Friday, February 03, 2012

Remember that time I got my visa and we all rejoiced?

Do you remember it?  I remember it like it was...oh, I don't know two days ago

Well, the joy hasn't completely evaporated.  But today, after another delightful visit with my mumbling lawyer (honestly, if he would just not talk under his breath, I might understand what the hell is going on).  I'm applying for a spouse visa. A visa that will put me on a slightly quicker track to permanent residency.  And to answer some of your questions in the comments of the post linked to above: No, nothing is really being transferred from one visa to the next. It's like starting from scratch but because of where I am in the process now, it should be hopefully a bit quicker. My lawyer is hoping for 3-4 months with the longest estimates at nine months...However, it has been known to take much longer.

(Seriously, I really like my lawyer and he has been nothing but nice to me besides a few lawyer like things that look, it's in their genes or if you need an immigration lawyer in Australia I'd love to hook you up with him).

So, anyway, yeah.  I have about 5000 forms to fill out and papers to write (including as Inspector Climate has dubbed it "Our Romantic Novel Love Story" which will be filled with tid bits like how we met, photos of trips we've been on, stories of meeting the parents, and we'll probably mention getting married.). Screen shots of emails sent, and proof of all the joint accounts we have.  Fabulous.  The good news is the more quickly we do it the less likely I'll have to take any tests again!!

On top of that, on the market for a new phone plan (Hello smart phone, we shall finally meet! And then I could tweet...OUTSIDE OF MY HOME) - except that apparently because my visa is only 18 months they won't give me a 24 month plan.  So instead I'll have to pay tons more per month for a 12 month plan.

The truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth so help me God puppies is that I can now count the days before I got under the knife and it scares me.  I know it's just routine surgery. And that tons of women have this surgery everyday who are all fine (and so courageous. You go ladies). And that I'll be fine.   I know I'll be fine.  But I can't help but be scared - and hurt when people tell me "oh, but it's only day surgery. It's not a big deal."

You'll probably get one more post with Jorge still growing inside me. But then, after that I'll be Jorge free.  Bonus: You might get some drugged up Decoybetty posts - I've never been drugged up! 


  1. Boo to starting again and having a million forms. Yay to smart phones and shorter processing times!! And hopefully once you get your spouse visa, you can transfer to a 24 month plan.

    I have no doubt that the Jorge removal will go smoothly and without drama. And if you need someone to bring you ice cream/chocolate/While You Were Sleeping during the recovery process, just let me know!!

  2. I have spent my fair share of time in surgery and wouldn't wish it on anyone, for any amount of time! Good luck with it and I hope it goes well.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - I feel you with the hard times in wedding planning. I can only say that the day will come, you will have a ball, and you'll look back and go "why was I so stressed/I'm so glad I'm not planning any more."

  3. Well, this post has some ups and some downs, but at the end of the day I think more ups and that what matters =) Good luck with your surgery! I know if will be marvelous to not have Jorge inside of you anymore!

  4. Good luck with the Jorge removal! I was so so so so scared when I had to have similar surgery, so I understand. I also know that everything will be fine. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

  5. Oh, so much to do this romantic month!

    Hopefully, you'll treat yourself to something grand, once all is put away. I hope.

    All the best to saying good-bye to Jorge!

  6. Best of luck with the operation. I don't care how minor a procedure may be, going to the hospital and getting an IV freaks me out. Just think of how much better you'll feel when it's over though!

    Good luck with the spousal Visa. It seems so difficult in Australia! I had no problems (and surprisingly little paperwork) getting my spousal visa just after my wedding in France. We got married in July and I was working by September. You can do it!

    (don't forget to pop over to my blog to enter my new giveaway too!!)

  7. Ugh...sounds like such a hassle. But all worth it in the end, right? :o)

    Good luck with the surgery. As you said, you'll be FINE, & being drugged up can be kinda fun! (I'm secretly hoping for some 'interesting' posts) Hehe...Just think of it as a nice nap with lots of being waited on by Inspector Climate afterwards!

  8. I took immigration law in law school (Ew) and I know what a hassle the process can be. I hope it goes smoothly (or at least as smoothly as possible). Praying for a successful jorge removal and speedy recovery!

  9. I don't care how minor surgery is, it's still surgery. Good luck with it and I look forward to a few drugged up posts ;-)

  10. I hope everything goes well with your surgery! I'm sure everything will turn out fine.

    It sounds like everything else is working out, and good luck with the spouse visa. I can't imagine how much paperwork you've had to do!

    Sending you prayer and happy thoughts! : )

  11. I'll be thinking of you during surgery! And I can't wait for the slightly loopy blog posts! Hehe.

  12. I'm of the opinion you should blog upon reaching the hospital, and up to the point of your passing out. That would be strangely entertaining, and your job (from what I can deduce) will think you're one dedicated social media maven.
    I hope Jorge leaves without too much of a revolt. Wishing you luck on that - and to feeling better soon after.
    The visa. It boggles my mind. We've thought about relocating a few times, but once I start looking at it all I can't keep it straight, and end up running away screaming. SO. If you're tough enough to face that, you can handle Jorge and his imminent demise.

  13. Surgery is the best sleep I've ever had. I want that dude to come to my house and knock me out every night.

  14. I swear! You could write a book on the visa process!!!

  15. congratulatons!!! at last you got your visa after a long wait... hope your surgery will turn out just fine.. have a safe and blessed weekend!!! great blog!!! folowing you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!

  16. oooh, I can't wait for DecoyBetty on drugs posts :) And take a deep breath and cross your fingers. I'd be nervous for the surgery too but just stay your normal, happy positive self and you'll do alright! We'll be thinking of you.

  17. You have so much going on. But I know you can handle it all, you're amazing that way. And a good dose of humor and vulgar-ness won't go astray either! All the best with Jorge's removal, I know you'll do great <3

  18. Wishing you well on your separation from Jorge!
    Looking forward to your post Jorge, slightly altered state of mind, posts. ;)

  19. Melb on my mind - RIGHT. Thanks I might take you up on that :)

    anotherringcoming - Yes, I know the day will come and I'll be so happy. :)

    Teachergirl blogs - I'm trying to think positive but it's not my natural tendency!

    abbysline - Thank you!

    ellie - Thank you - his bon voyage party isn't going to be very pleasant me thinks

    crystal - YES, right. Totally entered your giveaway.

    Mrs C - Hah, I think you are one of many that want some druggy posts :)

    poptartyogini - Ew indeed! Thank you - it hasn't been super easy on me far this process.

    Krysten - YES this is my philosophy - I wish I didn't feel like I had to explain myself to people.

    Stephanie - SO MUCH PAPERWORK

    E - Thank you!

    Le chef - HAH, I'll see how I go. I might be tweeting during bowel prep :)

    Amelia - Oh wow. I'm seriously terrified of it.

    Crazy shenanigans - I TOTALLY COULD. It is sooooo long.

    dina vanessa mercado - Thank you! will definitely stop by and say hello sometime.

    Zadge - SUCH AN ASsHOLE.

    Kyle - Thank you my dear! I appreciate that.

    Vanisha - Aw, thank you!! Yes, I am trying to keep my humour in tact.

    Jo - THANK YOU! Hopefully the separation will be quick and painless (but not for Jorge, I want him to suffer).

  20. Jorge be GONE! Looking forward to a drugged up post, as that means you are Jorge free!!!

    Hope you have some of the Nutella cakes left over to snack on post-Jorge <3

  21. I hope everything goes smoothly for you! The visa process and Jorge. You deserve it.