Monday, May 28, 2012

Ok, universe, I saw the sign. I'm seeing the Chinese Medicine Doctor now.

Ever since September when the fateful words were uttered "bitch you got endometriosis." Possibly not quite in those words.

I've been looking for a Chinese Medicine Doctor because I've heard that they work wonders on Endo. But I was picky. I didn't just want to look in the phone book, because you know - god only knows how good these people are.

And while I desperately wanted to be a patient of Andi's My Beautiful Adventures - she lives in the US and I live in Australia.

Then my symptoms got worse and worse and then I was having surgery. It's been my intention to find one. It really has. But things have been great. Jorge the son of a bitch was sucked from my ovary.

I've been going to yoga five times a week - the creature of habit that I am, I walk the same way every day - and feel strong and fit.

So imagine my surprise, when last week I looked up from my walk home from yoga and saw a sign for a Chinese Medicine Doctor a block away from my yoga studio. And not just ANY Chinese Medicine Doctor but one who specialises in Women's Issues. Ya'll, it was a magical moment.

I saw it.

I saw the sign. On Monday, I made an appointment to see her and she sounded lovely on the phone. She was all over this endo shiznit. She asked relevant questions we talked about the pill and how I cried. We had a slightly too personal conversation about my period over the phone while I was in the office...awkward!

It was good timing too because the day before my appointment, I had an endo attack.

Wait you say, didn't the doctor tell you that 100% of patients don't get attacks within year of surgery? To be honest, I can't exactly remember the words ... but this is too soon.

After lying crying on my bed yesterday while Jorge Jr stabbed me I had this huge worry moment that I was going to have to go back for surgery RIGHT NOW. I was going to have to have more internal ultrasounds (oh, HELL NO), and take bowel prep again...Oh boy.

The Chinese Medicine Doctor that I saw was incredible. She was everything I've wanted (besides being Andi...I mean one can't have EVERYTHING) in a practitioner. She's treated this hundreds of times, her patients have fully recovered without surgery, she's kind and gentle, she wasn't pushy for me to eat meat and she loves that I practice yoga. She stabbed me with needles in the most relaxing way possible, and I feel confident that she's going to kick this Endo to the curb. How do you like them apples, Jorge Jr?

As an added bonuses, I only had to pay $8.75 for my hour and a half appointment because of some fluke regarding my health insurance. Whatever, I'll take it to the man anyway I can. And you can bet that I won't be mentioning this little slip up to my provider.

The point is when you're ready for something sometimes you just have to look up or to the side or around the corner and there it is. I've found this quite a bit the last year. I searched high and low for wedding shoes - flats specifically, and there they were, little heels sitting quietly in the back of a shop. I applied for every job under the sun, and then found one in my husband's facebook feed. I'm currently looking for a wedding band to go with my engagement ring...I know I'll look and look and feel frustrated and annoyed and then, just before I'm about to give up and buy ANY ring, the right design will come. And it will be just what I need - even if it doesn't look a bit like think it should.


  1. Oh good. I'm glad you have found someone you like. And for $8.75? And a TCM doctor who doesn't hassle you to eat meat? I've never heard of such a thing? They all seem obsessed with meat eating. This must be a sign.

  2. Rapt you've found someone that's so great!

    And I'm sorry you're still having painful bouts on account of el morono Jorge Jr.


    Hope they're few and far in between, and that Jorge Jr beats it once Chinese Medicine Doctor gets her hooks into his sorry ass!

  3. It's such a shame that you're you're in pain again. Jorge Jr you son of a ... I'm so glad you found a good fit with your Chinese Medicine Doctor, she sounds lovely!

  4. How incredible! About the dr. & the shoes too..Funny, when you wrote wedding band..I was thinking of maybe some goyte type band for a party.

    All the best.

  5. I'm not sure I know who/what Jorge is, but it sounds awful. (I think I have to go back and read some blog posts?)
    So I'm very very very happy that you've found a dr who's going to help you without surgery!
    Surgery is scary. I'll take acupuncture over that any day.
    Hope you feel 110% asap!!!

  6. I'm glad you found some help - Chinese medicine doctors are pretty awesome even though they make you take some pretty nasty herbal stuff sometimes

  7. 1) You are seriously the sweetest thing ever for the amazing shout outs. I LOVE YOU!!! 2) I'm so sorry that you're going through endo. 3) I am elated that you found someone that you connected with. 4) It's great that you followed "the signs." The Universe sends them all of the time, but we're too caught up to see them. 5) TCM is so awesome at treating endo, so stick with it!!!! Keep me updated on your progress.

  8. PS $8.75 for a treatment? Amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!

  9. Such a lovely post for me to remember this morning as I am stressing about where I am going to live/who with come July. Just gotta let it be and not make it too hard.

    And yay for good TCM - take that mini Jorge.

  10. SO happy for you! She sounds amazing! =) Life has a way of working out sometimes.

  11. I'm so glad you have found the right spot. Hopefully surgery can really be avoided from here on out. And hopefully the price stays so low for you!

  12. Thrilled you found a doc who is going to ROCK and banish the Jorge Jr pains!! Hang in there, m'dear!! <3

  13. Funny how we can have our blinders on and then all of a sudden the answer is right there. I'm glad you found a doctor you like and pray for happy results. Hope you're feeling better!

  14. That's wonderful that you found the perfect person for you and not out of your way! I hope she helps!

  15. Love the way the universe works! This is fabulous. I know it's not quite the same but I went to an acupuncturist for YEARS & looooooved it. Good luck! And say your prayers Jorge Jr!! :o)

  16. I've been doing energy therapy and coaching and I swear I feel a difference. Good luck with your new treatment!