Saturday, December 10, 2011

Honeymoon Day 2: Doing Everything Iririki has to offer - which to be honest was a lot.

One of the joys of flying in a 10 seater plane to an island with an extremely small airport is that the pilot can just decide to change the time of the flight by two hours and you only have to leave for the airport 15 minutes prior to the flight.

Our flight had been scheduled to take off at 10 am, and we had been excited to wake up early and spend the morning exploring the Evergreen Resort in Tanna before heading back to Port Vila.  The resort was supposed to have an awesome beach with some spectacular snorkelling that we were quite excited about checking out. However, after the volcano tour we were told that the pilot had decided that we were to leave at 8 am instead and we should be ready to head the airport at 7:45.  Easy Peasy.

As a giant aside, Oneika of Oneika the Traveller fame asked in my last post about malaria.  There is malaria on Tanna and some of the outer islands of Vanuatu but not on Efate (except in the swampy bits that no one goes too) where we spent the majority of our time.  We had asked a travel doctor their opinion on whether we should take anti-malaria tablets or not and he had not seemed that concerned seeing as we'd only be in Tanna for one night.  So Inspector Climate and I opted to use a great of precaution with long sleeves, long pants, and serious bug spray instead of taking the tablets which have a range of pretty serious side effects.  I probably got 2 bug bites the whole time I was there and Inspector Climate didn't get any. 

We got up had a breakfast of tropical fruit.  Hello, mangoes, you are delicious.  Does anyone know what that white fruit is?  I was not a fan.

And so ended our whirl wind 18 hour trip to the island of Tanna and we were headed back to the capital.  Inspector Climate and I, after much deliberation, decided to stay at Iririki Resort.  Iririki is teeny island about a two minute ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle of down town Port Vila.

This is a crazy lamp that resides in reception. Crazy - Awesome that is.

After we checked into our room, which had a balcony looking out on to this:

We took a little stroll around the island, about 15 minutes to circumnavigate, and passed the island's little beach where I finally got to say I've sunbathed in Vanuatu - life list, Check!
While we were near the beach, we hired some snorkel gear (free), and went back to room to change and get ready to do a bit of snorkelling off of Iririki.  Did it compare to the snorkelling that we did in Lady Elliot - no, no it did not. Although we did find Nemo.  Coral wasn't nearly as vibrant nor was the range of fishies nearly so diverse. However, it was still tons of fun and still quite terrifying magical to be able to breathe underwater.

What I didn't realise I'd spend a lot of my doing on my honeymoon is napping.  But nap I did.  A lot. And so after our swim, we came back to our room and napped.

One of the coolest things about Port Vila is that any minivan with a B on the license plate is a bus that you can hail. It will take you anywhere; around the city it's a $1.50 (or 150 vatu) per person per ride.  There are some drawbacks of course, they take whoever was in the bus first to their destination so you might go in the complete opposite direction of where you're heading before looping back to where you're going.  I liked to think of it as a bonus tour of the city.  The other thing that is nice about it is that locals use them too - so if you're not the only one in the bus you get to see where the locals go and where they live.  This is always an important part of travel for me, sure I like to stay in my plush hotel room with the enormous bed and numerous pools, but I also want to see where the locals live, what they eat, and how they get to where they're going.

We'd heard that there was a good Thai restaurant in Port Vila (which is known for it's food), and Thai is a cuisine I can generally find something to eat. So we hailed a bus and asked for the Thai ye not so stupid.  We ended up at a Thai restaurant that was completely devoid of customers besides us.  The food wasn't great (but it was gluten free and fishless/meatless so I dug in). Note to self, find out names of restaurants before asking for directions.

I'd like to thank Iririki resort for giving me a discount on our deluxe pool view room because I'm a blogger.  I'd recommend for all of you stay there. The staff was fantastic, helpful, and determined to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.


  1. That white fruit looks like cherimoya (chirimoya in Spanish, also known as custard apple I think), which is common here in Chile, but it's hard to tell from the picture. I like it mixed with oranges in ice cream or juice, but plain is not so yummy.

    It looks like you had a blast on your honeymoon! If I ever have one, it will also include lots of napping.

  2. Heck yes please. I need a vacation SO BAD and you are not helping, lol.

  3. Flying in Vaunatu sounds a lot like flying with the Peruvian Air Force! ;)

    That lamp really is awesome. And I'm with you on the breathing underwater being terrifying thing. Scuba diving? Definitely not something I will ever be trying...

  4. The balcony view is GORGEOUS! Now that I've read your full explanation re: malaria it's actually really reminding me of our trip to Guatemala's Caribbean coast. We were only there for two nights but the malaria risk is a bit high. We also deliberated about whether or not to get malaria medication but decided not to since we didn't need it for the other parts of the country we were staying in. But boy, were we paranoid! I was so afraid to get bitten and get sick!

  5. Wow, that tropical location looks lovely. Congratulations on your new married status and the lovely honeymoon.

  6. I was going to say it might be cherimoya, but I agree with Abby that it's not definite.

    Vanuatu just sounds so far away and exotic to me, I'm loving reading about your adventures!

  7. The white fruit you're asking about is Soup Sop. It's one of my favorite fruits! You can make juice with them, that's just as yummy. Custard apple is actually smaller, the Sour Sop fruit can grow to the size of a small pumpkin.

    I'm so jealous of your honeymoon, everything looks so wonderful! We've started taking our Anti-Malaria. It's rainy season in Timor and lots of side effects as yet. Fingers crossed :)

  8. now I realize just how much I need a vacay!! looks like a great time!

  9. Wow it sounds like you had an amazing time! The islands sounds/looks like a really nice place.

  10. Abbysline - I'm not sure honeymoons without napping are worth having :)

    Krysten - I hope you get to take one soon!

    Melbourne on my mind - Yeah, I have no desire to scuba dive. I'm happy chilling on the surface of the water.

    Oneika - Yeah, we were pretty paranoid too! But we would be back in Melbourne before the symptoms hit! AND anti malaria tablets are basically the same ones they use to treat malaria.

    Mil - Thank you!

    Emily - It seems like that to me too!

    Linda - It was TOTALLY beautiful!

    Vanisha - See, I knew someone would know! Thank you!

    Stephanie - It was so much fun!

    Jane - It was absolutely gorgeous.

  11. This looks like heaven! So happy that you two had a good time. A honeymoon with napping sounds like a wonderful honeymoon to me! ;)

  12. looks awesome!! I am about to do some research on this Vanatu place. Just because I'm curious. :)

  13. That looks really pretty! And that's so cool that you got a discount. I also was surprised at how much napping occurred on my honeymoon too, but it did make it more relaxing.

  14. In your newest post I talked about getting jealous of trips. Well I'm jealous!!!!! It looks like it was amazing! Glad you had a great time.

  15. Loved reading your blog. We also had our honeymoon at Iririki and have been back since and are going again in Auguat next year. You are right the staff members are amazing and catching a bus is the only way to get around and have a look at different places at the same time. Anyone who hasn't been to Vanuatu needs to get there. Best holiday I've had.