Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I learned that Facebook is creepy and when I write about's boring.

Oh, the irony.

For the past several years, since Facebook has gone public, I've always that I didn't want to join again because I never wanted a job to search me out on Facebook and then see some picture of me in college doing shots of orange juice (Hey, I don't drink!).

And now, I've had to get a Facebook account for my job.  I KNOW.

(Although don't bother coming to look for me, I've got some serious privacy restrictions going.)

When I signed in today, I took a look around my blank (very blank) page and noticed a list of people that I might know.  They included my brother, a cousin, a friend of high school, and Not Daniel (a guy I dated - and I use that term loosely - for a few months).  I'm sure this has been written about to DEATH, but honestly? 


Ok, sorry. I lost interest in that post as I was writing it. So I can only imagine how quickly you lost interest in it.

When I was searching my archives for something about Not Daniel. I found this post titled: 90.5% pure lunacy.

I'm so completely overjoyed with the way things turned out, which is exactly as I described them there.  Inspector Climate and I don't drink hot chocolate in the morning, but snuggle tucked up in sheets and blankets (in winter) and talk about our day.  We dance in grocery store aisles.  And while, we didn't entirely skip the awkward getting to know you stage, we did seem to bypass most of it with a little help from chemistry and simply feeling comfortable around each other.

And after, a long,  but awesome, second day at work, the reminder that someone chose to adore me...even with my 90.5 % lunacy record is just too much to be grateful for.


  1. Look on the bright side - at least you can now create a bloggy Facebook page?

    And I LOVE that you said "Well, that was awkward" the first time your Not-Boyfriend kissed you because that is totally something I would do and it's always nice to know that me and my crazy aren't alone in the world!! ;)

    Oh, and yay to happy endings!! xx

  2. worked out great in the end..right?

    Hope your first week at work is amazing.

  3. This post made me crack up! :-D

  4. Ha...that change of subject cracked me up. I have a Facebook account, but am not on much. It is really creepy.

    Glad you ended up the winner and have a great relationship!

  5. Isn't great to find someone who doesn't love you in spite of your quirks but because of them?!

  6. I can't believe you would want to ever want skip the crazy getting to know you phase of a relationship.

    That's my favourite part - all the romantic tension, the giggliness, the excitement when their name pops up on your phone. It's one of the positives I am taking from my relationship ending - I get to have that again!!!!

  7. @ Ruby-->That is the part I hate! I'm like Diedre, I want to jump right into the "we've known each other forever, super comfy" phase and stay there!

  8. Hahah, I like the multiple personalities of this post. =P

    And it's ironic you mention Facebook "going public" because they just announced they're going public for real, as in stock options... though that's clearly not what you meant, haha.

  9. hi my love
    thanks for your comments on my post.
    hope work is going well.. good luck with it all
    with love x

  10. Ugh. Facebook. I love being able to keep up with people but it's just ANNOYING sometimes.

  11. Melbourne on my mind - Yes! I could now create a bloggy facebook page! So true.

    Ellie - Thanks Ellie! It did work out just fine.

    Tinajo - So glad I could please :)

    E - I'm really not a huge fan of facebook! But oh well.

    Jane - RIGHT! Ugh indeed

    poptartyogini - Yes indeed. IC has definitely put the hard yards in for loving me because of them :)

    Ruby - There was still romantic tension! And I still get excited when I see a message from IC. But I guess I don't have that feeling of "shit, this is not right...or is it?"

    teachergirl - YES! I always was waiting for a relationship to be easy and when it wasn't I would just keep waiting which was awfuL!

    postgradagenda - Hah, thanks! No, that isn't what I meant, but man it's a big time for facebook, eh?

    Eleanor - Thank you! They're going great.

    Krysten - I guess I just feel like I'm not in touch with those people for a reason, you know?

  12. haha that's funny. I can't believe your job made you get a Facebook. Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  13. We should totally be friends on there. I wouldn't privacy set you or anything! lol

  14. Oh, gosh ... I read that one older post and laughed because my boyfriend and I had an awful first kiss, too. I should write about it sometime, but--I'll be honest--it didn't have any sparks, either, haha. We've been together nearly three years since that time, though. I guess we eventually managed to figure it out. :)

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm glad I got to come here and visit because it seems, every week, that I find someone else who lives in Australia! I traveled there a few years ago and would absolutely love to go back, no question about it...