Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm weird...

A few weeks or maybe days, time is forever a strange bitch, ago Krysten from Girls are Weird Blog told me was I was weird.

gah, the "I'm Weird" button that Krysten loving bestowed on me is not working :( - I'll fix it up later, I promise!)

And frankly I couldn't think of a greater complement than that!

When I was in middle school, I had a friend. No really, I had one friend. And she and I always said we were weird - and people in our school seemed to agree with that statement.  We were different. I had long frizzy hair that couldn't be contained. My parents weren't farmers and they didn't have jobs that were recognisable by my class mates. I had older brothers - I did well in school. I liked reading.

I thought Clueless was the funniest movie ever. And man did I enjoy other "weird things" like ballet and Seinfeld.

If I said something a bit off kilter (which is what I do) and a classmate responded with "you're weird" I'd reply, "Yes, I am..."

This did not make me popular, bitches.

But that's the thing about Weird. We're all weird. Of course, a few years later that friend grew out of being "weird" - and we haven't really talked since. That's middle school for you. Filled with hurts of everyone trying to grow into themselves. But that's the thing, I didn't need to grow into myself, I already knew I didn't want to be the same as everyone else. I knew I had bigger dreams than that.

I now think High Fidelity is a spectacular film, and wonder more times than I'd like to admit about why John Cusack wears so many trench coats in his movies and while we're pondering John Cusack movies - must he always be standing in the rain?

I cannot stay up late without crying. And I can't remember the last time I slept in until 8 am.

I think sprouts are super yummy and cannot fathom how anyone eats a banana.  That texture! Ew.

My hair is still uncontrollable, and my parents still have jobs that cannot be easily explained. And you know what, so do I.

I'm weird.

Thank you Krysten for thinking of me - you're weird too :)


  1. Ugh, I'm totally not down with bananas either. And I'm so weird that my friend and I have a game with which we assign points to whoever is weirder. And I'm definitely winning :)

  2. Love this! And we're all weird in one way or another, yes sirree. I have far too many "weirddoms" to cite. Trust.

  3. Love you lady! Weird is such a good thing. Growing up, my friends are I always thought that weird was about the best compliment there was and I still believe that today. It makes life interesting!

  4. "When I was in middle school, I had a friend. No really, I had one friend."
    ME TOO!!
    I adore you!
    One of the things I love about teaching Creative Writing is that I have a community of little weird kids who are just like me, and then we are all weird together =).

  5. :) I think we all have a little weirdness in us. I'm not sure I've been called weird, but I have been called a host of other things :s

  6. I like to think of "weird" as a compliment because then we focus on celebrating our differences instead seeing them as something that's wrong with us.

  7. Weird is fine, or even good (different people make life interesting). I'd only be concerned about adjectives like 'unpleasant' - and I don't think that describes you!

  8. Weird people make the world go round I reckon. I've always been one of the weird ones too. And even when I wanted to forgo the weird and try to be normal - I couldn't because "weird" wasn't something I acted out, it was and is who I am. I still think Clueless is a great movie and every time I watch "My best friends wedding" I hope it will end differently - every. single. time.
    Until recently I loathed eggs and I know the most arbitrary phrases in French - like C'est pas la cuisine "this is not a kitchen".

  9. Haha this was great!

    I think this is similar to my learning to love that I'm a total nerd.

  10. I'm weird too. I still only have one friend outside of my husband and my family. It took me a long time to be okay with it but now i am. Who wants to be ordinary?

  11. Yep. Yep. Yep. We are all weird :)

  12. Weird is fun! My daughters tell me all the time I´m weird. Now I have to start making adults tell it to me too. That will be more fun.

  13. Haha. Embrace your weirdness. That's my philosophy! :)

  14. It's a joke in my family, because I call my Dad weird 100X a day. It's a compliment though!!! I love weird people. :)

  15. I also love sprouts and think bananas are disgusting. So I guess I'm weird, too. :-)

  16. Ha ha, made me laugh. I'm weird too!

  17. Haha! I love this! We definitely have some of the same weirddoms.

  18. So, I generally try to rise above "Blog world," IE: only follow people, not because they commented on my page and I am trolling for followers, but because they have genuinely good content.
    ...and I am following you because I think I am in love with your blog. I feel that we are kindred spirits from many miles away. And at the risk of exposing my own personal weirdness, I will now tell you why.

    1. You embrace your weirdness. Wonderful. I have a theory that this means you are lame-cool (So lame that you are actually cool)

    2. I am desperately seeking some medical advice for (gasp!) endometriosis. Now everyone who comments on this blog might know this about me, but this is the first the internet is hearing about it. I've been holding off on treatment while we get some medical insurance worked out over here.

    3. Your husband sounds nice like mine. I like that you call him Inspector Climate.

    4. I also can't stay up late without crying. It was better that my husband and I learned this early on in our marriage.

    In short... In long, actually... I think you are wonderful.