Monday, July 23, 2012

Capture the colour

I've been tagged twice for this by Kat and Kirsti - it's a competition called Capture the Colour sponsored by Travel Supermarket. The idea is that you show case some photographs that highlight blue, yellow, red, green, and white from your travels and maybe even tell a bit of a story.

Let's begin.

 In 2006, I traveled to India by myself - kind of. I met my friend there, but the parts that I remember most keenly are the parts that I was alone. Even though I met my friend in Calcutta I insisted that we HAD to travel north to Dehli to see the Taj Mahal. What is a trip to India, I cried, without seeing The Taj!  I'm so glad I pressed for it, because it was by far the highlight of the trip.  India is everything anyone has ever said about anything all the time. It is all words being said at the same time: loud, colourful, a total ruckus, beautiful, tragic, magnificent, spicy, smelly, EVERYTHING.

And then you walk into the grounds of The Taj, it is clean - with monkeys everywhere (seriously I did not see the monkeys coming) - it is white, it is grand, it is...peaceful.  Walking into The Taj gave me a few minutes of clarity in a place that is so everything all at once. This shot was my first glimpse of it. Painstakingly white.

I went to Turkey with my family in 2007.  It was for my cousin's destination wedding but prior to the wedding and post wedding a group of four us did some traveling around Turkey.  Our second stop was the Bodrum Peninsula.  We stayed in this ridiculous hotel which was whack for several reasons. One, we were the only guests. Despite being the ONLY people staying there - there were about 10 staff who were around ALL THE TIME.

Turkey was not a high point in my travels, I was just recovering from parasites I had gotten in India, I was paranoid about eating anything that had not been cooked, and I found it really hard to eat anything at all because I'm gluten free and vegetarian. In other words, I was hungry a LOT.

Our first night in this crazy creepy hotel, we ate dinner in the main restaurant - where we were, of course the only guests - I picked over my food eating some rice and one of the 8 waiters came over to me when everyone else was finished eating. He picked up my fork stabbed some of the uneaten food on my plate and brought it to my mouth.  I was HORRIFIED. The next day, they left this towel art on just my mom's bed (I think they thought it was mine!) in what I like to think was a strange sort of towel apology.

 I compare all greens to New England green. This was taken in 2008 when I traveled home from Australia to visit my family with my friend Jess. We went to the Von Trapp family home in Vermont and I sang The Sound of Music while surrounded by the only type of green that I consider grass coloured. Vibrant.


This picture was taken in a hammock tied between two palm trees in a beach of Fiji. Could anything be more cliche of a beach vacation to Fiji than this shot? Than this blue sky? Me thinks not.


Last November, Inspector Climate and I went to Vanuatu for our "honeymoon" - can it be a honeymoon when you plan it before you even get engaged?  I was amazed by a lot of things in Vanuatu but the freshness of the fruit and the vibrancy of the colours of said fruit  The mangoes were perfection. The papaya? Delish.  We ate this plate of fruit the morning after we were driven in the back of a ute to the tippity top of a volcano.

I'll tag the following five people:

Kyle Hepp - I would LOVE to see her photos. She has traveled so much and as a professional photographer, Kyle's photos are always SPOT on.
Juliet from the Evolving Revolver - Juliet is a story teller - and I know her photos will be backed up by words so beautiful.
Crystal Goes to Europe - Has just returned from a trip to Thailand which has had me green with jealousy.
Rachel from the Diary of Why - Have you read her blog? She's got story telling prowess this one!
Jennifer from Crazy Shenanigans - She loves Elvis, and I gotta respect that, yo.

To Enter - This is taken directly from the Capture the Colour page:
1. Publish a Capture the Colour post on your blog with images for all 5 colours if possible. Bloggers who don't have photos for all 5 colours will still be in with a chance of winning the iPad category prize but to be eligible to win the £2000 overall prize your blog post should feature photo's for all 5 categories.
Within your post, be sure to mention our competition page so that your readers know what Capture the Colour is.

2. Nominate 5 fellow bloggers to take part in Capture the Colour at the end of your post and notify them via Twitter or Facebook.
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  1. I would love to travel more. Turkey would be an interesting place to visit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Oh my God. That Turkey story? AMAZING. I mean, also TERRIFYING, because I'm pretty sure I'd have had a heart attack if a strange man started trying to force feed me. But still. At least you got a fantastic story out of the trauma???? ;)

  3. These are great. Honestly, I'm not a traveler. I'm quite stationary, unfortunately.

    I had a chance to go to Turkey once. I'm pretty glad I didn't go. What a story!

    However, I did meet a neighbor from Turkey and she's an amazing chef and really a wonderful friend.

  4. You went to India by yourself? That's super ballsy. I'm afraid of traveling there because of food poisoning though... blech

  5. Wow the waiter just fed you the food? That plus staying as the only guests, i would have moved to another hotel ASAP. I gues i watched too much psychotic/thriller movie
    Those are some beautiful pictures you took!

  6. A towel apology has never felt so sweet.

  7. Wow, you have travelled a lot! those are certainly some lovely photos to go with some lovely memories :) That towel apology is hilarious!

    On a more serious note, I read your last blog post and I just wanted to give you a big virtual hug. I hope that you're feeling a bit better and I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. Thank you for sharing your story with us. xoxo

  8. Woohoo! Thank you for sharing your photos!

    I love your photo for white - it's unusual for photos of the Taj Mahal to include people, and yet the fact that it is so popular is really important.

    Also, your photos of Vanuatu are making me super excited for my trip there in September!

  9. Awesome! This makes me want to travel more :)

  10. Oh man, I'm so not a photographer! But I love the stories you were able to tell through the photos.

  11. What a great idea for a post! And I love your photos!

  12. Oh boy, that fruit plate looks totally scrumptious! Have a great start to the week.

  13. Your photos are absolutely stunning my friend, what a life to travel like you :D
    Thank you for sharing!

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. Woooooooow. Turkey. Want to go there. And yes, beautiful colors from your travels all over the place! I need to do this!