Wednesday, November 02, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 2: What I Wore Wednesday

I got the inspiration from my pal Teacher Girl, to rock the What I Wore Wednesday posts.  Rock obviously being a relative term.

So, I only decided to start doing this (ie taking pictures of) on Sunday, so I only have pictures of my "outfits" (seriously, I say this SOOO loosely) from Sunday night until today. 

Let's begin.


 On Sunday Evening, after getting home from an outdoor picnic I changed into picnic wear on top (Jcrew cardigan circa 2005, and Jcrew long sleeve cotton top circa 2004) and fleecy warm pants on the bottom (Patagonia fleece rhythm pants circa 2006).  No, I don't know what's going on with my hair.


 I apologise for our bespeckled mirror (and that wee bit of mid-drift).  Sunday I went to yoga, and so I wore a Patagonia yoga top (circa 2004) and Patagonia rhythm yoga pants (2010) - this is my second pair of Patagonia rhythm pants and they aren't as good as the originals, but I clearly love them (as seen below).

Another Yoga day. Another day wearing the same pants (the shame!).  However, this time I'm wearing a bright yellow t-shirt.  So you know, there is that.  It was a birthday gift from my brother...That is all I know.

The LONG awaited khakis.  I'm finally headed to work today.  Sporting Jcrew khaki pants (2010), and a long sleeve cotton t-shirt from unknown origin.  The sweater is really the show stealer though. It is missing a button - which I have yet to fix.  It cost about $5 but I've had it for 3 years. It's on it's last legs. But I can't let it go.


  1. Reading about what you wore is entertaining! I like that you have old J. Crew stuff, too. I need to get rid of some of my clothes, namely pajamas. I have pajamas I was given when I was married in 1999! Ack!

  2. You are adorable. I love your hair and your orange pants!

  3. Love your sweater and pants in the first picture.

    Wow, you're looking great.

  4. Ok I get it;) You are a sporty type;)

  5. I always wear my yoga pants multiple times. Sort of feel sorry for whoever is next to me in class.

  6. I love your comfy pants and laid back look and I am also excited that you got inspired by me. :)

  7. You have such a laid back look, every time I try to achieve that look, I just end up looking scruffy! Some people do it so well (laid back - not scruffy!!) and you're one of them!

  8. You are the cutest! I love you laid-back look :) I always look like I'm either over-dressed or just crawled out of a dumpster. No happy medium :s

  9. I would live in yoga pants if I could. Oh wait...I'm unemployed - I DO live in yoga pants.

  10. you are adorable, haha I love the loose kakis, I have a pair like that and they're my fav because they're so comfy!

  11. Killing me with your cuteness! It's so nice to see you!

  12. I love! Haha...I love your hair, what are you talking about? The orange pants are my fav! ;)

  13. What a fun post. I really am glad that you were just yourself. Your work outfit looks so comfy. Lucky you.

  14. When you post pictures of yourself, cuteness basically explodes out of the screen and attacks me. You are So. Adorable.

    And you own orange pants! Me too! That's so cool!

  15. Kelley - I'm glad you thought it was entertaining, I own SOOO Much Jcrew! Love it.

    Oneika - Thank you!

    Ellie - It's definitely a look!

    Dzoli - Hah, not really.

    The Zadge - I wear yoga outfits multiple times! Eep.

    Teacher Girl - You're very inspiring!

    Krysten - thank you!

    Vanisha - Aw thank you! I had no idea I was so "laid back"

    Many Colours of Happiness - Aw, I am sure that is not true!

    Crystal - HAH right!? That's the worst part of starting a new job for me, "what do you mean I can't wear yoga pants?"

    Pop Champagne - They're sooo comfy aren't they? Love them.

    Alexis - Good for you!

    Sentimental Suitcase - Aw, thank you!

    Alexa - it looks like I was leaning against a wall and all my hair smushed to one side.

    Kristin - Thank you! I work in a really laid back office, so that's nice!

    Kyle - Oh, stop! Orange pants are the coolest! I mean, mine are really only good for camping and around the house (being fleece and all), but LOVE THEM.