Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time - work = no blogging

I seriously don't know how all of you with jobs find time to blog.

And I know, I'm the biggest preacher of it's all about the choices we make - and if I really wanted to blog, then by Puppies I'd find a way to put fingers to keyboard.

But that's the kicker. When I do have time to blog (6:15 am - 7:06 am), the words hide. They hide!

And then I sit there for 45 minutes looking for them in other people's blog posts, my memories, the previous day and they just don't appear.

They hit me other times, usually right before I go to sleep, and I think to myself - I'll remember this brilliant blog could I not! It's brilliant - then by morning it's gone. Lost in the abyss of past dreams.

Of course, as I type this I realise that I should probably just keep a notepad next to the bed and jot down the ideas prior to falling asleep.  Of course! Duh.

Seriously though - you wise full time students with jobs and blogs; full time + over time workers with blogs; parents with blogs; and parents with jobs and blogs how in the name of all things holy do you come up with blogging material in the periods of time you reserve for blogging?

How I say, how!

And worst of all this time management dilemma, I miss you!

How are you?


  1. When I first went full time to work, it was really hard to find a balance and time to blog. You'll get the hang of it.

  2. I write ideas on any available scrap then I stay up past my bedtime BLAH-ging.

  3. Some days are just better than others to write..but, I really have to write notes to myself..a lot.

  4. I second writing down ideas somewhere when they come to you. Another thing I do sometimes is write multiple posts at a time, often on the weekend, and schedule them for throughout the week.

  5. i feel like i can't really comment because i don't work and i don't have kids haha :( but i agree life's so busy sometimes it's just easier not to blog.. but i constantly make lists of blogging ideas plus i really find blogging should be more for yourself.. not blogging for others.. i treat my blog as a journal or diary.. if i feel like blogging about something i do it.. if not i don't :) and i do sit down and bang out like 5 blogs posts at a time.. usually in regards to my traveling :)

  6. Evernote. Especially if you have a smartphone. You can write down quick little notes during the work day, and then when you get home and your computer syncs with the Evernote server, all the notes you wrote down during the day appear! It's pretty awesome.

  7. I pre-write a lot of my blog posts, if I have an evening at home when I'm feeling inspired and have free time :) I save them as drafts in blogger and then if needed, update them before posting, which will only take a few minutes.

  8. You always think:)

    Have a great day from Norway

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  10. I struggle to find time to blog and I have NO job or kids.. actually it's more that I struggle to find things worthy of blogging about, because all I do is sit around the house sewing in my pj's and popping pain killers- thrilling!

    But I know what you mean, inspiration strikes at the worst times! Normally when I'm driving!

  11. I know how you feel! I find it hard with school, let alone work!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. Hehehe sometimes i could be MIA for months because i was busy! So it's pretty natural. The idea is just i have to start click on 'new post', thats the most difficult part. once you do, you'll go with the flow!:D

  13. i do the same thing!
    i'm always thinking "i'll be able to remember to write about this"


  14. Sleeping less - yikes. And I do always keep a notepad with me to write down ideas. It ain't easy, that's for sure.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too btw!

  15. I've been really really struggling with blogging now that I've started working, so I feel your pain! My posts have definitely decreased in frequency and now I barely have time to read, let alone comment, on my fav blogs.. :-(

  16. if i don't write it down i immediately (think 2 seconds) forget. i hear ya!

  17. I guess you just get the hang of it? Don't stress about it. You will get into a routine and make it happen, I promise! ;)

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  19. You're adoreable. And, really, finding time to blog isn't my problem... it is finding the time to blog well.

  20. I have been thinking about these posts for 25 yrs!!!

  21. I hardly ever find time to blog anymore. :(

    Sometimes, I wonder if I have just run out of things to say. It was easier when I had a really really really boring, non-demanding job.

  22. wanna know a secret? this is how people with jobs (or in my case, 3 jobs plus an online shoppe etc) - blog AT work! lolol - i joke because i know that's not possible for most people. i'm just lucky, i work at galleries so i have a bit of free time and i'm almost always at a computer. i think it's okay to do it at work if you are sure to finish all your own tasks...

  23. I honestly don't know. It's kind of crazy frankly. I work part time, am a mom and blog! The blog kind of serves as my "treat" though. Haha.

  24. Ha! I wonder the same thing. You'll probably have noticed the lack of blogs chez moi. It doesn't help that I share a computer with the hubby. For some reason it feels like I am bogarting when I blog at home. I sometimes have time to blog at work but not recently!

    I miss my writing exercise!

  25. You just gotta get into a rhythm. It is hard, you sometimes want to post every day, but you cannot beat yourself up if you are too busy. Keeping a notepad is a great idea, I have done it before. Or prep posts ahead of time, when you do find the time.

  26. I can totally relate to this one! It's a toughy. I'm working on an article write now, which turned into complete writer's block, but inspiration for another story that's completely unrelated with what I have to write... yikes!

  27. i think it's a constant balancing act.

  28. this post made me laugh, mainly because i feel like i really never have anything to blog about until nighttime comes. i let my sleep suffer so i can blog the night away. of course, this madness does not work for everyone ;)
    xo TJ

  29. I work (no kids) and blog and I totally get you on how tricky it can be. I don't try and write a perfect post because that's probably impossible. I just key in on random stuff about my day or life. I'm not an exciting person so this can be difficult. I also try and fit my pictures into my posts ahead of time and then fill the words in later. Blog when you can. We will always be here!

  30. I can agree. I have began to write post ahead of time. Makes things so much easier (:

  31. Crazy Shenanigans - I hope so! I miss it.

    Twisted Susan - Hah, I don't think that technique will work for me, I'm precious about bed time.

    Ellie - Notes to self seem like the way to go.

    E - Yeah, I try to do this too!

    Lisa - As do I! I often FEEL like blogging though - but don't have the words.

    Melbourne on my mind - Oh, wow!

    Lisa - Good one!

    Girl living - Thanks!

    Kate Sparkles - Yes, I used to struggle with that as well when I was unemployed.

    Diary of Why - I MISS YOU!

    Chelsea - Maybe someday we'll get the balance right?

    Carla - Ah, I can sit in front of a blank screen for HOURS. :(

    Morgan - When we will learn not to trust our faulty memories?

    Rooth - HAH, sleeping less is not an option for me. I'm a cranky kid without sleep.

    Oneika - I hear ya! It's a major dilemma isn't it?

    Carissa - I think I'm going to have to start doing that.

    Teacher girl - I hope so!

    Christi Lynn - I'll email you shortly.

    Ti - I find BOTH to be an issue :) hah.

    momto8 - Really?

    Jane - There is definitely an element of "who cares" sometimes when I think of post ideas.

    patience - HAH, I wish I could do that, but alas I don't think it would fly particularly well.

    Alexa - I totally know what you mean! Blogging is totally a 'reward'

    Sara - I certainly try to do both - prep posts ahead and take notes but I end up not doing well at either :(

    Amanda - DEFINITELY a problem. If I'm writing for work all I want to do is write for my blog and when I try to write for my blog - all I come up with is ideas for work.

    Amy - Then I'm definitely off-balance!

    Mr Taylor and his Lady - Ahhh, a night time blogger! I do NOT function at night time,

    poptart yogini - I do NOT strive for perfection in blogging.

    Nicole - Yes, I think I'll have to do more of that!

  32. Trust me it's tough finding the time, even though I'm not even working full time at the moment. Like other people here said, some days are better than others. One day you have a million ideas, one day you have zilch. I always write my ideas in a small notebook that I take around. I'm a journalist so I'm used to that. And then some evenings I pre-write some posts and that helps a lot. Your newest follower here :) x

  33. I just blog when I can because I work full time. It's hard but I figure blogging is supposed to be fun not work.

  34. I totally know what you mean about great blogging ideas coming at the worst times...I have written them down sometimes. I also think I am just a super fast blogger. I don't usually write a lot, most of my posts are just pictures...which makes them much faster to post. I also pre-write a lot of my posts on the weekends.

  35. I don't work full time although between work and school I guess it counts as full time. For me staying on a schedule really helps but I also know that doesn't work for everyone.

  36. Hey lovely, you know there are some great blogger journal/planner/notebook things out there and they look pretty great. I've found replying to everyones comments and visiting my fave blogs to leave comments more difficult (in terms of time) then actually doing up my posts....