Tuesday, November 08, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 8: Man, I knew we should have gone to that pre-marriage education

This morning as we get ready to get married, we looked over the paper work one more time.  The very informative pamphlet suggests that with the unrealistic portrayals of marriage in tv and movies as well as the very different upbringings people have that pre-marriage counselling can be ideal.  And so, I decided to make sure Inspector Climate and I were on the same page before we get hitched in just a few short hours.

"I don't want to have kids, how do you feel about that?"


"I like to save money, not spend it"

"Me too"

"We might have to move to the US in a few years"


"But in the long run I want to move to Tassie"

"Me too"

"I want to have a baby lion cub"


"This marriage is off"

"We should have gone to the premartial counselling to learn that exotic pets could be a deal breaker"

"I know, sorry....Ok, fine. How about just kitties and puppies??"

"Yes, we can have kitties and puppies"


"Yay! The wedding's back on!"


  1. This is cute! Great you managed to get that sorted before the wedding...phew!!!

  2. Phew, thank goodness! Baby lion cubs tear apart far too many marriages these days. Have a great day!

  3. a lion cub would be kind of awesome....

    have a fantastic wedding day! how exciting!

  4. Okay that's totally not okay! IC needs to embrase the lion cub! But you guys will have years and years together so you can work on him! :D

  5. Hip hip hurray, long live the puppies, kittens and the marriage.

  6. Glad you got that all sorted out ahead of time! Best wishes!! Get him zoo passes to see the exotic animals.

  7. I can't believe the day has arrived already!!!! Congratulations, I hope that it is absolutely amazing (I'm positive it will be). I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  8. Haha. You are funny. I had friends who did marriage counselling and they got divorced after about 4 years.


  9. hehehe - wishing you only happiness for the rest of your lives!

  10. hehehe - wishing you only happiness for the rest of your lives!

  11. Hahaha...that is the best! You weren't kidding about the "low-maintenance" thing (c: Sounds like you two are a match made in heaven...congrats to the happy couple! (c:

  12. OMG Your getting MARRIED TODAY!


  13. hahahaha! This is fantastic :)

    Because I found your blog later...how did you meet Inspector Climate? As far as I know...he's Aussie and you are American?

  14. LOL! Great stuff. I'm sure you're all lapped up in wedded bliss at this very moment. Congrats again ;)

  15. Haha, aw :) a lion cub would be amazing! Hope you had an amazing wedding! <3

  16. aww, you are too cute! By the time you read this comment you'll be happily married so, congratulations! x

  17. What no lion cubs. Outrageous. So funny...glad you have it all sorted before you tie the knot!

  18. Awww... That was adorable and made me smile. A lot.

  19. Vanisha - I know right. Imagine the devastation.

    Ruby - Thank you!

    Angela - I know, Something that cute was bound to have repercussions.

    SJ - I know right, apparently they are "dangerous and need a lot of room"

    Anne - Yes, someday I'll cuddle with a lion cub. And it will be fantastic.

    linlah - long live indeed!

    many colours of happiness - I know, it kind of snuck up on me too! Posts coming soon!

    Frisky Librarian - that does not bode well for marriage counselling does it!

    Prixie -Thank you!!

    Aubrey - Hah, no I'm quite low maintenance - accept I want specific food when i want it..is that so much to ask for!?

    Ev Rev - As soon as I get them, I promise to share them! :)

    Ashley - He is indeed an aussie and I am very American. :) Maybe I'll answer the first part later.

    Azra - Yes, there is definitely some wedded bliss around :)

    Anna - I know, as Anne says, i have a life time of requesting a baby lion.

    Nikki - Thank you!

    Alexa - I know, imagine getting hitched without having this enlightening conversation!

    Jane - Thank you!

  20. Hope all went well. Congratulations, kitten! xx

  21. Adorable! You two are so perfect for each other! ;)

  22. Haha, I read this one out loud to Seba because it made me laugh so hard :)

  23. Haha, nice. You definitely learn A LOT once you actually get married because things come up that you never even thought would be an issue. However, I didn't live with husband before we got married, so I'm sure that we had a bit more to learn.

    Congrats on the wedding and the future puppies and kitties!