusing!

    Ashley - Awesome, I'm sure I will. I tend to not be able to help myself :)

    Chelsea - Yay for haikus

  21. Themed posts, what a great idea! I'm new to your blog, but I've enjoyed reading the things you've been posting...Looking forward to this! (Especially the wedding posts!)

  22. As you can see, I have fell off the face of the earth and am obviously not participating in any kind of regular posting! Weddingness is just tooooo stinkin crazy and I have had to put the blog to the back burner. Thanks for the comments though! After the wedding I will dive back in and share all my wedding goodies.