Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few of my favourite things. The Kitchen Edition

One of the things about being an expat that has been a challenge for me is buying kitchen stuff. Pots and pans? How would I ever bring those home again. But since meeting and moving in with and marrying Inspector Climate that worry has been less.

No matter where we end up - we will always have a home in Australia somewhere.

And so, we've started stocking up our kitchen with things that are both functional and gorgeous.

Here are some of my favourite items.

Le Chasseur pot:

This is a cast iron pot with enamel - much like a le creuset - but you know...not. I've only used it once (yesterday to make home made refried beans) but tonight I plan to make a risotto. In fact, I plan on using this pot for EVERYTHING. It was a birthday gift - and ho boy, was it a good one. And that red? Beautiful.

This is a Kitchen Aid food processor which I call my Cuisinart because that's what brand I had growing up and now "Cuisinart" means "food processor." Clearly.  Oh, this is a thing of beauty. It chops, it grates, it mixes, it blends, it is pure and humble magic. I use it at least once a week - and as you can tell by the colour - have a slight thing for red kitchen appliances.

After not having one for years, it has seriously made my life so much easier! And, it doesn't look half bad on the counter either.  Sure the price tag is a bit daunting, but goodness gracious if this one lasts half as long as my mom's Cuisinart, then it will be totally worth it.

And finally, I'd like you to meet my Le Creuset mini pots - ie ramekins - while I was perusing one of my favourite cooking stores in Melbourne while looking for a gift for someone else. I spotted these.  I couldn't pull Inspector Climate over to them quickly enough where I begin a diatribe on their beauty and usefulness. Think of the single portions of Apple Crumble, Souffle, veggie shepherd's pie, I could make!  Inspector Climate nodded impatiently, and whisked me out of the store.

So imagine my surprise on the morning of my birthday when he pulled a set of them out for me! I just want to use them always.

 What are some of your favourite kitchen gadgetry?


  1. Lovely! I've been pining for a dutch oven...

    We recently got a food processor, and I KNOW how helpful it would be if I was just a bit less lazy and actually opened the box. I still chop manually and use the blender. It's the box!!

  2. I've been pining for a cast iron stock pot (but I want an orange one!). A food processor just seems like too much to clean. Like Nancy, I chop and grate manually and use a stick blender when one is called for. But the ramekins...I've never seen ones with lids and now I want them!!!

  3. The sell the Le Creuset range here too... its a favourite among many people. I love my microwave even though I know it's terrible for my health.

  4. I don't know what it is but I love coloured casserole pots and ramekins. They just look so vintage and cool sat in the kitchen :)

  5. I'm looking to switch to cast iron cookware (Chinese doctor's recommendation to avoid heavy metals) and I want to know - can you cook with this on the stove and in the oven? It's probably a dumb question, I know.....

    My sister has a Thermomix and she makes almost everything in it. It's the most incredible kitchen device I've ever seen in action.

  6. Inspector Climate did a good job this birthday. Please pass on my congratulations!

  7. I desperately need a food processor. I have a teeny tiny one and it just does NOT cut it. My favourite kitchen gadget is my Staub dutch oven - I used it to cook so many things :)

  8. I'm with you on bright red appliances. I have a bright red Kitchenaid mixer (which I love).

  9. I have e red kitchen aid food mixer AND a cast iron red pot! A woman after my own heart.

  10. I'm so jealous! I've been saving up for a full new set of pots and pans. The Le Chasseur range is one of my favorites too. And I would love a kitchen aid mixer - but then I need to decide - shoes or mixer??? xoxoxo

  11. I can't survive without the coffee machine :) I would love a cast iron pot like that and cook Cassoulet in it and a Tefal crepe maker with a raclette set. My wish list is endless. :)