Thursday, March 08, 2012

Like all things - it's only temporary.

In a lot of ways, this week has been like any other.  I've gone to work, baked cakes, laughed with Ellen (seriously - Ellen, will you just agree to officiate my wedding or what, already?), tried to control my newly out of control temper, and cried when things didn't go as I planned them. Basically, any week.

But there is one monumental difference.  This week on Monday morning, I became a temporary resident of Australia.

Wait one second, you may be saying, you've been living in Australia for four years temporarily...and ONLY now are you a temporary resident?


See, the spouse visa that I applied for last week got approved in a mere two days. TWO DAYS.  Which if you're me you react to like this "WHAT?? YAY!!! WHY DID IT TAKE THEM TWO YEARS TO APPROVE MY OTHER ONE?"

I am ecstatic! On Friday, I get to go and get a medicare card so I can be part of the universal healthcare program here. I can leave the country and return as I please FOR FREE. And in two years, when Inspector Climate and I are still married (and we have two people fill out certified forms saying that we are), I become a permanent resident.

Two days.

On Monday I spent the day singing my new favourite song which started off as "I'm a...Temporary Resident HA! Temporary Resident HO! Temporary Resident HA!!" (Please imagine all Ho's and Ha's accompanied with fist pumps and kicks - a la Elane Benice).

But quickly turned into my new favourite word: Permarary. Permarary Resident - Ha! Permarary Resident - Ho!, sing it with me, my people.

Two days. All things are Permarary.


  1. Congrats! I know you are happy to cross that off your list!

  2. That's awesome! Congratulations. :)

  3. Woo hoo!! What a relief to be permarary (ha. Ho). Two days sounds pretty good to me. I'm really, really happy for you!!

  4. congrats! glad it came through so quickly!

  5. Congrats! That's so exciting!!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! That's so exciting!!!! Congratulations - I think we need a celebration of some sort soon :)

  7. WOOOOTTTTT! Welcome to the clan. Now you have to be "jumped in"

  8. Oh YEAH! That is exciting (an unexpected). You are officially an Aussie now, whether you like it or not. You will have to start wearing thongs (not the underwear type) around the city and going to the cricket. Or something.

  9. Congrats! I remember (although it's not nearly as big of a deal) when I made the official move to Chicago from podunkville, Missouri. I was soooo excited to get my new license and everything that went with it!

    Well. Until I started paying all the obnoxious taxes...

  10. Yesssssssss!
    But really?!! Two days! I am so confused as to the Aussie laws, but super duper happy for you and IC. You are on your way to permanent status in no time at all. =)

  11. You tricked me into looking up the definition of permamary.

  12. Oh..this is great! And I like the new word too.

  13. That's awesome! Congrats on the status change ;) Now go on and get you some health care benefits :)

  14. Hey, hey, cheers to that! **big smile** thrilled for you! so nice to read some good news, amidst all the crap surrounding me now.

  15. Congrats and mostly on the song because it. is. amazing.


  16. HIP HIP HOORAY for you! I sent in my paperwork for my temporary spousal visa on Monday. Yikes! *bites fingernails* I hope that the Chilean immigration system can see my desperation to be a contributing member of society and gets back to me quickly!

  17. Sounds like things are coming full circle... awesome :)

  18. YES!! That's gotta be some kind of record! *dances with you*

  19. Susan - It feels so incredibly amazing to have it crossed off!

    Manymanymoons - THANK YOU!

    poptartyogini - I couldn't believe the turnaround time was so short, absolutely incredibly.
    Mrs C - SUCH fabulous news!

    Shannon - WOOO HOOO, Ha. Ho.

    SJ - Me too!

    Bridget - THANK YOU!

    E - So so so exciting.

    Melbourne on my mind - Definitely need to celebrate, but this having a job thing keeps getting in the way of my celebrations.

    Ruby - what does that mean! Should I be scared?

    Belinda - HAH! Just today skyping with my parents I was talking about post codes and my dad was all "no wonder the website didn't know what you were talking about!" (I meant zip codes..le sigh).

    secondcityrandomness - It's nice to just have some official paperwork isn't it, as if the move itself wasn't official enough!

    Teachergirl - I KNOW, it is soo so sooo confusing! Who would thunk it that it would take YEARS to approve one thing and a mere two days to approve another.

    Twisted Susan - HAH!

    Ellie - Thank you!

    Crystal - I know right! I've never been so excited to go to the doctor in my life!

    Lorraine - Thank you. I'm a songwriting genius :)

    titlelessblog - Good luck! I hope it is as painless as this turned out to be! And quick too!

    Azra - Yes indeed.

    Heather - I KNOW right? Absolutely incredible. I cannot believe the speed.