Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blogging confessions

So, on Sunday I was trolling the internet trying to be inspired on writing some posts in advance so that something would show up on my blog this week (Yes, that is a sad state of affairs, and not normally how I like to blog. Le sigh).  Anyway, I found Sunday Confessions on Paige's blog here and was inspired her first confession.

And so, here are my confessions about the world of blogging.

1. I don't know what blog lovin is.

2. I don't follow anyone, I'm sorry. I don't have an RSS feed of any sort. I've written about this before but generally this is what happens. I:
a. fall in love with someone's blog and immediately add them to an ever growing list of book marked blogs.
b. I comment on a blog, they comment on my blog, I comment on their blog - this continues for a while until we either fizzle out or I can't help but become committed to their life story and add them to the book mark.

3. Because I don't follow anyone, I'm often not eligible for giveaways. This is both sad and a bit of a relief (I once won a giveaway of something I did not was awkward for everyone. Made more so by the fact that it was a hand made something that took a lot of effort) - sometimes I enter anyway and assume it's ok.

4. These days I do most of my blogging on Fridays (my day off work)...

5.  I classify bloggers into two groups of people "real people" and "so huge and famous bloggers I'll never be as cool as they are" people. It's not healthy.

Confess to me, please? Your secrets are safe-ish here.


  1. I didn't know what blog lovin' was for the longest time and then I found out and I was like.. "hmm pointless?"

    I totally classify bloggers the same way :P

  2. Ah I still dont know what Bloglovin is.
    I actually really dislike bogs that are forever doing giveaways.. Just because I like to read real posts, not people promoting stuff, especially hate if it's a sponsored post.. Though I guess main gripe with this is it's normally American's reviewing a product that's not available here, hosting a give away I'm not eligible to win, so it's just a waste of time.

    I get sad when peole leave 'follow me back' coe ya and it's not because they've read my blog a bit and think I'd genuinely enjoy there's, they're just looking for followers. Id rather have less numbers on my GFC thingo bit have them be genuine readers.

    I still dont know how to make my blog look really pretty. Part of this is my fault as I don't spend hours editing photos. They come straight from my iPhone to the laptop and that's it.

    I feel te same way you do about 'famous' bloggers. I actually read a lot of them without following them and never comment. Mosty because I feel they don't need a 300th person telling them their kids are cute.

    I wish more people posted on the weekends. It always amazes me how many of the bloggers I follow don't have 9-5 jobs but take a weekend break from blogging. It makes me feel sad and lonely online over the seemed and also I feel as though there's no point posting on the weekend if nobody is around to see it.

    Blogging has made me feel a lot less lonely and less isolated since moving away. Not that I think all the bloggers I follow are my real life friends! But it's nice to feel I have some contact with the outside world.

    Wow, that was actually quote a lot to ge of my chest! Thank you for doing this!

  3. I like that you rise above followership, even if it means your shiny little picture doesn't appear under my morale boosters.

    Here's the thing about the "not real people" bloggers. I tried playing the blogger game for a while by doing all this crazy sponsorship and giveaways and annoyingness, but the upkeep of the game was too taxing, and I ended up with a bunch of followers that were like "Oh! You're shirt's so cute" when I never for a second professed to be a fashion blogger...

    So the rambly get to it point is, sometimes I feel like the "cool" bloggers of which you speak, are just good at playing the blog game and not actually good writers/intelligent people.

    Except for... the really excellent, actually awesome bloggers. But I find these are rare exceptions. I much prefer to follow down to earth "Real People."

  4. Your approach is clearly far more sensible than mine. Because I have a crap ton of people in my GReader that I desperately wish I could unfollow. But every time I try, Google Friend Connect is all "LOL, nope". So I'm stuck with these people in my reader FOREVER... *sigh* (Remind me to tell you in a less public forum about some of the people I wish I could ditch)

    The "follow me back" people make me stabby too. Also comments where it seems like a real person until you go to click on their URL and it's like or something. Stupid spam commenters...

  5. Hoo boy.

    ::takes deep breath::

    I must confess I've done the "how's about we follow each other" thing once or twice -- yes, I succumbed to this bloggy faux pas, quelle horreur[!] -- B-B-B-BUT ONLY when the person in question was my bloggy kindred spirit/BFF (see Kirsti :P) and we had craploads in common in terms of writing style, things we liked, etc.

    Plus I did it in a totally charming and self-deprecating way...bwah! ;-) So it definitely wasn't a case of "I'm following you now, follow me back tHaNx!!!!11!!!" ...hahah.

  6. Honestly.. you have listed all of my blogger confessions!

  7. I don't know what BlogLovin' is either, and frankly, I don't care. At one point I thought it was important and necessary to be up on all the blogging "lingo", but now I just blog for fun and don't care if I ever become a famous blogger!

    I also used to follow people, but I don't anymore. If I really like a blog, I'll add it to my blogroll so I know when they've added a new post. I think the whole "followers" thing is a little like Facebook - you want to show off how many "friends" you have, but who really cares? This is not a popularity contest, it's a space to write and exchange with other people.

    I don't have Twitter, and since I don't Follow anymore, I'm often not eligible for giveaways either. It's frustrating, so this is why whenever I do a giveaway, anyone who leaves a comment can enter (even 'anonymous' commenters if they put their first name or initials after). I'm not looking to have more followers on my blog, nor gain any new readers on either Twitter or Facebook. I blog for the people who have faithfully read my blog since the beginning (hi, Mom & Dad!), and for those who stop by and just want to have a little glimpse into my boring ol' life in France :)

    Your blog is one of my favourites, so I'll be creepin' here as long as you keep writin' ;)

  8. Haha, oh boy, confession time. I don't think my life is interesting enough for published blog work. And I'm very scared of real stories about real people coming back to haunt me later in life

  9. Nobody's loved me on Blog lov'n. But then again, I guess I didn't work really hard at it, either.

    Blogs..I like to think as an outlet of creativity. Possibly, my blog is always the one...where you ask yourself "What? I don't get it.."

    Of course, I like comments. Yet, the last thing you want to read is .."I'll follow you if you follow me.."

  10. I bookmarked blogs I wanted to read for the first year -- then I realized the list was growing and I would sometimes forget one or two! Having them come to my inbox or Reader now works for me, but I totally get skipping it altogether.

    When I'm busy, I only read the "real people" blogs and not the "famous people" ones --well, the "famous but I don't feel the same connection with you or your words" blogs.

    Confession -- my posts haven't been the same all year! I've managed to post (almost) once a week, but since I'm no longer traveling, it's kind of hard to keep a travel blog. I don't feel the quality of my posts has been like what it used to be, but I enjoy connecting with other bloggers and perhaps post to keep my site alive.

  11. Do I have blog secrets?

    I've never even heard of Bloglovin! Something tells me I don't want to know.

    I also don't have an RSS feed (whatever that is). I have blogs bookmarked that I like to check out and if I grow tired of them, I un-bookmark (is that a word?). Pretty simple.

    I guess I'm not eligible for give-aways either but since I didn't know I wasn't eligible (or maybe the blogs I read don't give stuff away?) I never knew I was missing anything.

    I blog whenever I get around to it and usually only after I've traveled some place new or had visitors. I don't think I really have a following outside of my parents and maybe a friend or two and they usually just ask me if I've posted anything new. Since I just got back from Budapest, though, I guess I need to blog about that trip.

  12. Now that I'm back in the corporate world, its really difficult to make time for all the blogs I follow. But I do have my favourites ;)

    I believe that everyone has a little something to share, and I can appreciate just about anything that's posted - from art to life stories.

    I don't have Google Reader and my usage of the net is basic - I don't do advanced anything - coz I'm just too busy to be invested like that.

  13. I just had to Google blog lovin' and I'm still not quite sure what it is. I like to follow people who live in the same part of the country I do, or lead similar lifestyles, etc. I don't really like blogs with lots of giveaways and stuff, I just like reading about real people and their everyday lives.

    Sometimes I struggle with wondering what I can do to get more readers, but ultimately I remind myself that I really started my blog for myself and our families, and if other people are interested enough to follow along (in any fashion!) that makes me very, very happy. :)

  14. I truly appreciate this post! You got so many of the things that drive me nuts included in your list! My blogger confessions...if the blog requires you to 'click here to read more' I'm not going to read it! I wish more bloggers blogged on the weekend. I wish I eventually do cave in to my better judgement and start blogging stat free...I feel like sending bloggers who leave the 'I follow you, follow me back' an email explaining why that really gets to me and how that's probably the reason I won't be following them!

  15. I have no idea what the blog lovin is either. I have to confess it takes me awhile to read sometimes but I usually do even if I don't comment! What can I say, life gets busy!

  16. I know what Bloglovin is but I have nothing to do with it.

    Being a non US blogger can be frustrating sometimes - you can't enter giveaways, can't relate to their weather gripes, whatever.

    And whoever mentioned a dropoff in comments and attributed it to it being their summer - I like this theory! :D