Monday, March 12, 2012

A little bit of sunshine - yeah, yeah.

My friend Belinda gave me a bloggy award!  I just happened to meet Belinda in the real life a couple of weeks ago and she is seriously delightful!  We had one of my favourite types of conversations where we'd talk about one thing which lead us into a completely different subject and then 15 minutes later we'd return to the original subject after talking about loads of other things!

Anyway, I don't frequently do these type of bloggy awards things anymore - but it's a beautiful sunny day, I'm in a pretty sunny mood, and well, hot-da-amn, if all ya'll don't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Favourite colour – Orange. Duh.
Favourite animal –I do not discriminate, I like ones with paws.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink –Half ice tea-half lemonade!
Facebook or Twitter – hm, twitter! facebook gives me the creeps.
Getting or giving presents – giving. A well executed gift just makes me so happy.
Favourite flower – Johnny Jump Ups!
Favourite pattern – stripes!...or polka dots...
Passion – sustainability. gardens. organic veggies.
Favourite number – 3.

And now, I nominate five of you sunny people!

The Yellaphant -  I've been reading Bridget's blog for  a long time! Like a LONG time. Like before I was with Inspector Climate, before she (AND I) were married (not to each other. obviously), to before she had a giant gaping hole in her stomach. But she makes me laugh even when the universe gives her errant scar tissue - and that's the gift of sunshine.

There is only one kind of me - Oh, Ruby. I can't even tell you when Ruby found my blog but her comments have always made me smile and I've LOVED meeting her in real life too.

The Titleless Blog - Sara is just one of those people who I have yet to meet, and who I already feel like I know quite intimately. Reading her blog is one of the highlights of my day.  I fear the day we do meet, as we both seem to have that x-factor that brings the crazies to us. Moths to a flame, people. Moths to a flame.

On Anna's Plate - this is one of my favourite cooking blogs! It has absolutely fantastic recipes and the most personable and sunny people!

Stay Gold Autumn -  Has the most beautiful and sunny pictures...


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Facebook freaks me out too.

  2. Arnold Palmer what what!!!

  3. I love giving gifts too, so much fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. aww congrats on your award hon!! i LOVEEE arnold palmer's too they're my absolute favorite drink!

  5. Cool list! I'm not a Facebook fan, either.

  6. Ahhh! I'm touched that you remembered me in your post! Thank you! You know the feeling ins mutual, right? (I was refering the the mutual bloggy like, but it looks like we've got the creepers factor in common, as well.)

  7. My second favorite color is orange! And I've never heard of Johnny Jump Ups, so obviously I'm googling now.

  8. Congratulations on the award! I too am on Team Twitter! :)

  9. Awesome list! Oh and I deactivated my personal facebook account last week. Just makes me feel 'free.' x

  10. I loove half tea/half lemonade. YUM. And I'm also a big fan of Twitter. Facebook instantly makes me grumpy. lol

  11. Haha I love your favorite animal answer!

  12. The good thing with these type of awards are that you always find new blogs to read. I have to go an check these out :)

  13. I'm not on Facebook either. It makes me feel funny. Thanks for the links to the blogs you enjoy. It takes the work out of finding them myself!

  14. I like Arnold Palmers too! Great answers.

  15. Aww you're a sweetie, aren't you! I'm glad you appreciated our conversation - they are my favourite too.

    Of course I have no idea what a Johnny Jump Up is so I looked it up. Wikipedia just confused me even more.

    Yay for the number three. It's the sh*t.

  16. I love giving gifts too :) Knowing I put effort and thought makes me happy. Especially seeing the reaction.

  17. Ah how lovely! Such a nice surprise! I've been so behind in my blogging and Tweeting life with the return to work thing currently happening (ugh, how did I do this before?) and I'm just catching up today!

    Thank you for the shout out!

  18. Love me a good old fashioned Arnold Palmer.

  19. Twisted Susan - They're such happy little flowers (and edible too).

    Ruby - Facebook is whack, yo.

    Morgan - I had no idea that's what half & halfs (what I call them) were called!

    Hannah - Anytime!

    Lisa - Yay! Sole sisters of non-alcoholic drink world.

    Ellie - I would never have joined had it not been for work.

    titleless blog - Remembered - puhlease! You're one of my favourite bloggers.

    Amanda - yay orange lovers unite!

    Sara - One can't discriminate when it comes to cute paws.

    Erika - Yay for team twitter.

    Strings and buttons - Nice work! I just activated mine because of work - can you believe it?

    Chanel - Me too! I feel like it's easier to ignore downers on twitter than it is on facebook.

    Krysten - Thank you!

    Niina - Yay! I love that about blogging too!

    Poptartyogini - Aw, no worries.

    Daisy - Seriously, I had no idea that Arnold Palmers were related to my half & halfs.

    Belinda - I know! When I was reading your answers I was like "perhaps I should just keep hers in!" 3 is just awesome.

    Gracie - Yay gift givers :)

    Bridget - going back to work is hard isn't it? Glad this could brighten up your day a bit.

    Alexa - I haven't had one in AGES. And now all this talk has been the catalyst for a serious craving.