Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Popcorn. Tastes just like home.

Growing up, making popcorn with an air popper was a huge part of my life.  I made popcorn weekly. Poured butter over it and then dumped a dramatic amount of Brewer's Yeast on top. Stirred and then shoved it in my mouth like the lady I am.

I used to constantly have bits of popcorn and brewer's sprinkled over my shirt like a bib.

And most of the books that I read as a teenager have tell-tale butter/brewer's yeast finger prints along the pages.

There was one summer when I ate popcorn for lunch every day. Curled up on a chair in my room reading a book-a-day of the Anne of Green Gables series and crunching on popcorn. Those were the good days. Glass of lime-ade by myself. Bliss.

I'd follow it up with a horse back ride on our farm with my dad - and playing with the horses.  It was the life, yo.

When I moved to Australia, I didn't think much about popcorn. I'd go home and have huge cravings for popcorn - that's not weird right? About four years into living here, all I wanted was Brewer's yeast.  I couldn't find it anywhere. Until I did. And I'm embarrassed to say how quickly I smothered gluten free bread with butter and dumped the yeast on top. Heaven.

I put off making popcorn though because it freaked me out. We don't have an air popper. What if I burnt the bottom of the pan? What if it didn't pop? What if it popped and exploded out of the pot hurling itself around my tiny kitchen with abandon? WHAT IF?

Finally, on Saturday, after days of talking about how much I wanted and needed some popcorn in my life. I googled on how to make stove top popcorn; bought the popcorn; and got to work heating up some oil and melting some butter.

It was...simply amazing.

I seriously have no words. I have no idea why I thought it would be so scary.

And the best part is Inspector Climate who had never seen popcorn popped watched with wide eyes through the glass lid of our pot. The popcorn sitting innocently as kernels and then magically popping into fluffy white clouds. 

He doesn't like Brewer's yeast on his popcorn. Which makes me questions our marriage a little (I jest! Or do I!? No I jest). Until I realised it meant more for me. Bwahaha.

And so, on Sunday I had popcorn for lunch - it was ... spectacular. It tasted just like home.

So, how do you eat your popcorn - East or West?


  1. I can't believe you've never cooked it on the stove! I pop it in equal parts olive oil and coconut oil and then add ground sea salt and pepper afterward. Simply amazing. The coconut oil adds just a little bit of sweet with the salt - ahhhhmazing.

  2. I love me some popcorn. But I gotta say I've never EVER had it with yeast & the first time I had even heard of someone doing that I almost gagged. But I have heard lots of people praise it's gloriousness so I will concede that it's not as weird as I used to think. So I guess that makes me a west girl! :o)

  3. The only popcorn I made as a kid was in the microwave. What kind of childhood did I have?! I think I'd be terrified to make it on the stove. I'd have a burned out pot. There's no doubt about it.

  4. Seriously, I've only had bagged pop corn. Clearly my life is incomplete.

  5. I have never had it with brewer's yeast, but I do love me some popcorn!

  6. ive never had brewer's yeast! we did always have air popped PC growing up and my dad liked it with lawry's seasoning salt. now i just have it with salt and pepper! in the air popper of course :)

  7. I have never heard of eating brewer's yeast on popcorn... or eating it on anything, for that matter. But other than that using a popcorn maker and dumping melted butter on it sounds just about right! :) Ironically I loved popcorn as a kid but don't really like it at all as an adult. Gets stuck in the teeth... ;)

  8. I don't even know what brewers yeast is!!! But I'm happy for you to have something hat tastes like home. When I was living in the US mum sent be a packet of TimTams and a jar of Vegemite. I closed my eyes and cried as I ate them!!

  9. I can remember going to someone's house for a play date or a sleepover or something, and her mum asking if we wanted popcorn. The expression on my face when she pulled out a microwave bag can pretty much be summed up as "WTF IS THAT???". Because I'd only ever seen popcorn cooked on the stove.

    ANYWAY. I cook mine on the stove and add a sprinkle of popcorn salt. And then I shove it all in my face at once because when popcorn is cold? GAG. I can't deal with it at all.

    I guess this makes me a popcorn snob?? :(

  10. That sounds perfect - popcorn and horseback riding!

  11. We always cooked ours on the stove as kids, until our uncle bought us an air popper when I was about 9.

    Mum used to put celery salt on ours, and it was amazing... I wonder if they have celery salt here???

  12. We mostly popped it in the microwave growing up. A few years ago some family friends gave my dad (who loves popcorn almost as much as you) a popcorn machine -- a small version of one you might see at a carnival or event! I've used it a few times and am very partial to kettle corn -- sweet and savory <3

  13. Haha. We always cooked it on the stove...was so fun. Definitely a West girl...never had it with yeast, but might give it a whirl.

  14. Honestly? I don't think I have ever had anything other than microwave popcorn at home or popcorn at the movies. I don't even know what this yeast you speak of is... I am so intrigued!!

  15. I ate homemade popcorn all growing Up (and still do) but I've never sprinkled brewers yeast on top, I'll have to try that!

  16. Hm... Brewer's Yeast. I don't think I even know what that is. And I'm fairly sure I've never tried it on popcorn before.

    I'm not really a popcorn fan because I always equate it with microwave popcorn, which I hate. But I will admit to going buck wild with the overly oiled bag of fluffy nuggets from the movie theaters. It's like "buttered" heaven.

  17. I used to sell Brewers Yeast in my health food shop. Never knew what to use it for.

    Popcorn you say?

    And I have THREE airpoppers here. They are ridiculously cheap. I have a poposaurus where the dino vomits out the popcorn, one that looks like an olde time cart and a stupid silver one.

    You know what is good? A drizzle of truffle oil. OH MAH GAH!

  18. I love popcorn and have tried a few different kinds but I've never heard of Brewers Yeast! I need to get on this!