Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's just an average Tuesday...

Like in real life, I'm usually behind the curve when it comes to online trends.  For example, this "day in the life" phenomenon that has been seen wide and far. I love it. So when I saw it over at my friend Teacher Girl's blog last week, it reminded me to jump on the bandwagon. 

Now, my days vary quite a bit and my work place is a bit spontaneous.  I chose Tuesday, because Tuesdays are a day I go to yoga.

5:30 AM - The clock radio on Inspector Climate's side of the bed goes off. Now I say, "his side of the bed", but we swap sides of the bed every night so really it could be actually the side I'm sleeping on.  But regardless of the side of the bed, he always reaches over to turn it off. I don't know why that is.

5:32 AM - There is no time to waste, I need to get ready to go to yoga and prepare everything so that when I get back from yoga I can just change my clothes and run. So, I brush my teeth and floss, wash my face, put in contacts, slap on some face lotion, and put on yoga clothes.  I try to leave lights off just in case Inspector Climate decides he is not going to get up - but that hardly ever happens anyway.

5:40 AM - I pack my lunch, double triple check that I have everything for work.

5:42 AM - I wander around my house aimlessly. Wondering why I have so much time on my hands before I have to leave. 

5:50 AM - I walk out the door. The walk to yoga is generally quite brisk and the air is...chilly.  I try to avoid looking up at the power lines because I know that there are always possums up there. I have an irrational fear they're going to somehow fall into my hair.

6:05 AM - I arrive at yoga. It's heated and it instantly makes my nose run from the change of temperature.

6:15 - 7:30 AM - It's completely my time. I rarely think about anything else but me when I'm in that room. That's not to say that I don't have the occasional worry fest, I ALWAYS have the worry fest while I'm in there, but I try to keep that a place where I don't think about work.

7:33 AM - I walk back to my apartment.

7:48 AM - I open the door while taking off my jacket and scarf, so I can change into "work" clothes. I put my jacket back on, grab my back pack check again for all the important items: computer cord, myki card, wallet, and keys.

8:00 AM - I arrive at the train station. There are people everywhere and I try to maintain a sense of calm and politeness as school kids push into me and commuters make exasperated sighs as the card system to get to the platforms breaks again.

8:25 AM - I get to work. I'm normally the first person there (if it's a non-yoga day, I get there at 7:30 - sadly this does not effect the time I get to come home). I turn on my computer, take off my jacket, and try to force myself to drink some cold water even though the office building is freaking freezing.

8:30 AM - I check my email. This takes forever because I receive more emails than I'd like every day.

Between 9 and 10, my coworkers arrive. And I spend my day at work messing with databases, in meetings, teaching things to volunteers, and writing emails.

By 9, I'm usually starving - I don't eat breakfast and particularly don't enjoy eating before yoga - so I eat a snack. Sometimes I've baked something (lemon bars this week!) or sometimes it's carrot sticks.

By 11:30-12, I'm ready for lunch. Which I heat up in the microwave and then eat while I work at my desk.

Depending on the day and how full of surprises it is; I try to leave at 5. But more often than not, I have to stay until 6.

I then take the train home, getting pushed and shoved by commuters again, I arrive at my apartment door and start making dinner. Tuesday night will usually be a left overs night. So I'll be reheating whatever delicious thing I made on Monday.  Inspector Climate and I talk about our days while I cook and during dinner where we sit on the couch and eat.   We don't have a table chairs (some day we will! That's the dream).

8:30 PM I wash my face, take out my contacts, put on face lotion, brush my teeth and floss.

We try to get into bed by 8:30 or 9,  because we have a tendency to talk a lot while we lie in bed and cuddle together. In our ideal world we'd be asleep by 9:15. But that rarely happens. We have too much say and our silly jobs keep us apart for too much of the day to say it all.


  1. I'm further behind online trends than you because this is the first I've heard of the 'day in the life' meme. It's kind of interesting to get an insight into the normal, mundane type stuff that usually isn't worth blogging about.

    I'm not sure a typical day in my life would be very interesting though, particularly as I'm very underworked in my new job. I've read nearly every article posted on The Age online in the last 5 weeks!

  2. Holy cow, that's early... I could never get up the motivation to go and exercise before going to work - I'd much rather go to the gym, go home, eat, and collapse straight into bed!!

    I'm kind of jealous of people who can get up that early and be all kinds of productive before I've even forced myself out of bed into the cold of the bathroom! :)

  3. Wow what a big day! I can't even imagine getting up before 6:30! I think you've done more by 8am than most people have by bedtime.

    And I haven't heard about this "day in the life" meme either...I guess turning 30 almost made me be completely out of the loop :p

    Thanks for giving us an inside look at a typical day in the life of Decoybetty :)

  4. 5:30??? Yikes! And also, please tell me you shower after a 75 minute heated yoga class and before you go to work!

  5. I'm laughing at everyone saying 5:30 is early! Lol! As you know, I am up by 5:15 and at work by 6:45 so I totally understand your wake up time. I think it is absolutely adorable that you and IC lie in bed together talking and cuddling each night. You two are the cutest! Loved reading about your day! =)

  6. Wow, you do get a lot done during your day. That is early. And its great you two talk so much.

    It seems my body is slowly getting used to longer days. I wake up a lot earlier than I used before six now. But usually between 6 and 6:30.

    I really like that about the possums. The possums here..I swear could be small children wallowing on the ground. I do not know what is going on with the eco-system. Racoon seem to be getting larger too. I had to meet one on a walk.

    I think its great that you bake a special treat for yourself. And of course, the yoga, too.

  7. Wowee! You get a lot more done in the mornings than I do, good on you!

  8. Wowee! You get a lot more done in the mornings than I do, good on you!

  9. That is a full day! I am not a morning person, so I always choose afternoons/evenings for workouts.

  10. The cold water in a cold building thing is intriguing...why are you forcing yourself to do this?

  11. The Zadge - I do not shower. I don't sweat! It's a true story. So it's never been a problem for me.

    Amelia - I have no control over the cold building and the water is only cold because it's room temperature! It's not a torture mechanism I use to punish myself. :)

  12. i am very impressed with how much you cram into your day. while i'm still sleeping away, you're already stretching at yoga!

  13. Possums are scary ugly, I think it's a reasonable fear to worry about them falling into your hair.

  14. Nice to see that you are an early riser too. I thought I was the only person to go to bed at that time!

    :) :)

  15. I love that you guys talk alot. That's my kind of relationship - lots of communication...give us that Lemon Bar recipe would you ;)

  16. You're a far better woman than I, Deids...

    The thought of getting up that early for yoga (or any form of exercise, really) makes my brain yelp.

    Then again, I'm a lazy-ass. Hee!

  17. Yay for not being the only early riser!

  18. I say I'd like to try morning yoga but to be honest I'm a sleeper. I have to be at work at 7:30 and It really isn't possible anyway. I would love to go to bed at 9:15 but my husband would make fun of me. I enjoyed learning about your daily routine.

  19. Lovely! I think I'd be a little embarrassed to map out my whole day...this was great though! I get up at 5:30 too even though I could probably get away with waking up at 6:30. I like having that extra hour, before the sun comes up, to just veg & prepare for the day.

  20. Ehh I wish I was a earlier raiser

  21. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  22. Liebling and I also talk a lot in bed- we call it our "connecting" time!! Just like you, I'm out of the loop- never heard of this "Day in the Life" meme!

  23. I actually read this post almost as soon as you posted it on my iphone (I love "a day in my life" type of posts!) I totally admire you discipline. I usually can't make it out of bed at 5am even if we're going to do something exciting! Lately, I've been sleeping in until midday, getting up and working and not going to bed until after 2am. Your routine is much better!