Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Post: Evolving Revolver

While I'm travelling home for the holidays, I thought I'd leave you with some stories and words of wisdom from some of my favourite bloggers.  I have been reading Juliet's blog, Evolving Revolver, for years and have often felt that we were living strange parallel lives.  She was an expat and unemployed and single. I was an expat, unemployed and single - was there no end to the similarities!  She met a boy. I got a job. She got a job, I met a a boy.  
My point being that I simply adore her and am so honoured that she would decide to share the story how she met her boy (never told on her blog!) here on mine.

Hello to everyone in Decoybetty-land! It’s a pleasure to be visiting the land down under, especially because up here in Philadelphia it is decidedly not summertime. I am enjoying the warmth, to say the least.
When Deidre asked me to guest post I thought to myself “What the hell can I write about?” I went to searching, looking through my blog statistics trying to discover what it is that you people love to read about. According to my statistics most of my traffic comes from the keyword searches ‘Unicorns’, ‘Rainbows’ and ‘Unicorns and Rainbows’.  The trapper keeper unicorn brings the most kids to the yard it seems.

While that’s very special, it was not what I wanted to write about here. I peeled back the layers of my thoughts and decided, finally, that I would just tell you a little about myself. I’ll tell a story, because I am good at telling stories.
This one starts in Paris, where I lived for two years. It is where I met my husband and where I learned French. Coincidentally, this is the story about how I met my husband.
I almost didn't go out that evening. It was still winter in Paris and I was undoubtedly (as always) broke. But my friend Jane coaxed me out of my little apartment in the suburbs for a book signing. She promised it would be fun and, indeed, there was only one table to be had when we arrived.
Husband was supposed to be at the J-Go much earlier but l’apero at his apartment went well over the original reservation time. When he got to the restaurant the table he had reserved for he and his friends wasn't available. They had to wait.
That's how we ended up next to each other, not at all interested in each other's existence until the moment Sofia and Elissa noticed me
"Exuse me," Sofia approached our table boldly, "but are you single?"
Both Jane and I laughed uncomfortably.
"Um.....yes." We both replied. "Why?"
Sophia explained that it was Husband's birthday and the goal for the night was to get him a date. Didn't I think he was cute? "Sure, yeah." I replied.
Back at his table, the same question was asked. "She's cute, right?"
"Yeah, she's cute." Husband replied.
When their table was finally called Husband and his friends started to shuffle to the upstairs dining room. As the last of them turned their back to go upstairs, Husband appeared before me, blushing.
"So," he started stumbling, "I have the impression that I should ask for your number....”
"Sure, why not!" I blushed. I shook a little as I gave him a card from my purse.
Husband seemed completely surprised that I was actually doing it.
"He seems nice," Jane said to me when the boisterous party had cleared.
"Yeah. Probably too nice. I'm sure I would hate that." I paused, thinking. "That's probably the kind of guy I should, like, marry, but I probably won't."
The night wore on. Somehow we missed each other when he and his friends left, but thankfully Husband had texted me during the evening: at some point he lost my number.
The next Wednesday when we met again it was a little like a blind date for both of us. When I walked across Place du Chatelet (late, as always) my own pleasant surprise was mirrored on his face. Thank god we're two good looking people! (Or maybe we weren't as drunk as we thought we were?)
One date and one knee buckling kiss later, Husband and I were hooked on each other. It was the beginning of something neither of us had expected - the beginning of a great adventure: It was the beginning of our lives together.


  1. It is true we lead strange, parallel lives. I wonder if there will be some kind of cataclysmic disruption of the time space continuum when we finally meet?!

  2. That's such a cute story! I approve :)

  3. ""Yeah. Probably too nice. I'm sure I would hate that." I paused, thinking. "That's probably the kind of guy I should, like, marry, but I probably won't.""

    Ah, irony and foreshadowing!