Sunday, November 06, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 6: Sleeping arrangments

Like most people, there are parts of my life where I am extremely high maintenance (see food) and parts of my life where I am incredibly low maintenance (see fashion).  Inspector Climate on the other hand is extremely low maintenance in nearly all parts of his life. Except one: sleeping.   I've talked a lot about his night time escapades but sadly that's really only the tip of the iceberg.

Like most couples, Inspector Climate and I have designated sides of the bed. My bed side table is on the right and his on the left.  However, we swap sides of the bed for sleeping every night.  It doesn't matter what side we start on, right before we fall asleep Inspector Climate will ask demand "Let's swap sides" and then we have to switch sides of the bed.  Every. Night.

He also has strict rules about napping and sleeping (which are very different things, don't you know?).  He can nap any where and in basically any position - sitting up, lying on his back,  and in all the other ways he can't sleep at night.  However, as soon as he deems it sleeping (and trust me it's an arbitrary choice) all the rules change and everything needs to be just so.

Me on the otherhand?

Well, let me just give you an example.  Yesterday, I was lying on the couch bemoaning Jorge and saying how I need to take a nap (I'm not sure if it's true or if I'm just using it as an excuse, but I seriously have been needing much more sleep since I began growing something inside me).  Inspector Climate was determined to vacuum and so he piled my knitting, Penguin and Baby Penguin on to the couch with me.  And I fell asleep while he vacuumed. True story.  Inspector Climate then snapped pictures of me sleeping, spooning Penguin, and when he woke me up nearly an hour later giggling at his handiwork.

This is what I call, low maintenance napping:

Do you have any sleeping rules? Any strange sleeping behaviours? Do you have a side of the bed?  Do swap sides? Tell me everything!


  1. We have sides of the bed and we never swap. My quirk, not his. Other than that, we're rather ordinary. You're so dang cute. I'm worried about Jorge. Keep us posted. And... it's almost the day! :) xo

  2. My side is the side closest to the bathroom, no matter where we are. :-)

    The one thing I absolutely, positively, cannot stand is sleeping with faces toward each other. Don't breathe on me!

    I think that swapping sides is very cute and quirky...

  3. We have very strict bed sides and this extends to hotel rooms etc. It makes him very uncomfortable (anxious?) to have to switch sides. When I was pregnant, we had to switch and he wasnt happy :)

  4. I can only nap in a bed. And after I've brushed my teeth. But I hate napping and prefer just going to bed early. Max and I have sides of the bed, but the pets get in there and shove us around, so we usually just end up clinging to whatever surface area is left.

    Love that you are spooning that giant penguin. He looks spoon-worthy.

  5. Hahahaha,that's awesome! My only weird sleeping thing is that I can't fall asleep (except on a plane) unless I lie on my left side until I *ALMOST* doze off, and then switch to my right side to actually fall asleep. If I start out on my right side, my brain won't switch off. It's bizarre...

  6. Our sides of the bed change every time we move the bed...he needs to be closest to the door, so the bad guys get him first. My quirk...not his.

  7. That is very funny! I can't imagine falling asleep while Husband was vacuuming, mostly because I'd feel as if he'd be angry with me because I wasn't helping him clean, which he wouldn't be, but that wouldn't matter.

    We slept in separate beds a lot when I was pregnant because I could only get comfortable on the sofa. Now that my baby making days are over, I'm enjoying our sleeping arrangements, except that little ones insist on waking us (read: me) at all hours :(

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. OMFG those pictures are HYSTERICAL.

    I still have a side of the bed even though BF is only here about once a month. I keep the other side open for when he's here.

    I also have to have all the sheets and blankets situated or I can't fall asleep. I hate making the bed but God forbid it doesn't feel made when I go to sleep!

  9. I let him sleep next to the wall. One its cold by the wall. And he's like a heater, which I need in the winter.

    But it is funny how he can basically nap everywhere. Me, I have to have a certain pillow behind my head, another to caress. And I have to have all the lights out to sleep.

    He can sleep with the lights on without a problem. Thankfully, this has been working for us since I'm doing the November novel write month.

    Hey, at least you've got him vacuuming! Hope Jorge is behaving.

  10. I think I'd need to have "another" to have sleeping rules and sides! Right now, it's just me swatting the cat out of the bed every once in a while!

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  12. I am a terrible sleeper and always disturb the peaceful slumber of my dearest Liebling. D'oh! I don't have a preference for a side of the bed since I typically end up on the opposite side by morning lol.

  13. That's so sweet. I love napping too but hardly have the time. Thanks for visiting my blog. Follow each other?

  14. Chrisy - I'm worried about Jorge too! I loved your 22-year anniversary post!

    Susan - I am not a fan of being breathed on either!

    Jamie - Aw! I used to get a little weirded out by the switching sides, but it's just what we do.

    Crystal - I used to not be able to Nap at all. that all changed with being in love and unemployment.

    Melbourne on my mind - I totally get that!

    Shiny Pigeon - That's very brilliant! Inspector Climate's "bad guys" mostly revolve around bugs.

    Tonya - Aw, IC vacuums and I clean the bathroom - it's our thing.

    Krysten - Hah, I know right. I used to sleep only on one side of the bed too.

    Ellie - Also smart! Jorge is not behaving.

    The Zadge - Aw, poor kitty! When we go to my parents for Christmas I'd definitely be swapping IC out of the bed to sleep with the pups.

    Oneika - Oh goodness! Poor Leibling!

    PAPS - Aw, everyone should make time for napping.

  15. The husband & I formerly slept all intertwined until we traded up to a King sized bed. Now he's way over on his side & I'm all alone on my side.
    We have to make arrangements to meet in the middle.

  16. Deidre THIS is so ADORABLE! I previously was not able to nap during the day but I've perfected it now! I can't wake up early and I prefer the right side of the bed :) But it's not a must...

  17. Haha! Why doesn't he just take your side of the bed instead of asking to swap every night?

  18. You look incredibly comfy sleeping on that couch... I love my bed (as long as there isn't an alarm clock nearby :P)

  19. Did I miss something? Are you pregnant?

  20. Oh, never mind...I reread some back posts. Sorry.

  21. That pic of you is adorable!! The only weird sleeping thing I have is that I pretty much have to always sleep in the same spot and I usually sleep best alone.

  22. Twisted Susan - Ahh! peace talks for mid-bed cuddles.

    Vanisha - Hah, Thanks! It took me many years and falling in love to be able to nap.

    Crazy Shenanigans - it doesn't matter what side he starts on, we have to swap eventually.

    Azra - I was quite comfy. I was NOT pleased when IC woke me up.

    Token - GOD no! Not pregnant! :)

    Teacher Girl - Aw! Thank you! Interesting, I don't sleep well alone now and mostly I don't sleep well with IC around either! lose -lose! :)

  23. We have our sides of the bed and there is absolutely no swapping. Mostly because we don't really think about it and I'm not sure I could sleep if we did. I'm weird.

    Napping? I can nap just about anytime, anywhere, with anything going on. I will sleep through a storm, a tornado, a train, lights on or off... let's just leave it at I'm a heavy sleeper.

    Husband? Light sleeper. Things work just fine for us though.