Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Australian Finger Lime - Fruit experiment one of ... one

When I was in the US over Christmas visiting my family, my brother began looking up what was native to Australia and came across the Australian Finger lime. He asked challenged me to find one and tell him what it was like.

And so, I accepted the challenge thinking, you know if I saw one I'd buy it. Why not right? And when we were at the market the other day, there they were. Apparently in season and so, I purchased one. ("ONE" said the market stall owner...).
 I took the above shot for scale, but I don't know if it helps because it makes my finger look ginormous and chubby. Which by the way, as a complete aside, when I was a kid, my then "best friend" told me that I was big boned and would always be chubby and have fat fingers...oh, kids.
 Look! A picture of the inside - oh wait, the shadow is so intense you can't see it!? Whoops.
Ok, REALLY a picture of the inside. So, apparently, according to market stall guy, the finger lime is delicious and like caviar. So he suggested putting it on fish or into cocktails. Except that I don't eat fish, AND don't drink cocktails. So we sprinkled our on top of our raspberry smoothie.  It has a very limely flavour with a distinctly different something extra.  A little kick of ... something. Inspector Climate was not a fan and said he preferred real limes, but me? I liked the something extra.

Not that that means I'll be off buying these every time I want a lime - but at least now, I've learned and tried something new! YAY.

What did you learn today?

(And be generous with yourself, on Wednesday, I learned that it wasn't Thursday.)


  1. How unusual. I would to try it in iced tea or maybe make limeade to get that extra "kick"..

    Very pretty on the inside.

  2. How cute--I've never seen one before!

  3. I wonder if these would be good in a "Key Lime Pie" or sorts. Except it would be "Finger Lime Pie." Haha!

  4. Today I learned that even when I get to work really early I still can't leave on time.

  5. OMG, you just taught me what an Australian Finger Lime is and that we even have such a thing native to this country- LOL.

  6. Never seem one before. I wonder how good it taste! If you'll like you may add your link to the little link up on my blog. have a good one!

  7. Ellie - It would be good in limeade - it's not super juice, so it would have to just be a garnish.

    Claire - Yeah, I had never seen one either. They're not super pretty :)

    Krysten - Very good!

    Teacher girl - Hah! Yes, I bet they would be quite delicious actually.

    twisted susan - UGH, I've learned that lesson too! I hate that lesson.

    Lisa - YAY! I hope you can try one.

    Nicole - Thank you! If I end up posting a post like yours I will :)

  8. Hysterical. I love new foods! I cannot believe I introduced my husband to brussel sprouts and jicama. I had no idea these were rarities...

  9. COOL! I live in Australia too, and I have never heard of an Australian Finger Lime... however, I am now determined to find myself one. thank you for my new mission!

  10. I have never heard of this before, it looks so cute. It would be a great garnish for Key Lime Pie!


  11. I've never seen one of those! It is so cute & tiny. ;)

  12. Totally going to use this to spice up my Soda Water's whilst on my boring new diet!

  13. Cant say I would select that at the market if I saw it, but glad it had a good outcome for you! Today I learned that there is a wonderfully vibrant blue bird in my yard who is avoiding my camera at all costs. Your blog is delightful!

  14. wow this sounds like something I should try! i def like fish and cocktails so I will consider it lol

  15. Something extra? You HAVE GOT to tell me more! Agh! I love limes, and this sounds like crazy fun .. because my life really is that slow.
    How much fun do you have discovering all these new things? I'm betting the barn its been amazing ;)