Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Music to fall in love by

Inspector Climate and I are similar in many many aspects of our lives and personalities but there are a few glaring differences.

1. He will not dance unless it is in the privacy of our home and just I'm around. I will dance at the mere mention of people talking about dancing. Dance? Now? Oh, ok.
2. He listens to pop music on the radio. He knows every lyric to every bubble gum pop song that has come out in the last 10 years. Me? I like Motown, James Brown, the Rolling Stones, and Tom Petty. My first CD was the B-52s, and for a while my mom gave the music she listened to when she was my age for birthday gifts: Joni Mitchell, The Band, Carole King. Inspector Climate's CDs include Savage Garden and the Footloose soundtrack.

With this in mind - and the fact that only 25 people will be there - we made a choice to not have dancing at our wedding (in two months...gulp!).  We do want there to be music though.  Out of my iTunes collection we've picked about 2.7 hours of music - most of it is Al Green.

We've chosen what we want to walk down the aisle to and what we want to walk up the aisle to as Husband and Wife: Part the Second.  But we want to make sure there is music playing (without repeating) for at least five more hours while people mingle, eat, photograph, and enjoy my parents' farm.

In particular, I think some lovely acoustic guitar would be just the ticket - but besides one or two tracks from the Chocolat soundtrack, I've run a bit blank on ideas.

I'm looking for this:

And this is where I'm looking for your brilliant input and suggestions.

It doesn't have to acoustic guitar - but what music did you have/would you have/you've heard at weddings?

Come on bitches, help a girl out?


  1. Sadly I'm not much here, it sounds like my taste in music is similar to IC's only worse.. Add musical theatre to the mix!! But I'm also having a small wedding (20) and there won't be dancing there either. Because it just seems kind of odd with so few people!

  2. I love the Chocolate soundtrack! So Romantic. It makes me think of going to the movie with my MOM..and her line.."Where's Johnny Delicious?"

    We are big B-52 fans at our house. Although, I hardly keep up with anything on the radio, anymore. I feel kind of sad about that. The radio just isn't what it used to be..well, here ..anyway.

  3. Well, we had a dinner playlist and a dance playlist. Unfortunately, the groomsmen we assigned to be DJ didn't own an IPod, and didn't know the difference between playlists in general. So at dinner, "Shake it" came on, as well a narrated chapter of Harry Potter (the thing was on shuffle).

    Fortunately my husband redeemed it because we had a live band, and he jumped in and played an impromptu jazz number with them. It was improv so it wasn't like "a song" but man, I fell in love.

  4. Ooh, I'm not sure with wedding music. I was at a wedding where they hired a guitarist to greet everyone as they walked into the reception, which was really cute. They contrasted that with playing some rockin' pop music later and everyone got down on the dance floor

  5. I don't know if it's your style or not but Dave Matthews Band makes for great background music, that's what we used during the cocktail hour at our wedding reception. Good luck!

  6. *dances*
    Oh man, just play that song on repeat :P

    If you're looking for soft musics try Norah Jones, Mumford and Sons, Carla Bruni (love her. Look up the song "Raphael"), Enigma, Ingrid Michaelson, and just for kicks Florence + the Machine :P
    That's just going off my youtube playlist. I'm sure my iTunes has more.

  7. I'm sorry hun, I am no help with this, I am enjoying reading other's suggestions though. And eep, wedding in two months!! Yay! =)

  8. I LOVE the Chocolat soundtrack - great taste you have there. What? Dance? Let's go ;)

  9. For more acoustic guitar, the Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack is also fantastic. And the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack (possibly the same guy?)--though that one leans a bit more melancholy.

    At my parties, I find that Belle & Sebastian albums--ANY Belle & Sebastian albums--make great peppy background music.

  10. I love this! Here are my humble suggestions....

    Not acoustic, but pretty & mellow music: The 'I Am Sam' soundtrack has a bunch of re-done Beatles songs. I'm not a huge Beatles fan but I kinda love every song on the soundtrack.

    The only other suggestion would be to make an acoustic guitar station on Pandora & see what artists/songs come up that you like. It at least gives you a chance to preview stuff before you pay to download or whatever.

  11. Oooh..I saw someone suggest Norah Jones - GREAT suggestion! I loooooooooove her voice & her songs are so gorgeous.

    Good idea Shannon! :o)

  12. Wild Horses, the acoustic version, by the Stones, guitar by my fake boyfriend Keith Richards!

  13. No dancing at the wedding?! But whyyyyyyyy? What if people are compelled by the music to get up and shake their groove thangs? :D

    Love all the music you love, and I love that IC loves Savage Garden, heh heh...truth be told, they had some great pop songs!

  14. Argh, I totally forgot to give you suggestions!

    Here goes:

    Give me the simple life STEVE TYRELL
    The way you look tonight STEVE TYRELL
    Be my baby THE RONETTES
    Tell him THE EXCITERS
    Besame mucho CESARIA EVORA
    Moon river HENRY MANCINI
    God only knows THE BEACH BOYS
    Louie Louie THE KINGSMEN
    Maybe I'm amazed PAUL McCARTNEY
    Fallen LAUREN WOOD

    ...I can't think of any more at the moment (I'm at work) but I'll endeavour to post more later tonight!

  15. Number 1 sounds like my husband as well! Wedding in 2 months!!! (Which means I'll be in Melbourne in two months, and I still don't have a dress!) I wish I could help you with this, but I'm useless. My sister tells me I have embarrassing taste in music!

  16. You're getting married in TWO months!! Yay!!

  17. I had music at my wedding but no dancing, just people talking, eating, drinking, laughing and enjoying each other's company.

    One thing that I loved from another's wedding was the relaxed strumming on a solo electric guitar of everything from Hendrix to Sinatra. No vocals. It was nice.

  18. It's getting sooo close!! I love that soundtrack! Have you thought of Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah? It's a lovely slow song to hear.