Saturday, November 26, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 26: Inspector Climate left on our honeymoon without me...Awkward.

A week ago, Inspector Climate left for our honeymoon. I on the other hand...stayed in Melbourne until yesterday when I joined him.  You see, when we planned this holiday it was just that. A holiday. An excuse to get away since Inspector Climate's work was paying him to go anyway, I'd fly when the conference was over and we'd spend an extra few days there.  But then, we decided to get married.  And it just happened that our getting married ceremony was just a few weeks before our already booked holiday - kismit!

And so there I was kissing my new husband goodbye as he left without me.  And here's the thing about goodbyes - you'd think I'd be amazing at them. As an expat and a traveller goodbye is something that just happens a lot.  People come in and out of your life as you navigate to different continents, university degrees, and suburbs and cities. 

Each visit home is ended with another tearful goodbye at the airport and an open ended question of "when will I see you again?"

While this was just a short-term goodbye, a mere week before I hopped on a plane to meet him there were still tears.  Puddles on his shirt, snot everywhere, hugs that were not long enough and kisses that made me forget I was in a public place at all.

I can only last so long in these goodbyes that wrench my heart (short and long term goodbyes), and eventually just have to walk away, through security at the air port, down the escalator at the train station,  or simply walk away.   To linger just seems to cause more - more emotion, more tears, and more nervous tension about what happens once we part ways.

What's your goodbye strategy?


  1. Wow! Well we got married and the day after I flew home to Australia and he flew home to New Zealand.

    And who ever said good byes get easier needs to get in touch with me! I still sob my heart out every time. And we do the good byes constantly.

    I don't really have a strategy but I have noticed that I spend at least 24 hours crying and feeling sorry for myself!

    Happy honeymooning :)

  2. I keep them short, especially if it's only short-term. When husby left for a week for training, I dropped him off in the unloading zone. I barely got out of the car. And then I cried the whole way home.

    Part of my strategy for staying sane, though, was Google video chat. It. Was. Amazing. Not only did I get to hear his voice, I got to see his face. Even if we were just watching tv and not interacting, it was comforting to see him.

    Goodbyes are always hard, especially when it's someone close. I'd say tears and ice cream will do you well. At least that's what I do. ;)

  3. Goodbyes are so emotional. Just can't get away from them.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful honeymoon!

    Funny, I just got back from my cousin's honeymoon..and I asked, "Where are you going?" We were at a resort where we couldn't even afford the food. My cousin says. "This is our Honeymoon.." There were the grandparents and family all around. I wanted to say "Are you sure?"

  4. I am a pro at goodbyes now! I think me and Liebling always planned all of our visits in advance so we always knew what exact date we would see each other again. Took all the guess work and uncertainty out of the equation :-)

  5. Aw! =(
    Good-byes are never easy, especially when you love someone so much. I have no strategy except I try to make it quick and not dramatic so it seems less permanent or something.
    Hope you have a fabulous honeymoon when you join him!

  6. I hate goodbyes. All the tears and heart-wrenching emotion is so unnecessary. Sadly, I don't have any goodbye strategy... it's just bye/hug/kiss/another-long-suffocating-hug and then bawling my eyes out for a few hours.

  7. Usually I never go into the airport. You do a drop off and get out. I also tend to keep myself busy.

  8. Vanisha - That would be sooo hard! I think it's important to give yourself that time to grieve a little!

    Jehlik501 - ICE CREAM I definitely should have had more of that. :)

    Ellie - Aw! Well that's kind of sweet, I mean I think the traditional honeymoon is kind of silly now since most people live together prior to getting married anyway.

    Oneika - I bet you are! That's really smart, sometimes I have no idea when I'll get back to the US to see my family.

    Teacher Girl - Thanks! it was amazing, i can't wait to write about it.

    Azra - Yes, the crying seems to be a big part of it.

    Crazy Shenanigans - Interesting, I guess that takes some of the awkward public crying out of the equation.