Sunday, November 20, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 20: On a scale of one to ten, I'm apparently adorable?

Have you taken my survey? No? Well, you've got until 30 Nov to be eligible to win the Tim Tams.  If you have taken the survey, thank you it's a huge boost to my ego to hear that all ya'll think I'm adorable.

I thought I'd spend sometime today answering some of your questions.

Can we do a blog swap or something?

Yes, yes we can! Just email me (email address is located in the "did you know" section to your right) or leave a comment if you'd be interested in swapping blogs or doing guest posts, or having me do a guest post.  Any of those things!  I guess my only real requirement for that kind of thing is that I want to swap with people who write about their lives, their travels, their life lessons.  I think it'd be inappropriate for example to have a very generic post about what a generic person might do should they travel to London versus your personal experience travelling to the UK living it. Does that make sense?

Dude, you write about being unemployed all the time, how do you afford to travel and have a lawyer on retainer? (this is not a direct quote - the person did not say dude).

First of all, that having a lawyer on retainer thing, that was a joke.  I do have an immigration lawyer who I paid a flat fee to (on top of the cost of the visa) to process my visa. I made this choice because I knew I'd freak out and hyperventilate if I didn't have someone making sure I did all the right forms and stuff.  And for the peace of mind, I kind of think the lawyer was worth every penny.  However, I do not have to pay him every time I see him (thank goodness, because we've had SEVERAL meetings).

Second, I have been EMployed for about 16 months out of the last 24, but they've all been short term contracts (ok, well the first one wasn't but I was miserable and needed to quit fast like lightening).  As such, I have been essentially constantly looking for work since November 2009, but have also had some income coming in as well.   And yes, it is exhausting.

So, I afford to travel because I save basically every penny I earn that doesn't go into rent and food and yoga (my three necessities).  Inspector Climate and I made a very thorough budget when we moved in together.  Combined with the fact that we probably go out to eat or the movies or to the baseball about once or twice a month and that's it - we're pretty frugal people. 

Do you have a question for me?  A story you'd like to hear (maybe the super awkward way I told Inspector Climate I didn't want to have his babies (or anyone's babies))? How Jorge's doing?  About Billiruben? Anything? Please do not hesitate to ask!


  1. I would like to hear the baby story actually.. I'm in my early 20's and this is something me and my girlfriends have been discussing at length recently..

  2. Tell the baby story! I am super curious.

  3. If you needed a visa in this country, I could do it for you :) But, I dont know the Aussie stuff. they are weird.

  4. Ahhh, the baby story!! Sounds interesting!!! I would love to be able to travel. We need to start saving our money!

  5. Yes! I wanna hear that story! (The one about not having anybody's babies)

  6. I want babies. Lots of them. Husband is limiting me to 2. Maybe 3 if he's feeling generous. I'd like about 12 I think.