Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 1: Already biting my thumb at my own plans...

So, in my previous post I wrote that Tuesdays (today) were going to be posts about my upcoming getting married ceremony, or wedding, or "honeymoon" and I'm already ignoring that. See I was going to write a post about the compromise I made with Inspector Climate about more of his family attending our Getting Married ceremony - about it becoming a bigger deal than I wanted (the fact that it's a deal at all is bigger than I wanted). But there's not point in rehashing it.  A week from today (TODAY), I'll be marrying him, and the truth is, that's all that matters. 

So instead, I think we should probably talk about my ovary.

Yesterday I had my third doctor's appointment in 5 days regarding my left ovary (who I am no longer speaking to).  I had to go to visit my GP so that she could send me to yet another specialist who will perform the surgery to remove the growth.  The growth which by the way has grown substantially over the past month and is now 4cm by 3cm.  That's bigger than a golf ball. That's huge. I've named it Jorge.

And as I said on twitter earlier - I kind of want to give my left ovary a high five,  4 by 3 cm. That's a commitment.  Well done, ovary. Well done. But we're not on speaking terms at the moment, so how'd'ya like them apples.

It's starting to push on my psoas which is causing some awkward discomfort in my groin. So, now do I not only walk around absent mindedly rubbing my tummy from previous pain episodes, but I also rub my left groin unconsciously. Yes, it is as awkward as you're imagining it.

The next steps are to make an appointment with a specialist (which I tried to do yesterday but they were all closed because it was the Monday prior to Cup Day...A day off for horse racing...No, seriously!) and then trying to book a surgery sometime between our Getting Married ceremony and our trip to Vanuatu (hopefully). 

How likely do you think that is?


  1. You will be ok...just hang in there and concentrate of the greatest day of your life;))

  2. Oh, jeez. Jorge sounds like a total arsehole. Hopefully you get the little bugger taken care of soon! *hugs*

  3. Hugs from London, milady!! Your image of groin rubbing reminds me of a forgone yeast infection I had- not fun!! I hope you get it sorted, but probably better to get it done after the honeymoon, no? How long would the recovery time be?

  4. Yikes. Jorge has pretty poor timing. That's crummy! Hopefully he will be out of there so you can enjoy your honeymoon :)

  5. Damn girl, Jorge, what a prat, he has absolutely NO sense of timing at all, has he? I'm sending every positive vibe in my being for him to be zapped and gone, and for you to enjoy the best ever day possible (and all the rest of them, too, of course)!

  6. What an awful Jorge. So much to do. And yes, the simplest of weddings just keep growing.

    My cousin's wedding is soon, and she so wants me to be there. But with bad weather looming this November in the mid-west..I don't see that happening.

    Hope you get on schedule soon for the surgery so the recovery process can begin.

  7. Damn you Jorge. May you be removed and never return. Good riddance and all that...

  8. Argh, ovaries! Reproductive woes are the worst. I'll send lots of good vibes your way--particularly next Tuesday! Hooray for getting married! (Nov. 8, by the way, is also my 3-yr. anniversary of dating Sam--I'm stupidly excited to find out that it's a lucky day for you too. :) )

  9. LOL I love you! I have also had various things in my life named Jorge. It's such an appropriate name.

    Also? I was pretty sure "Cup Day" was referring to the Diva Cup.

    Feel better love. xoxo

  10. Ugghhhh. Been there. It's all about hanging in there and making the best of the situation. Never stop laughing. Always keep a positive attitude. That's the best advice that I can give.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. LOL @ Jorge. Sounds like the name of someone who'll betray you. Good luck with it all! Looking forward to hear about the wedding prep etc :)

  12. Dzoli - Thanks.

    Melbourne on my mind - Jorge is a total son of a bitch.

    Oneika - It's only a day procedure. I'm worried about experiencing the kind of pain I've been going through in places where I can't get comfortable (so basically anywhere).

    Lozzz123 - I hope so too!

    Shrinky - RIGHT? total prat. Aw, thank you!

    Ellie - Yes, wedding planning includes A LOT of compromise.

    Prixie - AW, thank you - I'll pass the message on to Jorge.

    Emily Gigs - Thank you! Did you know that apparently it is also the day MHC was founded?

    Ev Rev - Either way, cup day is just a nuisance.

    Bonnie - Yes, I definitely try! It's nice to have IC around for cuddles.

    Azra - Aw, thanks! Jorge cannot be trusted.

  13. I love your sense of humor about all of this: your left ovary, Jorge, the wedding. It is your ability to laugh about these things that is going to get you through this. *hugs*

  14. I don't know if it's remotely likely, but I really hope it happens! I've been trying to schedule a procedure of my own and it's such a butt pain trying to fit everything in at the right times! Good luck to you :)

  15. Teacher Girl - Thank you, that's very sweet!

    Angela - I'm sorry you're going through similar hassles. It's so annoying! Good luck.

  16. Yikes I hope so. Frig if it was Canada you'd have to wait probably around 1547836.999 years to get an appointment. So I don't know sister. Maybe it's time you started talking to your ovary again? I mean if you're going to be waiting that long and everything....

  17. I had no idea about the MHC connection! Now it's really the best day ever.

  18. I'm glad that they're getting your pain sorted so you can take care of it -- that's the most important part! *hug*

    Only a few more days til you're Mrs. IC!!!

  19. I can't believe it's less than a week away now. Have a beautiful "pre real wedding" wedding!