Monday, October 03, 2011

Sleep and Meaningfuls

I've been looking forward to writing this post for the last twenty four hours, Inspector Climate's behaviour at night time is so completely different to his behaviour when he is awake, that I've even had to add a 'sleep and meaningfuls' category to my blog to document his out of character actions.

Inspector Climate is a notorious sleep talker (see here and here), as well as a sleep mover and a shaker. Most of his night time shenanigans arise because he thinks that there are bugs in the bed. 

Over the weekend we went to his parents house for a weekend out of the city. On Saturday night, Inspector Climate woke me up as he usually does by turning on the light and starting to get out of bed.  Before I could ask him what he was doing, he pulled down his undies - checked himself out, and pulled them back up again.

"What are you doing?" I asked, knowing the answer as he started to pull the sheet back and look for bugs in the bed.

"I thought there were bugs in the bed."

When he woke up the next morning, I asked if he remembered any of his nudist activities of the night before. Not a clue.

Y'all, I got a streaker on my hands!


  1. Too funny! How often does he sleep walk/talk? Weekly? Monthly?

  2. oh. my. goodness! I think you need to document these shenanigans, if only to show to your future children!

  3. Hi, thanks for coming over to my blog the other day! I am indeed in australia... perth actually. You've got a great writing style :) I love your engagement ring too!

  4. hahahaaa...that's just funny.

    You do have your hands full. & this was at his house?

    I hope you get some sleep tonight.

  5. lol...too funny! thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I once had a bf in university who would sleep walk too. It's not so funny thoguh when you live with 4 other roommates and wake up one night to find your bf in one of their bedrooms, buck naked and peeing on her computer chair. He thought he was in the bathroom. Awkward.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I assume Inspector Climate is your husband? Wow, and I thought Nick (my fiance) did crazy things in bed...not after this story!!

  8. lol. What does Inspector CLimate have to say about this post!! lolol reagrdless Im in fits!

  9. Hahahah...WOW. That's some freaky yet hilarious shizzle.

    Yogi sometimes lifts his right arm straight up, perpendicular to the's virtually a perfect 90deg angle.

    And if you try to move it? NUH-UH...can't be moved.

    Talk about freaky! Tee hee...

  10. OH MY STINKIN WORD! That is hyserical!!!

  11. LOL that is so seriously funny. The Boy would KILL ME if I told the internets he did stuff like that!

    Mine does a similar thing, waking me up in the middle of the night - except he is actually awake and just NEEDS to share his thoughts with me. le SIGH.

  12. haha...this made me husband and I did not live together before we got married...and he learned very quickly that I talk in my sleep and use my arms in action to my p.s. no candy corn? I need to send you a bag :)

  13. thanks for stopping by my place & the sweet comment.

    this post is too funny! my husband a mechanic, use to accuse me of taking his tools in his sleep! until i learned not to answer him if he asked a question while sleeping. so, now i just listen & regal him in the morning of the previous nights happenings. then we both get a laugh out of it! :)

    ps ~ i've always wanted to visit Australia!

  14. Checking our junk is the first thing I think most men do when climbing out of bed. Even if you're half asleep, it's good reassurance to know things are under control down there.

  15. LOL! My sister also talks in her sleep and I could have an entire conversation with her but she won't remember a thing in the morning! Weirdo. At least you have free entertainment ;)

  16. LOL! My sister also talks in her sleep and I could have an entire conversation with her but she won't remember a thing in the morning! Weirdo. At least you have free entertainment ;)

  17. Oh dear! I have been in those situations! Why do I always get the sleep talkers/walkers?

  18. this is so funny! you should have taken pictures of all this craziness. love!
    xo TJ

  19. Ok. This is weird.
    My gf has the same bugs problem.
    Did you investigate for te origins of this?
    Please, do tell, I'd love to know.

  20. How odd!! Maybe he has some underlying fear of bugs and spiders. Or maybe it's been something you guys have seen on tv before bed each time.

  21. hahaha! Next time you should take a video so you can show him. Crazy!

  22. Haaaahahahahaahahaa. I can talk in my sleep, and I definitely thrash. I have been known to even kick the Mr. in his balls during the night.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. Oneika - It probably averages out to fortnightly, maybe? He did three nights in a row over the weekend, but then hadn't for like a month prior.

    Teacher Girl - Hah! I know right. I guess that's why I blog them (well, only the funny ones :)).

    Pigeon pie - Thank you! Yay for more Australian/in Australian bloggers.

    Ellie - At his parents' house, yeah. Crazy.

    Mrs Pancakes - Thanks for visiting mine!

    Crystal - Oh goodness, no there are instances where it is less than funny (IC can get a little mean in his sleep). Very awkward.

    Gina - Inspector Climate is my fiance...What does nick do?

    Siddy - he knew it was coming. I think he's ok with it! :)

    Pretzel Thief - That is freaky! Very Dr StrangeLove.

    Imperfect Momma - I know!

    Seth + Carlie - Sleep shenanigans, I wish I found them funny when he wakes me up :)

    Alex - :)

    Olive Tree - I hope you're not teasing me with the candy corn?

    Heartland farmhouse - Come visit!! My brother in law does tiling and he tiles in his sleep!

    A beer for the shower - ahh, but are you looking for bugs?

    Azra - It is weird isn't it? I just don't get it.

    titleless blogs - it's because we attract the crazies!

    Mr Talyor and his lady - yes...I could blackmail him later :)

    A day in a sentence - I haven't investigated it ... although IC seems to think it stems from if he gets too hot under blankets.

    Crazy Shenanigans - I don't think it is either of those...I think he needs sleep therapy.

    Ashley - Haha, I would if I could get my half asleep self to cooperate.

    SJ - Aw, I am so glad!

    Bonnie - I've on occasion kicked people as well. If you get on my side of the bed....beware!

  24. Hahaha! I've been thinking actually of having a similar category on my blog too due to all the weird things my husband says while he's asleep! The sweetest one he ever said (before we were engaged): when we get married I'll buy you 10000 milkshakes!