Wednesday, October 05, 2011

You ask and you shall receive...No really.

A few posts ago I wrote about how this blog has landed me a job interview (or three) recently and I've received a few comments about how I've been leveraging my blog to get said interviews and some discounts for my upcoming travels.  You ask, and you shall receive my dears. Literally.

However, the answer isn't so much a magical and mythical one as it is common sense.  The travelling one is the easiest. I asked.  I emailed the hotel that we wanted to stay at and one of the activities we wanted to do that was a bit expensive and explained about my blog (some stats and how I would write about my experience), when we were going to be there, and what kind of offer I was looking for.  And they both said yes.  One gave me a discounted price on the activity we wanted to do (to be divulged when we embark on said trip) and the hotel upgraded us to a nicer room for majorly discounted price. 

Lesson: Asking doesn't hurt.

As for the jobs, recently there have been some business in Melbourne who have been advertising social media AND environment jobs (hello dream job, how are you?).   I've been able to use my nine years of blogging experience as well as my experience in fundraising and the environment sector to my advantage.  The hardest part about this for me is I've spent a lot of time  and effort keeping my blog a secret.  My family doesn't know it exists, a lot of real life friends don't know it exists, and most of all the places that I work do not know that it exists.  So for me to be open about this space has been a bit of a challenge and learning curve for me.  However, if the pay off is that I get paid to blog and use social media to help the environment - then YES PLEASE.

Lesson: When applying to jobs utilise ALL your skills and hobbies. 

Is there anything else you'd like to know?  Ask me, bitches.


  1. good for you!! that's awesome. i have a hard time talking about my blog in real life too. hanging out with brandi {from "not your average ordinary"} was helpful for me. she promotes her blog everywhere she goes and i've seen her get tons of free stuff {mostly food related}. it makes sense though that companies would give freebies/discounts to bloggers. it's in their best interest to share with us since a blogger freebie here and there is still way cheaper than paying for big advertising. you're so inspiring!

  2. I was surprised to hear that you keep your blog a secret in "real life", and relieved! I am doing the same thing, and it has been hard to get used to logging into a different account to do everything blog related. I have almost given myself up a few times. Maybe that will change in the future for me, but right now I'm just not ready to be public. Plus, I feel I would have to censor what I say for fear a family member, friend, etc, would see it and be offended. So for now, Mexyista only exists here!

  3. That's so might get a book deal out of this..or something too..that would be so cool.

    Oh, I know what you mean about blogging. If my friends ..only knew..I might be in trouble.

  4. I think that's awesome lady - I'm all about utilizing my blog to present me with good opportunities. I eventually want to go into a job involving social media and so I feel like my blog is a good way to show how I use social media, you know?

  5. i keep my blog private from most people i know as well, i'm not sure why!

  6. Jealousy, thy name is DecoyBetty... (or is it the other way around?)

  7. this is such a great, informative post!

  8. That's awesome! How have I never thought of that myself? Will Blog For Vacation Discounts! Thanks for sharing your methods :)

  9. You have been so smart about this! Yes, it is common sense, but most of us get a little shy leveraging influence. I am inspired to try it!

    As far as I know, you've always been respectful about family here, and I can't recall anything you wouldn't want an employer to see. Seems like uncloaking is worth it if it really gets you closer to your dream job.

  10. As a fellow anonymous blogger, I definitely identify with this, but I too have started to branch out and use the blog to my advantage. Companies are usually more than willing to work with bloggers because it is cheap advertising. Now, the trouble is balancing that with life and wanting to keep blogging and my "real" life (although sometimes I feel like the blog is more real than real life) separate.

  11. That is AWESOME, lady! I was just talking with Kyle and Emily about this sort of thing at our little blogger meetup thingy tonight (wish you could have been there!) and I was saying how I would love to leverage my blog more. I just feel like I'm not very business savvy! But you and the girls are inspiring me to at least try. You rock!

    By the way, using my real name on my blog has really opened up doors in terms of connecting with people in real life! Mostly everybody I know knows that I have a blog, but it's only been a year since I started using my real name!

  12. That is so cool!!! Congratulations!!! I know what you mean about not telling friends, only a handful know about my blog. Also I read your post below and it was so funny!!!

  13. honestly, this is so cool! I am always shying away from asking wondering what people will think etc... and following this post lol also, my blog started pretty privately lol and then no one would pay attention to it so i forced all my friends to read it heheh. I guess patience is not a virtue for me!

  14. awesome! congrats! I've always wanted an environmental job. You are totally right about asking..I think I often get wayy too shy. Good for you! :) -Lo

  15. That's really exciting that you were able to leverage your blog into job opportunities! Way to go!

  16. In my country older people say something like: Who doesn't ask, will not have..
    So, I am really happy for you ;)

  17. That's awesome, geeze why didn't I think about that?!

    So how have you be doing being more out in the public eye with your blog? Anybody find out about it that you didn't want to know?

  18. wow that's awesome! I really hope this blogging type job works out if you think it's right up your alley :)

    P.S. Dont forget to put your guess in for my contest giveaway about my new bébé!

  19. I think it's so weird but I've put just as much time and effort into keeping my blog a secret from family and close friends! I'm always worried someone will think I'm so rude LOL. I'm terrified of asking though...I always think Saffans will say no. Stingy bitches.

  20. "Ask me, bitches."
    Now you sound like me.
    I am so glad that your blog is helping you. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  21. Kimbirdy - Yes exactly. I think it's a fine line too, as I blogger i don't want to be constantly writing about products - that's not why you guys read my blog. But at the same time, here and there, why not!

    Missa Lee - It's definitely the censorship that would hold me back!

    Ellie - Ha! I am not aiming for a book deal YET.

    Krysten - I think you'll have some awesome experiences to write on your cover letter, young lady!

    SJ - it's a weird thing isn't?

    Ev Rev - Aw you could do it too!

    Chelsea Lane - I'm so glad it was useful for you!

    Angela - Exactly, it definitely doesn't hurt to ask, and even if it is only like a $25 discount, you were probably going to blog about it anyway!

    Susan - You should! I can imagine with an audience as large as yours the possibilities would be THERE.

    Teacher Girl - I find the anonymous blogger thing a little hard to navigate in this situation as well, but I'm learning.

    Oneika - You could DEFINITELY be using your blog for some travel freebies...just ask!

    Many Colours of Happiness - I feel like I can be more open with strangers.

    Siddy - Hah! I love it. Asking never hurts! I mean, so they say no? That doesn't really effect anything!

    Little Lo Hood - It is so easy to be really shy, but the truth is, if they can't do it - they won't!

    Alex - Yes, I hope one of them actually comes through!

    Marina - Exactly! I think it's a bit naive to think that people are going to just find my blog.

    Sentimental Suitcase - Well, still only jobs that I've told about my blog have found it...So far nothing bad has come from that! :)

    Crystal - I seriously can't decide what your new bebe might be! That's why it took me so long to comment.

    Azra - Naw, I mean I just sent an email. weird people send me emails all the time, I either ignore them or politely decline.

    Mrs Pancakes - Thank you!

    Bonnie - I think it's Alyson Hannigan's deliver of "bitch" that got me starting to say it all the time!

  22. GREAT ideas!

    I never thought about getting discounts to hotels thru your blog! That's pretty genius! :)

  23. Congrats on that! I am shocked to hear you have kept your blog a secret. I wonder why? Of course telling your friends and family does not guarantee you support. I know that first hand. But usually there are one or two in the crowd.

  24. I love you for giving this advice. THANK. YOU.