Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Wedding Part 1: A love letter to Kyle Hepp

The time has finally come. Wedding picture time. Now if you already read Kyle Hepp's blog, then you already would have seen some of the photos. But some will be a surprise. All these photographs were taken by Kyle and her second, Brittany.

I'm not sure why I've been putting off writing about the wedding for so long, I had some reasonable excuses: Kyle hadn't posted all the pictures yet. But that excuse ended last week and here we are.

But the truth is I didn't know quite what to say about finally meeting The Kyle Hepp after reading her blog for FIVE (five), Fii--iiive years. The second Inspector Climate and I knew we were getting married, I emailed Kyle and was like "are you free in September?"

I then promptly had to lie to my parents to explain why I desperately needed to hire a wedding photographer from Chile to do our wedding in NH. I lied because they don't know about my blog - and it's a weird thing to explain, and I hate lying, but ya'll it was desperate.

I think it was pretty obvious from my posts here that planning this wedding was not always easy for me. And I compromised on a lot of things. But the one that I didn't compromise was hiring a photographer full stop (which was originally what my parents were really pushing for). And then, I refused to compromise on who that photographer was.

There were 25 people in attendance at our wedding which took place at my parents farm including Kyle and Brittany. All of those people were my close and immediate family or Inspector Climate's immediate family. It was hugely important to me that the people who were there - were people who I loved, and knew and felt comfortable around. That's why I needed Kyle, someone who has been reading my blog, and knows me despite having never met me before.

Not only was Kyle not a stranger but oh, her pictures. Oh good lord, they're good. I did some research into other photographers in New England and none of their work stood up to hers. None of it.

Anyway, that was a long introduction for what is essentially a bunch of shots of us before our wedding ceremony.

Let me set the scene before we dive in.

1. I had two bride's maids: Sister Climate and Boboreis (not their real names) and we'd gone to get our hair done with the slightly mean lady who did an amazing job, but was slow - in fact it took her an hour longer than our scheduled appointment.

2. It was raining outside all morning. I was surprisingly calm about this. I can't control the weather, it rains, it rains, nothing I can do about that!

3. Like is traditional in Inspector Climate's and my weddings thus far, nothing was traditional at all.

One the biggest drawbacks of being so late to get back home and start putting my dress on for the wedding was that I didn't get to meet Kyle before the wedding. And she started taking pictures of me right as I walked in the door. Why yes, that is my bra. And yes, Kyle it is lovely to meet you, too.

When I'd walked in the door, Inspector Climate was all suited up, and there was me, dressed elegantly in a tank top I'd had since I was 12, and a pair of very sunbleached, too big, cord pants. Will the sexiness ever stop?

So we immediately went and started to get dressed. It was one of those moments, where I already felt totally at ease in front of Kyle, but realised I was about to just take off my pants in front of someone who was essentially a stranger.  We both survived.

My dress was handmade by Auntie Climate, and the lace was off my Great Grand Mother's wedding dress that she wore 89 years ago. It was a bit delicate. (you'll survive seeing me pantless too, I promise!)

Well, hello calves? Seriously, who knew I was so ripped?

After we'd gotten dressed, adorned our hair with flowers, we headed outside to take some shots with me and two of my besties.  All of my family was sitting downstairs, and while I'd wanted to keep some traditions, like no one seeing me before the wedding, that went completely out the window. So I shrugged and continue on.

This was one of my favourite shots of the day. I think it's the fact that there I am, walking down stairs I've walked down thousands of times wearing a wedding dress!

We headed outside to my driveway to take some shots with the brides' maids, and when I saw this one it made me so incredibly happy. When I think of Kyle of photos, I think of people with their heads cut off!

This picture both makes me happy and devastated - the forest behind us used to be a dense thick grove of trees and last July, a freak wind storm swept through and knocked down 90% of the trees. All I can see is emptiness behind of us of what used to be. But beyond that my darling brides' maids, look smoking!

Another one of my favourites...Kyle pulled Inspector Climate and I aside and brought us into my dad's office space. "I have an idea for a shot" she said - "it's a bit abstract...but I think this map is important to your relationship." And that friends is why you hire a friend.

And so, there we were, all 25 guests sitting inside waiting for a small break in the rain to dash outside and do our short ceremony. So as we waited Inspector Climate and I visited with the guests, and grabbed a few pre-wedding snuggles.

Finally the rain stopped, my brothers ran outside to set up the hay bales (aka the seating), and my dad started carrying out the Ketubah, Challah, and wine glasses for breaking (which were really light bulbs), and we handed out bouquets.

Stay tuned next time for the ceremony.

And a big thank you to Kyle and Brittany. I've never been professional photographed, and they made it seem not awkward at all, which is a pretty big feat considering how incredibly awkward I am in general.


  1. LOVE the whole thing. Your dress is divine, that lace!!

  2. i would never have known that forest was missing so many of its trees; i was admiring the photo before i read what you said about it! all of these photos: lovely. you: lovely. (also... your eyebrows: perfect. haha wink wink.)

  3. 1. I LITERALLY squeed with excitement when I saw Kyle's post with your wedding photos pop up in my Google Reader.
    2. The mean hair lady did a WONDERFUL job despite being insanely slow.
    3. I must hang out with too many British people, because I interpreted pants as knickers, and was like "Okay, you know I love you, Deidre. But I do NOT need to see your butt. Oh. Wait. AMERICAN pantslessness. Carry on."
    4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you guys and the map. Completely perfect.
    5. Hell, I love them all, to be honest!!
    6. I should really stop now.

  4. You are so amazing. Working with you was a total dream come true. Thank you so so much for writing this post. Totally made my day. Your wedding was so special and it really, really was an honor to be a part of. Thank you for everything.

  5. Everything is so pretty!
    I loooove the shot of you going down the stairs. It just fills me with joy.

  6. I like your hair (I remember your salon post). What a lovely wedding..I can't help admiring how beautiful the shots are-the way she captured your big day.

  7. Oh, so sweet. What wonderful pictures! Love the shoes you found too.

  8. Such beautiful photos! I love your wedding dress, so stunning.

  9. Oh, what an absolutely beautiful wedding! How lucky you are to have grown up there, and to get to go back and be married there!

  10. It's really beautiful - the photographs yes, but you and your dress and your bridesmaids and your husband - all of it. Congrats again and can't wait to see more pictures

  11. Oh wow! I LOVE your dress! So simple, yet elegant.

    I am so impressed you had 25 people! Since I am of Indian origin, but living in South Africa, my 'small' wedding is having 350 guests, max. And believe you me, that is a small Indian wedding!

  12. So pretty and intimate! I love small weddings :) You looked beautiful and radiant and I love all the romantic colors and details.

  13. Oh I just LOVE the dress and the orange shoes. So gorgeous. And I love how intimate and romantic this wedding was! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Yay, I have been waiting for wedding photos! I LOVE the picture of you putting on your dress. They are all gorgeous though. Best decision ever to have Kyle photograph your wedding! :-) Can't wait to see more...

  15. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! Can Auntie Climate be commissioned for others??

  16. I'm with the above commenter, you dress is GORGEOUS. I want one!!

  17. Love your dress, and how sweet that you were able to use your great grandmothers lace:)

  18. I adore you and I adore Kyle. She's insanely talented and I was super excited to see her post -- I kept looking for it :-)

    You were absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day, and the day looked perfect.

  19. this is so precious, and you are amazingly gorgeous! i'm your newest follower on GFC! hope you visit and follow me too? :)

  20. LOVE all the photos! I had already seen some on Kyle's blog, but I loved seeing them again along with your beautiful words. =)

  21. Lovely pictures, and your dress is fantastic really cute, simple and romantic, is hard when people around you know anything about the blog, you must tell them will make things like your friend going from Chile,really easy for you.

  22. Everything looks so gorgeous!

  23. Oh, those photos make me smile! I think the thing that makes them so great is a combination of the photographer + the love and thought that went into your wedding. Well, that and the dress. And shoes. And colors. OK, so it was everything . . .

  24. I love your dress and shoes. Yes, Kyle's photos are gorgeous. You will have some great memories :)

  25. LOVE the dress! And shoes. What a perfect day!

  26. wow lace...the most beautiful craft dear!!


  27. Even though I am no where near getting married, I have always said the only thing I am really willing to pay a good amount for is photography at my wedding.

    And looking at your photos, it's totally worth it. The spirit of the day and you two shows in every picture. Also, I am completely in love with your whole outfit and think the shoes you ended up with are perfection. Congrats on wedding #2! :)

  28. Beautiful dress and great photos! You looked so pretty :)

    One of my only regrets about my wedding is that we didn't have any professional photos done. I think they make the memories all that more special.

  29. Kyle did such a wonderful job! I'm so glad you got your way on that one :)

  30. All these pictures are just stunning. And your dress and perfect. Oh your shoes, your shoes! Did you get them in Australia? Your hair looks lovely - worth every second ;) xoxox

  31. Oh my word... Your dress. It's so perfect, with the lace, and the sash, and the history, and the love that went into it.

    I love everything about it.

    And the photography is amazing! I'm glad you decided to hire the photographer you wanted... she did some incredible work!

  32. oh my gosh, these photos are fabulous. and your dress?!?!? HOLY COW I LOVE IT. You make a BEAUTIFUL bride.

  33. Wow, I am in LOVE with your dress. It is absolutely gorgeous. And the pictures are stunning.

  34. So she flew into NH all the way from Chile? Wow! I love that photo of you coming down the steps too!

  35. Your dress! How gorgeous and special! So lovely, all of it!