Monday, November 28, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 28: My body is a wonderland...for parasites

I quite adore travelling, but one of the struggles I have revolves around food. On a good day, at home I'm a picky eater. I want what I want when I want it and other wise I'd rather not eat.  Regardless of that issue being a gluten free vegetarian is, I'll just say it, a pain in the ass when travelling.  In Turkey, I spent many a meal sobbing as my option was hummus, olives, and roasted peppers which on a normal day would be delicious but I needed "real" food.

Anyway, on top of that, I get parasites whenever I travel to a slightly less developed country: Fiji and India are two examples.  And it's made me really paranoid. 

This time, I've been taking an herbal parasite remedy that taken prior to travel and a little bit after is supposed to make your tummy an inhospitable place for parasites. 

I'm also coming prepared with two boxes of gluten free granola bars in case there is literally nothing to eat while I'm in Vanuatu.

The hardest part is going to be the inner struggle in terms of all the tropical fruit that will be available (I hear it's mango season in Vanuatu) that my mind will tell me not to eat because it could carry some parasites and my tummy will beg to consume because MANGO OFF A TREE.  Dilemma.

Do you face any travel issues?  Let's commiserate.


  1. Fruit is generally pretty safe isn't it? i think the rule is anything you can peel? I hope there's plenty of food for you, especially since it's your honeymoon and you want to be happy, not hungry!

    I've always been lucky when travelling as far as stomach bugs are concerned but i can nearly always guarantee that i will get a cold when i go overseas thanks to the air con on planes(it would seem NZ is the exception).

  2. Oh dear, that sucks!!! I hope that it doesn't happen this time. My whole family got really sick in Vietnam, but that was because of the water. Well, enjoy your honeymoon, I can't wait to hear all about it!!! xoxo

  3. Did you not opt for the stuffed peppers and dolma in Turkey? Would have been a good option for you...

  4. Mine are not travel problems per say...more like permanent problems. I hate all seafood as well as all cheese and also don't love most red meat.

    That eliminates a lot of food groups right there...

    So while it might not be as bad as your eating situations, I certainly feel your pain!

  5. Oh no. That's so much to deal with whilst traveling. I'm a picky eater too and I don't eat much meat or sea food which is quite troublesome in the Pacific. I thought I'd fall ill in India, but luckily I was fine. I feel for you. I hope you find something that fills your tummy is yummy and makes you happy. I don't think Vanuatu should be that bad though.

  6. I am a strict vegetarian/ borderline vegan too. Food is and always will be challenge. I experienced this more so in countries like Portugal, France and Spain.

    I so fell in love with the wide veggie options in India!

    I usually pack chocolate and a tube of Pringles. Not very healthy, but it keeps me going for a few days.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  7. I am super duper allergic to nuts and legumes so it can be a major issue when travelling or eating in ethnic restaurants and I am trying to explain to them how serious it is and how they need to be 100% sure there are no nuts/legumes in my food. I also get motion sickness. =(

    Good luck on your trip and I hope there is some yummy food you can eat!

  8. I LOVE to travel but one thing that I always worry about is stomach issues while traveling. Ekk!

  9. Oh I know exactly what you mean. My stomach is soo sensitive (and with a good load of intolerances) and complains about a lot of food, so traveling is always a bit of a challenge food-wise, especially if I don't know the language and can't explain or understand well what I am eating. Hope the pills will help and you'll have a wonderful trip!!

  10. SJ - In general I think it is, but I think it also has to do with the water that it is washed in! YES, I think it is the plane travel that brings on the cold.

    Many Colours of Happiness - Eeek! That would be horrible, I guess luckily most of the sickness from parasites happens after you get home.

    Ashley - I did eat a lot of dolmas - but they are sometimes made with cracked wheat I think instead of rice (or with).

    Mamacita Chilena - I can promise at our wedding there will be no seafood or red meat...and I'll make sure there are some cheese free options :)

    Vanisha - I felt fine WHILE I was in India, but the parasites started acting up when I got home.

    Prixie - I know, the veggie options in India were absolutely INCREDIBLE.

    Teacher Girl - That would be so hard to convey in a language you don't speak. It's hard enough I feel like in some restuarants.

    Crazy Shenanigans - I know, a stomach bug could really ruin afun time!

    New life in spain - Yes! It is such a challenge. But I think being a bit hungry for a few days is well worth the experiences.

  11. Ugh...parasites = no bueno. I always thought fruit was ok, too. Knock on wood...I've never gotten too sick.

    Thanks for your note, Deidre. So appreciated! Hope you're having a good Monday.