Thursday, November 24, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 24: Thankful for Kimbirdy and Annie's mac n cheese.

Yesterday was a pretty hard day for me, I had huge highs and lows as I faced the prospect of unemployment again.  So much possibility for finding the job that is going to make me feel like I'm making quantitative and effective change for the environment and fill with me so much joy.  And so much rejection, heartbreak, and the sound of hopes crashing (which I'm pretty sure sounds like a dog crying while a glass breaks and there is a dramatic da da duum sound).

And not only that but I've just been waiting for Friday to come so that I can be on a plane on the way to honeymoon land and I'm just so excited that time on Wednesday crawled by. So, when I got home when the day was finally over and opened my mail box to see a package slip, I just couldn't WAIT to go to the post office today to pick it up!

So after yoga today, I RAN to the post office to pick it up.  The amazing Kimbirdy from Fill Your Well had sent me a package!  Oh blogging world, you never cease to surprise and delight.  And if just a box that has been sent around the world by someone who is thinking about you isn't enough (and trust me, just the box is enough), inside was a gift so incredibly thoughtful that my heart just flutters every time I think about it.

Inside was boxes of Annie's Gluten Free Mac N Cheese which is just the best comfort food EVER for me.  And Reese's Peanut Butter cups which make any day better.

Kim, you have made my day and that card is the best card I think I have ever received EVER. 

Excuse me, while I go and cuddle with  Annie - I think we need some alone time, we've been apart for so long.
So, I'm not going to actually make them now, because Inspector Climate isn't home and it doesn't seem right to be selfish about mac n cheese this early in our marriage.


  1. I hope that Friday comes quickly and the mac and cheese was delicious.

  2. Does the sound of hopes crashing also include a sad trombone? Because I feel like it should.

    And yay to care packages!

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  4. haha, aw yay!! i'm so glad it got there before you left and that it could bring comfort on a hard day. i hope you enjoy it. but i hope you enjoy your honeymoon even more. woohoo!! :) congrats again you crazy kids.

  5. That's sooo thoughtful! You're right, the blogging world never ceases to amaze me, and you're just as wonderful :) Happy honeymooning!

  6. That is pretty darn awesome!!

  7. Enjoy your mac & cheese and your honeymoon time with IC! ;)