Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 10: Just Married

My sister in law takes quite amazing photos when she travels (and she travels, ya'll), and so when she asked us for some hints for our engagement present/getting married gift I knew instantly what we wanted. We wanted her to be our paparazzi for the day. 

This weekend, I'll get the rest of the images from our Getting Married ceremony and hopefully be able to weave together a coherent story about our day (spoiler: it was fairly awesome).  But until then, I leave you with the one (and only picture) I've seen of us from the day.

I'll also point out that I stole the making a sign for us to hold idea from Andi at My Beautiful Adventures.  But more on that later.

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  1. Congratulations to you both! Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  2. Awesome! Such fun memories for you two. Hot of the presses, too.

  3. Congratulations! I LOVE that photo!!

  4. Congrats on your marriage! And thanks for the comment. Now following you and cannot wait to here all about your day!

  5. Congrats to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some SITS support!! Following you now....just read a post about Tim Tams I was laughing out loud!

  6. Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you two are so cute. Congratulations!! xx

  7. aww love this picture! congratulations!

  8. So cute! Congratulations!

    We're also having my sister-in-law and brother-in-law photograph our wedding (they both do it professionally).

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Aww, well can't wait for the results!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  10. oh this is such a sweet photo!! i love the sign too! p.s. thanks for stopping by ~ love your blog!
    xx ~ kristina

  11. What a great photo! I love the holding the sign idea. I wish I had done that at my wedding! Can't wait to see the rest of them :)

  12. I love that picture! It looks so 40s... how beautiful!! Can't wait to see the others.

  13. Aww both look gorgeous! Congratulations (for what? the millionth time?! that's okay weddings are a good time to say it!) Can't wait to see more pics...especially of the shoes!

  14. what a beautiful photo - congratulations!

  15. Oh my gosh! I love it. What an incredibly sweet photo and I can't wait to see more!

  16. this is so great! congratulations!

  17. I love this. You guys look so happy! Best wishes!

  18. Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my blog, can't wait to see the rest of your photos. xo

  19. YAYAYYAYAYAYYAYA! More wedding pics please!!!!


  20. Congrats! And thank you for stopping by my blog. It made my day.

  21. So happy for you! Congrats!
    This made MY day! xo

  22. Fantastic picture!
    Congrats, darling!

  23. Congratulations! I love that photo and your just married sign. I wish you two the best!

  24. Congratulations, I love the dress:)

  25. Super de duper congrats!!!! I'm SO touched for the shout out. You 2 look SO happy in this pic. :)

  26. Aww! Gasp! I had no idea you were tying the know, but best wishes and LOVE the photo! Can't wait to read the extended story.

  27. Emily - Thank you!

    SJ - Yes, we're very excited.

    Ellie - YES definitely hot off the presses!

    Laughing mom - Thank you! My sister in law did a fantastic job!

    Shannon - Aw, thanks!

    Marla - Seriously, you people are too sweet!

    Marisa - Thanks! I quite enjoyed your blog and will be back again to visit soon!

    Newlyweds on a budget - Thank you!

    The zadge - Yay indeed.

    Krysten - Thank you!

    Mrs H - SITS love is so important! Tim tams are also very important!

    Melbourne on my mind - Thank you! I actually think it's a bit awkward that he's very tall and I'm very average.

    Lily - thank you!

    Stevie - Sounds fantastic, we're having a professional photographer for our actual wedding! It was a big decision!

    Wida - Thank you!!

    Beancakes - Thanks the sign itself was super easy to make :)

    Crystal - Well, you could make one now "Married a while ago"

    Miss Caitlin - Yay! THank you! it does have some vintage charm about it doesn't it!

    Vanisha - Aw, please, thank you! The shoes are pretty spectacular :)

    Susan Walsh - Thank you! We're so excited.

    Alice- thanks!

    Alexa - Soon! Very soon I'll be posting more.

    Amy B.s - Thank you!

    Token - our jaws ached from smiling!

    Tamra - I loved your blog and can't wait to visit again!

    Ev Rev - Thank you! We're finally married people!

    The sentimental suitcase - Soon! Very soon!

    Elle Sees - Aw, I loved it! And I'll be back soon! :)

    Frankie - thank you!

    Twenty Four - Aw! Thank you! You're so sweet! This comment made mine!

    Twisted Susan - aw thank you!

    Titleless bLog - Thanks so much Sara!

    Connie - thank you! I'm so glad I bought it now!

    Andi - Thank you! Aw, well, I have to give credit where credit is due!

    Oneika - Thanks!

    Mrbmoderator - Indeed! Our "real" wedding is planned for next year, this was just our paperwork wedding.

  28. Thanks for your comment the other day! Sweet potatoes are the best. :) I love this picture. So super cute!

  29. LOVE. THIS. And, um CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  30. This is adorable and beyond words. Congrats!!