Monday, November 07, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 7: Life List addition

A few days ago, I was talking to my bestie Anne about how we've never really travelled together.  Of course we also both realised that we've got some financial hurdles to overcome before we could embark on any kind of girl's trip.  So we're giving ourselves ten years (I know it seems like a long time, but seriously we both need the time to save!).  And then we just had to narrow down where we wanted to go.

It had to be somewhere neither of us has been.  It also had to be somewhere that our significant others weren't hugely keen on going to either.  We talked about Vietnam. But eventually decided that that wasn't the right fit for us.

And then we settled on Chile and Easter Island.  Mark your calendars Emily in Chile and Kyle Hepp, ten years from now we'll be visiting!

We were particularly inspired by Oneika's trip the Chilean Atacama salt flats and Andi's trip to Easter Island.

And so to my life list, I add 'Girl's Holiday with Anne!'

Have you ever taken a girl's holiday? Where'd you go?


  1. Chile would be amazing!

    I went on a 3 month trip with my friend Erin through Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina and had the best time! girls trips are great, especially when you pick the right girl :)

  2. A girl I know went to Easter Island earlier this year. I'm still insanely jealous. I tried to find a way to include Easter Island on my South/Central American trip in 2008, but it was going to cost an extra many thousands of dollars. Harrumph.

    Anyway. Easter Island is high on my list, as is Patagonia. And I want to go to Tierra del Fuego, just to be able to say I've been there.

  3. That's so exciting! Chile sounds so amazing, you'll have a blast. And nothing wrong with planning in advance, it just means that it's more likely to happen! xoxo

  4. The girls and I have spoken about going to New York for ages. I think we would probably need to save for 10 years too! hahah

    I have travelled a few places with good friends and those memories are the best ever!

    G'luck with your trip and happy travelling!

  5. Chile is probably hands down the coolest place I have ever been- and I haven't even gone to the south of Chile which is supposed to be crazy amazing! Glad you were inspired by my photos! I LOVE girl trips and actually did one this past summer to New York. I'm in the process of trying to plan one now to Paris! Hanging with my girlies is always a pleasure since we all live in different places in the world. Thanks for the mention, Ms. DB!!

  6. This is such a great idea, and it's great that you've given yourselves that much time to plan and save, so you can really live it up when you go. I can't really travel with just anyone, and leaving my husband and perhaps my sister I can't even contemplate traveling with someone else! Maybe I should put it on my list of things to do :)

  7. That will be so much fun! I hope it happens. Girls trips are always the best.

  8. Oh I remember with fondness my "hen-holiday" before my wedding when I went ski-ing with 7 girlfriends. Best holiday EVER !

  9. I like this plan! I haven't been to Easter Island yet, so I'll join you in saving that one for the future.

    I also haven't done a girls' trip yet, so that can go on my list as well (except for the fact that I've gone on record as being anti-bucket list, so it'll have to go on some other list).

  10. The best! Went to Mazatlan, Mexico and sat by the pool drinking margaritas with my two favorite girls for 5 days. It was amazing!

  11. Yep, I'm with Emily, haven't been there yet either! I'd love to go when you guys come, although hopefully I'll have been there by then and that will end up being a return trip.

    Good goal, you have my approval :)

  12. So awesome Deidre! I'd love to do the same. And Chile! Jeeze that's so great!

    We've only taken one girls trip 4 years to New York. Time to get planning another one!


  13. Yes! I went to france, england and ireland with a friend of mine :) I love girl's holidays!

  14. SJ - Aw that sounds like SOOO much fun! Three months - that's so awesome.

    melbourne on my mind - Yeah, remote places are always super expensive to get to!

    Many colours of happiness - EXACTLY. Plus we're both people who generally follow through :)

    Prixie - Well, make a plan and start saving :)

    Oneika - YAY! that's so great to hear. And yay for girl trips :)

    Vanisha - Aw, yay - some friends, no matter how close would not be good travel buddies, but Anne and I. I know we'd be solid :)

    Crazy Shenanigans - Yay!

    Selina - Aw! A skiing trip would be fantastic! That sounds totally lovely.

    Emily - ahh, I can see being anti-bucket list...We'd LOVE to have you along :)

    Alexa - That sounds LOVELY.

    mamacita Chilena - Hah, you mean you're not going to wait ten years to come with us?! I am hurt :)

    Sentimental suitcase - Definitely start planning another one!

    Ashley - That sounds AMAZING. Such fun!

  15. Chile and Easter Island sounds like quite the trip!! I went on a girls trip to St. Thomas in the Vigin Islands and it was amazing!

  16. Chile and Easter Island sounds like quite the trip!! I went on a girls trip to St. Thomas in the Vigin Islands and it was amazing!