Friday, October 12, 2012

Your brows are just terrible.

My last trip to the US was packed full of adventures and pretty much the first one that I embarked on was having a rehearsal of my hair and make up with my mom's hair dresser. So two weeks before the wedding I stopped by her salon to get my self esteem taken down a notch or five.

Now, let me preface this story by saying this: She was having a bad day, and she ended up doing a fabulous job on my hair and make up as well as the bride's maids. That being said...

I walked into her store which is both a little shop that sells make up, clothes, jewelry, and a hair salon. I came with my bestie BoboReis (not her real name) with images of us chit chatting gaily and catching up after months of not seeing each other. I pictured us gushing at how beautiful we'd look and what styles would look best on us. I was hallucinating.

The Frame to my face is awful

"D?...Wow. Your brows are...bad. They're the frame to your face and they are...awful." As I was pushed into a chair "we're going to take care of those right now..."

"What?" and then hot wax was being applied to my eye brows as I tried to remain calm.  Maybe you get your eye brows waxed...or maybe you pluck your eyebrows - but me? It's really not my thing - in fact this is the first time anyone has ever touched my eye brows with anything.

(This maybe because once when I was taking flute lessons my teacher told me "you have beautiful eye brows never touch them. Once overplucked they will never grow back" - I took that to heart).

There is nothing like meeting a new person and being insulted and then having your hair ripped from your face.

Check out my new brows and my curls (not pin curls!)

That skin you have? Entirely unpleasant

Afterwards, I was plunked into a different chair and she started applying make up.

"Your skin...It's so... bumpy...You'll fix that right?"

I'll try I said?

"Is your skin always this bad?"

Your hair! Not only is it dull, but la la la la

"And your's so, dull... It's just so not shiny. You use shampoo with wax don't you?"

No, I don't...I think this is just my hair.

"What I think we'll need to do your hair is for you to shower the night before and sleep on it in pin curls, I think that's the only way for your hair to get curly enough"

Really? Because all I need to do is when my hair is wet, I curl strands around my finger and then I get cork screw curls...

"If you don't want to sleep in pin curls, we can use a curling iron on the day"...

No, see I'll sleep in pin curls if you want, but I didn't wash my hair this morning so it is dirty and the curls have frizzed out, but if I wash my hair and twist it around my finger--

"the thing about pin curls is that you have to go with the curl. Not against the curl. WITH the curl"

Ok, but see, if I shower the morning of -

"Pin curls are so amazing you just sleep on them..."

But I --

"Your hair is just so dull and the colour is so flat. pin curls!"

And if insulting me wasn't enough she then turned to my best friend and said

"Your brows are horrible. They're the window frame of your face you know. You overpluck. Let me show you how brows should look [waving a photo of a "perfectly" groomed brow] and go stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Compare your brows with this one."

And then we laughed on the car ride home. We laughed and then asked "Wait? Are our brows that bad?"

"Absolutely horrid" we'd giggle, "they're the frame to your face you know."


  1. Hi Deidre, I'm over from my blog (as it were).

    It's a good thing you were their with your bestie and were able to laugh about it because really, she was such a bitch to you!

    Someone did not take their happy pill that morning.

  2. That was nasty. I don't know what it is about salons (not all), but the ones I go to- they're usually the first to say and notice if I have gained or lost weight. It's good you have your best friend with you to take the whole experience lightly.

  3. Thank goodness your best friend was there to share that with you. You'll be laughing about that for years to come. I am going to have to re-think what I do with my eyebrows. Who knew they were the frame to my face!?

  4. ................I have no words. At least someone was there to share it with you!! Would be worse if you'd been there on your own... O.o

    And can I just say, eyebrows are REALLY FREAKING WEIRD. I have that thought at least once a day. That is all.

  5. I know the feeling, though I didn't really get insulted, but I hate getting my brows done. Only got it done once, and that was before our wedding, the tears were falling down my face from pain while she was plucking them... never again!

  6. Holy crap. Surely being such a meanie isn't good for business? She needs to learn some tactful ways of suggesting stuff to clients.

    I'm glad you could laugh about it afterwards.

    I started having my brows waxed last year and then I got them tinted and before I knew it I was having manicures with shellac polish. It's taken 40 years but I've become a proper girl (without being insulted into it).

  7. Oh my gosh! I don't even know what to say. It's great that you guys can laugh about the whole thing and that you guys are secure enough:) What she said was not nice at all (putting it mildly).

  8. Wow, that's one insult after another! I can't believe a stranger would be so rude! Good thing you two had a sense of humor about it!

  9. Haha! I absolutely love when random people are so blunt like that. Then you look at them to return the insult, and you're like...'No, it's not worth it'. At least you and the bestie got a good laugh!! :)

  10. Nothing like those people with a special gift for making you feel good about yourself. :)

    I had a lady follow me to the back of a store once, to ask if I wanted to be a 'model.' I caught on immediately and informed her I already had a Mary Kay consultant, thank you very much. She got all huffy and said, 'WELL, you need to have her give you a makeover and take a before and after picture.' 'This is my after,' I said. Then I smiled sweetly, turned, quickly walked away. :)

  11. Holy buckets! I am glad you had your friend with you so you could laugh it off. I learned to cut my own hair from youtube so I can avoid the awkward salon scene.

    You are beautiful.

  12. What a nightmare! I have to say, your eyebrows do look lovely in that pic. Of course, I can't remember what they looked like pre-wax, so they can't have been that horrid. :)

  13. Oh my gosh that is HORRIBLE, I would have been in tears! Good for you for making light of the situation. And I think your brows and curls look fab!

  14. Decorum doesn't seem to be in her vocabulary. I don't think I would let her do anything to me. You and your friend handled it very well.

  15. I remember the exact same experience before the big day...all these product and solutions I never knew existed!! It's total madness!

  16. That is terrible!!!! I think your frame is just beautiful! ;-)

  17. Wow, what a nightmare! Can't believe it! You are sooo beautiful, sweetie!

  18. Oh that is just terrible! I had a similar experience with my wedding hair person too except she just insulted my hair, not my brows. She kept insulting my hair cut & then when I told her what I wanted my wedding hair to look like she told me it wasn't "wedding enough" & decided to do what she wanted instead. I tried to explain that I didn't want a super formal up-do cuz that's not my style but she was not really having it. So I basically hated my hair on my wedding day. *sigh*

  19. WTF. That is so weird. I actually like your brows, just so you know.

    I had a lady tell me I needed skinnier brows, that that was the in look. I told her, not so nicely, to screw off.

  20. i'm pretty sure i would have cried.

    you look amazing in that photo, by the way. eyebrows and all.

  21. Omg. That is absolutely horrid! Could be two reasons - one she was in a foul mood or two she was jealous. But thankfully you have someone with you to laugh about it after that.

    ps: Thanks for dropping by my blog and the suggestion for my trip :)

  22. Ouch! I went to a person like that once - she kept telling me that my hair was terrible but rudely so, not tactfully. I let her color it since she had started but I left with wet hair and didn't let her touch it with the scissors. Then I called the owner {who suggested I try her} to complain.

    I guess it's different if you've flown in to see someone but it's still not fun. It's good you had your friend there though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  23. Omg I work in a similar environment but I do not imagine I will ever say that to someone! That is just horrible! Glad you were able to laugh it off though :)

  24. Oh goodness! Well, I think you are beautiful and I saw your photos of the wedding day and you were beautiful in those too! =)

  25. French hairdressers and beauty institute workers don't hold anything back either. I've been told that my hair is too dry/damaged on many occasions, but I've never had my brows done here so I'm not sure what kind of field day they'd have with them...

    Anyway you know you are totally cute, and as long as you know it and IC does, it's all good :)

  26. Wow. That's an intense conversation to have with a client. At least she made you pretty during your big day and that's what's important. Although, i'm not sure i'd have been able to stay in her shop while she kept talking

    xo Stephanie

  27. Wow. What a brutal appointment. I'm glad you were able to laugh it off...and I don't even want to know what that lady would say about my eyebrows or hair. Yikes.

  28. Ugh. Awful! I'm glad you two could laugh about it- not sure if I would have! I've only had my eyebrows "touched" professionally once, for senior prom. I've always just tried to maintain it; with varying degrees of success.

  29. How awful! Had you ever gone there before?! I mean it's funny but I would never go back there again.

  30. If I had that experience, that salon would never see me again. AND word of mouth is a bitch because I would tell EVERYONE about my experience.

    I sound crazy... at least you had a friend with you to laugh about it!

    XO Lourdes

  31. That was horrible! I would have cried, although I do already know I have shitty eyebrows! I'm just so glad that she did a great job with your hair and make up. Some people...