Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guest Post: Elizabeth from Using This not That

While I'm travelling home for the holidays I asked some of my favourite bloggers to do a few guest posts for me.  I've only started reading Elizabeth's blog(s) recentlyI particularly enjoy reading her blog on her efforts to live more sustainably over at Using This not That.

Today she is sharing a story that I can personally relate to so much. I think often in the effort to become more green we forget that not everything that is fashionable is functional in our sustainable efforts!  Welcome Elizabeth!

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to be here guest blogging for Deidre while she is off traveling for the holidays.

I thought I’d start by introducing myself.  I go by Elizabeth or E online.  You can find me on Twitter (@ewiley).  I blog at (a lifestyle blog) and (a green living blog).  I thought I’d share a story that connects the two together.

This fall I moved to a big city for grad school.  To be a little more green, I’ve been trying to ride my bike or walk when I can, but I hadn’t taken the bus yet.  A couple weeks ago, I had a networking event for school and decided to take the bus so I didn’t have to worry about parking, or having that extra beer.

I mapped out my route, including the walk to and from the bus, and headed out the door with change in hand.  When I got off the bus, I discovered the route Google sent me on went down the darkest street known to man.  It was unsafe in the sense that it was pitch black, downhill, and I was in heels.

I think you can guess how this ended.  I made it about 2/3 of the way down the street, walking as carefully as possible, when I hit a bump in the sidewalk and crashed to the grown, skinning my knee.

Needless to say, I won’t be walking that route again.  At least not at night in heels.


  1. Damn google! Funny post though, E online :)

  2. Dang. THis is why I don't wear heels in the city anymore. I'd be worried about the lack of light, too. But that's more because I'm paranoid and people are always trying to rob me :p

  3. Great post Elizabeth! Good for you for going green! :)