Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 15: Getting Married, Part 1

A week ago today, Inspector Climate and I got married.

First things first, thank you so much to Sister Climate for taking all of these photos!!

I don't think it is a secret that I had my reservations about our less intimate than I wanted marriage ceremony.  That morning, Inspector Climate and I got ready together and I waited for the butterflies to hit. I waited for the tell tale signs of nervousness to hit: stomach ache, nausea, and irrational grumpiness.  I applied make up (looking at the pictures now, possibly too much sparkle around the eyes), Inspector Climate ironed his shirt.  I tried on several pairs of shoes before deciding on these.  We took the train into the city to meet his family.  My biggest fear is that I would say the vows wrong or that they would say something in Australian that I wouldn't understand.  No nerves. No fears.  Just happiness.

We talked to the celebrant to decide on the very simple and quick ceremony that we wanted.  We were going to exchange rings (I'm still wearing my engagement ring until our second wedding).  And then we walked into the room hand in hand and stood in front of a large wooden desk in the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne, which is located amongst a selection of other "old" (by Australian standards) buildings.

And so. There we were. Standing in front of Inspector Climate's grandparents, parents, Sister Climate, and Sister Climate's boyfriend. And my friend Jess.

Here's a hot tip for any Justice of the Peaces/Celebrants out there - learn the names of the bride and groom.  My middle name is not Terry. But for the moment, let's pretend it is.  To get married in Australia, you must say the bride's (and groom's) full name.  Deidre Terry Decoybetty.  And yet, the celebrant could not pronounce it.  Deidre Terrorist Decoybitty? Terr-or-or-orist Dick-oyBitty? To the point where Inspector Climate and I had to step in and say it, but by then Inspector Climate had lost his place in repeating his vows and we had to start over.  My feelings aren't hurt that she couldn't pronounce my name, I was just relieved it wasn't me who was making the errors in our vows.

Then it was my turn, my voice quivered as I repeated my part after the celebrant and Inspector Climate smiled down on me as we declared our commitment to loving and caring for each other for ever.

We exchanged rings.

And then we were married!  I had waited all day to feel just a smidge of uneasiness, and there was just happiness! (Is there another way to show happiness other than spirit fingers? If there is, please enlighten me!).

After our short (less than ten minutes) ceremony, Inspector Climate's family came up to congratulate us and welcome me to the family.  As his grandmother hugged me and cried, I felt so grateful that I had put aside some of my own selfish desires so that Inspector Climate's grandparents could celebrant this day with us.  She hugged me so tightly, it made it all so worth it.  As we left the building as husband and wife we try to take a jumping photo ... It's blurry, but I kind of like it anyway:

Happy one week anniversary, Inspector Climate. It's been basically just the same as it was before except now I get to awkwardly call you Husband and giggle because it doesn't seem quite real yet.


  1. ah! YAY!!! i love it. i love your ring and your adorable dress and the two of you jumping like school kids at the end. and it's true, those first few weeks of using the words "husband" and "wife" is the most bizarro thing ever. enjoy it. :)

  2. Awww this made me smile. Your wedding story is very similar to mine and I wouldn't change my wedding day for anything.

    Congratulations Mrs. Climate!

    (the French mayor who married us was drunk during the ceremony - it was his birthday - and so you can imagine the butchery of my English name..."Creeestelle? Cristale? Creestall?")

  3. Awww! Just lovely. But I had to giggle at the mispronouncing name part... Can't even image what it'll be like when I get married... With a name like Oneika, and an even stranger middle name, I'm gonna be in trouble!

  4. This is lovely. I have a little tear in my eye. *sniffs*

  5. YAAAAAY! Congrats, congrats!

    Magnificent stuff. :-)

    Wishing you a world of happiness and health and fun and, DUH, (ongoing) love.

    Rock on!!

  6. You both looked wonderful in this celebration.

    I loved your dress!

    1 week already!

    All the best with much much Happiness!

  7. YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. I too had the voice quiver when saying "forever" but it was mostly cause I was freaking out a little. It was like "Holy SHIT ForEVER??!" :P

    I am so glad you found your soul mate lady.

    Now on to the horrible visa process! Huzzah!

  8. Yay, I so love this, absolutely made me smile =-)

  9. Oh my goodness, it probably took me close to a year before I started laughing every time I said "husband"! I absolutely love your spirit fingers photo and am so happy for you. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    In the end, it's probably good that guy messed up your name. It will be a fun story to tell the grandchildren.

    I love that you're so happy.

  11. Those are some seriously cool shoes. How does it feel to be Mrs Climate?

  12. Yay!!! Congrats again!
    I love photos of people getting married :D

  13. Congratulations Inspectress Climate! ;)

  14. Congratulations! Your dress is just lovely, and I'm really digging the spirit fingers. Yay!

  15. :) Hooray! What great photos of your big day! We had a little mishap with the names during our wedding blessing as well, I burst out laughing!

  16. congrats lady! i'll make sure my celebrant knows how to pronounce my name before the ceremony, good tip!

  17. BIG CONGRATS!!!!
    You booth look so happy...and you, especially lovely.


  18. Love that pic of you with the spirit fingers! This post is so sweet. Happy one-week anniversary!! :)

  19. Kimbirdy - I was just coming to terms with "fiancée" too!

    Crystal - Aw Yay! Oh boy! A drunk celebrant, that sounds like fun too!

    Oneika - I know, lesson learned, tell the person first! Although next time, it'll be my dad and he DEFINITELY knows how to pronounce my name

    Frisky Librarian - Aw!

    Pretzel Thief - Aw, thank you! I'm wishing for some health myself.

    Ellie - Thank you! I'll pass that on to IC. I know! Already a week!

    Ev Rev - I know right! Visas - woohoo! Although to be fair, the visas should be a BIT easier now.

    Krysten - So glad!

    Angela - Thank you, I may never get used to saying it :)

    Dina - Thank you!

    Azra - Thank you! It feels basically just as it did to be before. so, spectacular!

    Shannon - More too come!

    The Zadge - Thank you!!

    Vanessa - Aw, thank you! I think i was actually trying to hang off the chandelier.

    Vanisha - Hahahaha, aw. We laughed a little too!

    SJ - As long as ONE person learns from my mistakes, I am a happy girl.

    Salty Jill - Thank you! Aw, thank yoU!

    Teacher girl - Thank you! By no time at all, we'll be married longer than most poeple in hollywood ;)

    Carol - Thank you!

  20. So cute! unexpected wedding dress is so much fun. Congrats! xoxo

  21. Congratulations! :)

    You should totally do a vow-renewal for a big wedding affair if you feel like you missed that. I know so many of my friends who are planning to do that :)

  22. Congratulations! I love this wedding story :) My fiance and I have been engaged for about 6 months and are trying to figure out wedding details. I want to have a day like yours, but he feels we need to have something that will allow the whole family to celebrate with us. Who knows!?


  23. Congratulations! You weren't nervous because it all felt right! I love that!

  24. I cried the whole way through my ceremony, which is weird because I don't really cry. I had so much fun, but I did get nerves. It was awesome anyway.

  25. Ahhh, I am more behind than ever on your blog reading and you've been blogging EVERY DAY! But this is an important one so I'm commenting even though it's way old...CONGRATULATIONS! You both look adorable. Even IC in his work shoes...though yours are particularly adorable :)