Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupying Melbourne

On Saturday, I stopped by Occupy Melbourne to show my support as one of 99%
 The signs that were up were absolutely amazing. This giant baby is some piece of artwork that's in City Square (I don't know why) and someone put "Monsanto Mutant Baby" underneath of it. LOVE it. What you can't really see in this photo is that this baby has a dinosaur-like tail!
 Here are some more signs. Above this wall was a microphone which Inspector Climate describes as "leftie karoke" - anyone who wanted to could get up there and have the stage to express their beliefs. And that was nice.  Not that I did it - I'm not much for public speaking. But it was nice to hear average people getting a place to talk. 

And so, while I spent the weekend doing what I normal do - Occupying Melbourne - this time I did it with awareness.

How was your weekend?


  1. This looks like quite the awesome event! It rained like hel a weekend here ;(

  2. We're having some craziness here too! That Montesanto baby is too funnyj. Glad everyone is sticking together to take down GMO's and such.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Sorry you couldn't enter the giveaway :( I'll eat your portion for you!

  3. It looks like a great weekend! It's so good to see people having their say.

  4. That's so cool that you stopped in to show your support. But that baby is f'in creepy.

  5. Very cool!! My weekend was very unambitious and filled with sleep :-) Jet lag is a mutha!

  6. Looks like a great event... we sure need more "uniting" events because everything else in this world seems hell-bent on "dividing". I'm exhausted, need another weekend to sleep it off...

  7. Oh, wow. This looks like an insane scene! I can't imagine what it was like to witness this in person.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Wow! Glad you were able to show your support and dislike of that evil giant!!

  9. how exciting! I spent some time at Occupy Chicago in the US this weekend :)


  10. Must have been a great experience!

  11. That's pretty cool. I love it when people come together for a good reason. Glad you had a great weekend :)

  12. Wow that is a really cool event! Love the mutant baby, lol.

  13. I dodn't know this whole occupying business was going down in Australia as well! Wow.

  14. great pictures! i love the first pic which has 'stand for your rights!'on it :D

  15. you're making me google what 'occupying melbourne' is all about :)) sorry havent been around much, third tri is hitting me hard and I've turned into a lethargic moose!

  16. Isn't awesome how people everywhere are conscious about the same issues..goes to show how small our world really are because everything affects us!

  17. Looks like your had yourself an eventful weekend!!

  18. Crazy Shenanigans - It was pretty cool!

    Teacher Girl - Aw, yeah - they're still there occupying which is awesome.

    Nikki - I know I LOVE IT. Down with GMO Food indeed!

    Many Colours of Happiness - Yeah, it was really nice to let people have the soapbox.

    Anastasia - ISN'T IT! THat's what happens when you eat GMO food :)

    Oneika - Jet lag is totally awful! I always hope that as I travel more, I'll just get over it. But I do not.

    Azra - Exactly! Especially since you know 99% of us are in the same boat!

    Bonnie - surely there is an event near you!?

    Allie - Yeah, it was really nice to just walk around.

    Chelsea - Awesome! I bet it was similar!

    Sarah - Hah, I know! such good timing to have it there for the event.

    Prixie - It was pretty fun. I love getting out there. The people watching is awesome.

    Lin - I know! It is nice to have an event that is about the uniting.

    KRysten - I know, so awesome!

    Ashley - Oh yeah! i think there were events in Sydney as well!

    Mitha - I know! I loved the signs, some of them were SUPER creative.

    Siddy - Don't apologise! And i'm glad at least you learned something by stopping by!

    Mrs. Pancakes - Yes! The world is small, and I love that we can hold global events that inspire people. Social media is crazy!

    Devoelebeaumonstre - thanks for stopping by!

    Angela - Well, for it was, I am pretty selfish about my weekends.

  19. If I am not remembering wrong, I feel like I read something about Montsanto being somehow related with the food industry (hormones, pesticides, something along those lines), like they lobbied to keep more chemicals in our food and somehow won...something like that. So I think they're referring to the baby being giant because he ate Montsanto tainted food.

  20. Those signs are great! Melbourne is my favorite city in Australia, I absolutely love it there, occupying Melbourne would be something I'd love to do too!