Saturday, November 05, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 5: What the heck is a Tim Tam?

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the survey (if you haven't here is a link to take you straight there).  I have found a lot of fascinating information from it - mostly that ya'll think I'm adorable and funny.  And also that several of you don't know what a tim tam is.  This is heartbreaking.

To be fair, I can't eat tim tams because they have the gluten in them. But when I first studied abroad in Australia, I couldn't handle all my friends RAVING about them any more, and made them each buy a box of their favourite flavour and then ate one of each.  And then I got really sick from The Gluten (that does not reflect the deliciousness that is the Tim Tam by the way, just the fact that my body doesn't like food that is yummy).

Anyway, Tim Tams are cookies (biscuits or bikkies if you're Australian).  They have two cookie like things with soft chocolate, caramel, or other type of flavouring in the middle and then they are surrounded by a coating of chocolate. They come in a multitude of flavours and are made by Arnott's (rumour has it that Pepperidge Farm in the US has been making them as well but only in the classic flavour I think).

Now, if I was a gluten eating individual, I would have bought some tim tams and made a video of me eating them and having a foodgasm - and trust me, I would have enjoyed that more than you would. But it could not be.

So, instead, I'm going to send you over to my pal Kimbirdy who last April wrote a post that changed lives regarding two things close to any Australians heart: Tim Tams + Hot Chocolate = The Tim Tam Slam.  I'm leaving you in good hands, my bitches, go and be amazed by the most exported Australian entity*: the tim tam.

*I totally made this up.  But after seeing the selection of tim tams that you can buy in the duty free lounge in Australian airports, I totally believe it.


  1. These sound amazing! So sorry you can't eat them. I feel your pain as there are so many desserts I can't eat because of my nut allergy.

  2. These sound amazing! So sorry you can't eat them. I feel your pain as there are so many desserts I can't eat because of my nut allergy.

  3. I've been enjoying Tim Tam Slams for a few years now and they're quite tasty. Several Aussies told me, however, that Aussies don't do it -- just tourists & travelers. Oh well, IT'S TASTY.

    Pepperidge Farm is indeed making them, but they're not as good and I think I've seen classic and dark chocolate. Not that I should be eating them with the gluten either...!

  4. They have tim tams in Canada but I didn't know the drink with the tim tam was called a tim tam slam.

    I want one now.
    TIM TAM SLAM!!! :D

  5. Haha yep, as an Australian I would have to say I have never had (or even knew there was) a tim tam slam. Doesn't sound like a bad idea though. Perhaps you should get a petition to Arnotts requesting a gluten free version??

  6. I have indeed purchased them in the US and I think it was packaged by Pepperidge Farms. I decided to try one in the car on the way home from the grocery store, and by the time I got home they were all gone. I'm not proud of this, but it is a testament to their deliciousness!

  7. Tim Tams are famous and hunted down ,eaten,hidden ,also here in New Zealand;)

  8. I have never heard of a tim tam but now feel I've been missing out! It sounds amazing! And how much does that suck you can't eat gluten :(:( xx

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  9. I feel like heading out to the store and buying one of each flavor! I love Tim Tams!

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  11. See, I didn't comment about the Tim Tams because I knew what they were already.

    Years ago Natalie imbruglia demonstrated how to eat them with tea on Ghraham Norton's show:

    Lookit! A link:

  12. Anne - Perhaps someone will bring you a box or two over christmas?

    Teacher girl - I know, it is unfortunate isn't it! Le sigh. Such is life.

    Heather - Yeah, I've never seen an AUstralian do it either - but all the ones i've talked to know about it!

    Shannon - Go, slam, and be merry!

    Lozzz - That is a brilliant idea. Right after my campaign to get Ellen to officiate my wedding I'll start on campaigning arnott's.

    Angela - I hear this is a very common problem people have. Like pringles, once popped you don't stop.

    Dzoli - I imagine they would be!

    THe Other Side of Cool - A lot. But it's ok, I've gotten used it.

    Token - Ahh! There you go! :) haha

  13. I consider the Tim Tam the most overrated Australian food product. Hands down.