Monday, February 27, 2012

It's like a roller coaster around here...

I was about to write a post about how I'd gotten over this whole lawyer shenanigans.  I was going to tell you that yes it sucked - but the truth is it was the surprise and hurt factor that were the most ... um ... hurtful. 

I was going to tell you that had we known the cost before we might've still done it because we want to make sure this is done right the first time. That I never have to do this again, and having a lawyer do it is kind of an insurance policy.

But then I had to pay the lawyer. And now the reflex to punch is coming on a bit strong again.

This is most certainly confounded by the fact that I just got a bill for the anesthesiologist from surgery who for coming in and saying "hello, how are you?" charged me $94...True story.

 So in light of all this grouchiness. I thought just maybe I could take some time to be grateful...

My Top Five Things to be Grateful for on this Monday.

5.  The heatwave broke today with some delightful rain and chilly breezes! I LOVE IT.
4. Green plums - I've never had a green plum before and it was delightful.
3. The stash of reese's peanut butter cups that Inspector Climate brought back from the US with him.
2. For bits of home. Channel One has started playing Whose Line is it Anyway on Monday nights. Wayne, Colin, Ryan, Laura Hall. They're like family.
1.  My job - I like going to work on Monday mornings. I like the people I work with, and I love what I'm doing. And after what seems like years of unemployment, I can't be more grateful for anything.


  1. That definitely sucks about all the $$ (and if I ever wanted to be a Dr an anaesthesiologist seems the way to go - seriously what a rip-off) - but glad you have plenty to be thankful for too! :)

  2. I'm glad you have a sweet list on here too. That's great about your job. Hopefully, you won't have to pay the lawyer forever.

  3. A job you love and appreciate and Reese's Pb cups sounds good to me. Excellent way to spin the positive. The Reese's eggs are out here and oh so delicious!

  4. Trust me I know all about lawyers. Maybe one day I'll tell the story. But thank you for passing by so I can get introduced to your blog. I do appreciate you sharing this with us and that despite all your woes you can find a silver lining! x

  5. Ugh visa and surgery problems. I can relate. I got put in collections for $500 after my craniotomy. Nothing like receiving that call when you don't even know what the charges are for!

    I'm just started to fill out my spousal visa. Fortunately, it's free in Chile. It just takes foooooorever!

    Good luck with everything, chica ;)

  6. I know lawyer bills can be frustrating. Great that you focused on the positive. And that is also awesome you love your job!

  7. green plums?! how interesting...I'll have to try them...

  8. Boo to having to spend all that $$ =(.

    But way to focus on the positive!!

  9. Whose Line is one of my favorites!

  10. Green plums? Do they taste like regular plums?

  11. hooray for liking your job :) it's always a great feeling to start the week going to a place you enjoy.

  12. Your blog is so cute! You're so far from home!!! I really like this list especially the peanut butter cups :)

  13. It was cold last night here, too. Winter is coming in the Souther Hemisphere. *gasp*

    Good luck with everything!

  14. Aren't doctors grand? I had to pay up front for my kids' deliveries, and then when the doc refused to admit me, and so I almost had the baby in the lobby, and it was too late for the anesthesiologist & his work ... I never got a refund. Not only did I have to pay for an epidural I never got, I had to pay the anesthesiologist for services not rendered .. because his time was important.
    And the lawyer .... I should have just given him free access to my checking account ... cause it was empty anyway - LOL!
    I say HIT THEM. If nothing else it will make you feel better.
    Good on you for the happy list. After all that - you need one!
    Hope you're doing better.

  15. Lozz - I couldn't quite believe it. Particularly why have a line on the invoice for it? Why not just lump that in with the other costs?

    Ellie - No, the lawyer is just a one time fee...But still!!

    poptartyogini - I've never had a reese's egg! They sound DIVINE.

    stringsandbuttons - Thanks for stopping by here! I'll be coming to visit your blog regularly for sure!!

    Sara - I know you can! - Ahhh, that sounds better than here...where it's a huge cost and takes forever!

    Beth - Thank you!

    meme and he - I'd never had them before! They were delightful! I should've taken a picture.

    Teachergirl - It made me so upset. I'm pretty frugal by nature so this really rubbed the wrong way.

    E - I LOVE WHOSE LINE. Seriously, It's good for the soul that show.

    Krysten - No! They're much sweeter, they don't have that bitter skin (which is delicious too!).

    Honey my heart - Yes, this is the first time that i've ever felt this way! So it's pretty special.

    Daisy - Thank you! I'm very far from home. But luckily - I feel pretty at home here too!

    Le chef - I cannot believe your story! That is just CRAZY (I had to pay for some of my surgery in advance too).

  16. Highway robbery! Just keep saying, it'll all be worth it though!