Friday, January 06, 2012

Honeymoon Day 3: Chasing Waterfalls

When I left off about describing our fantastic Vanuatu honeymoon (in excruciating detail perhaps?), we had just spent the day hanging out at our resort snorkelling and beaching.  One of the best things about going to a resort that does weddings and has a lot of honeymooners is that people kind of expect you to be a bit sickeningly cute.  Now, I'll be honest, I am not one to be hanging all over Inspector Climate (I'm looking at you couple who whenever we walked by the pool was macking on each other...), but it was nice to be able to hold hands while snorkelling and not feel too gross, you know?

Sorry, rampage.


On our third day in Vanuatu, we decided to do some exploring a little bit outside the city of Port Vila.  First stop, the Mele Cascade Waterfalls.

I have a fear of visiting waterfalls and not being impressed, and as we walked up the short trail we came across these:

Pretty? Sure. But pretty enough to be a tourist attraction?

Don't mind my fugly sunglasses - it's a long story.
The trail winded along next to the river and then opened into a small clearing where a very large pack of Bamboo was growing. It was quite spectacular.
When we finally reached the end of the dirt path it turned into a climb up through the river itself.

And we found ourselves here:

The waterfalls were DEFINITELY worth it.  Besides, there was a "tour guide" whose job it was, it seemed, to help bikini clad girls climb up on to some rocks and have their picture taken with him.  His dog napped in the shade and occasionally played fetched with a water sogged coconut.

After the waterfalls, we headed to Hideaway Island which is a short 2 minute ferry ride from the main island and has amazing snorkelling and an UNDERWATER POST BOX.

For the underwater post box, you write your postcard on water proof paper with a pencil and then duck dive to put it in the box. Once a day it is attended by a scuba diver who takes the post cards out and mails them normally.  It's kind of a weird gimmicky tourist thing, but also so much fun! And the recipients of our post cards were pretty psyched about receiving them!

 The water was warm and the fish were friendly and plentiful (SO MANY COLOURS).

And then we took a nap, because that's what we do apparently on honeymoons.


  1. The underwater postbox sounds pretty awesome! And the waterfalls look amazing. Shame about the macking couple. Although at least they were doing it (NOT LIKE THAT, I HOPE!) by the pool and not at a museum right in front of the exhibits like the couple I saw in Denver. I was like "DUDE. There's a dark corner two metres to your left. GO USE IT." They didn't listen :(

  2. Well now I have that TLC song it my head - but those pics do look lovely, and I do like the underwater post idea!

  3. Napping sounds wonderful. And the underwater post is awesome, if a bit gimmicky! Jealous of all the sunshine you got to enjoy.

  4. This sounds like a blast! How crazy big was that bamboo??!! Man. And I know IC is tall and he looks so tiny in that pic. You look super cute by that waterfall ;)

  5. I want that underwater postbox experience! That sounds amazing. All I did was nap during our recent trip. Nothing quite like it really :) And I'm so happy you came across such a beautiful waterfall.

    Deidre, I've tagged you in a post that you might want to play along...

  6. Defintely looks like a place Max and I would love to visit. I'm a huge fan of waterfalls (having grown up next to Niagara Falls, after all). And an underwater post box? So cool!

    Happy New Year :)

  7. Such beautiful pictures! Honeymoons are the best.

  8. Wow, what a wonderful place. You guys must have had lots of sun and fun. Napping would definitely be on my list.

  9. SO PRETTY! And now I have that TLC song in my head, lol.

  10. Quite spectacular! And I would have been chaffed with the underwater post too :D

    Now I need a holiday *sigh*

  11. Lovely pics. I saw a House Hunters International where a couple from Australia was moving to Vanuatu. It looked beautiful.

  12. i am new to your blog, so congratulations! what a fun wedding/honeymoon! i love the pictures...those watefalls are amazing (although i am rarely disappointed by waterfalls). the macking couple is funny. i will do a quick kiss in public, but never anything too gross!

  13. So gorgeous! What a beautiful location for a honeymoon! :)

  14. Those pictures are amazing. What a fun way to spend the day.

    New follower, excited to read more.


  15. Melbourne on my mind - they were actually wrapped around each other IN the pool, which made me not want to go in SAID pool. Also, Ew.

    Lozzz123 - Ahhh, TLC. It was so much fun!

    E - YES, napping is amazing. And definitely a must-do on honeymoons. That was actually the only sunny day we had - the rest of the time it rained.

    Teachergirl - I know, the bamboo was GIANT. Thank you!

    Vanisha - Awesome, I'll go check it our right now! THank you!

    Crystal - Yes! Come to Vanuatu and then come visit me in Melbourne! :)

    Danielle - Yes, I definitely think everyone should go on more than one.

    Ellie - Definitely lots of fun! But not heaps of sun :)

    Krysten - YES! Mission accomplished.

    Azra - it was just such a fun experience.

    The titleless blog - Oh, I've never seen that show! But I think lots of Australians do move to Vanuatu.

    Two Birds - Welcome! Sure a quick kiss in public is fine, but when you're stuck together like velcro, that's where I draw the line :)

    Erika - IT totally was! Ideal.

    Tabitha Lynn - Thank you so much for following! :) It was definitely the perfect amount of relaxing and action for a honeymoon/vacation.

  16. Oh my goodness!! How beautiful!! You two are such a lovely couple!

  17. How fun is that! It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time! That postbox is really fun and awesome, too. :)

  18. The photos look AMAZING! That waterfall is to die for! Glad you had a great time!

  19. So wonderful:)

    Greetings from Switzerland