Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 27: "she makes me look good"

Last year I was frantically knitting a baby sweater for Inspector Climate's high school friend. Remember? baby sweater.

Well, months later, I was lying on the  couch, probably feeling emotionally haggard and crummy as been my go to mood this past year and Inspector Climate was talking to his best friend on the phone.

One risk of knitting something like a baby sweater for someone you don't know very well is the fact that they may not appreciate it as much as they should. People who don't knit wouldn't see the time and the pain and the suffering (some people), and people who do knit might only see the mistakes. Of which in this particular baby sweater there were many. Seriously, that pattern was hard.

Well, in this case I needn't have worried, Inspector Climate's friends were so incredibly thankful and grateful for the sweater that every time they communicate with us, they bring it up!

And on this particular day on the phone, the friend must have been telling Inspector Climate how much they loved the sweater and how thoughtful of us it was to make such a gift, etc etc.

And Inspector Climate said "She makes me look good."

I couldn't retain my sour mood after that, now could I?

The hardest things about relationships (for me) is recognising what I'm contributing besides being able to bake delicious yummies for Inspector Climate's belly. He is kind and patient, and holds me while I cry. He goes out of his way every moment to make me happy. He does the dishes every night. He cuddles me and gives me back rubs when I can't sleep.  He vacuums because he knows I hate doing it.

And I contribute my mood swings?

When Inspector Climate and I first started going out he told me that he liked me because I had a cute smile. And I just couldn't possibly see how anyone could like me for my smile! I HATE MY smile. Particularly, when I became so smitten with him for HIS smile (which by the way is fantastic).


  1. Oh, hush, you!

    Don't be so hard on yourself, dammit! We are always our own worst critics. I'm sure Inspector Climate could (and WOULD) write an epic poem about you and what you contribute.

    Yogi also washes the dishes every night. I AM NOT WORTHY.


    Seriously, though, I would sooner vacuum the apartment top to bottom than wash the dishes. And it's not like I have to ask him if he wouldn't please mind doing the dishes -- I never ask and am always prepared to do them but no, he does them.

  2. I so relate to this. I'm also prone to bouts of moodiness and Luke is patient, kind and forgiving - more than I deserve, I think. I do appreciate how lovely he is and I know how lucky I am. I must try harder to be less cranky, irritable and impatient...

  3. inspector climate sounds awesome my dear friend. you are one lucky lady :) and he is lucky to have you also.

    great post, come pop by mirrorofmyworld.blogspot.co.uk, lets be blog friends again!
    ellie xxx

  4. i totally feel like this with my husband too, i contribute grouchy behavior especially in the morning for sure!

  5. Love it!

    Also, for the record, you have a lovely smile! How could you possibly hate it?! I don't even know . . .

  6. I feel like I put Colon through hell with my moods and he is normally so sweet. SOMETIMES though, he makes me wonder whether he's on his period!

    Xo Lourdes

  7. You two are great together. Just embrace it. I know its hard. It takes time, but you can do it.

    And I hope you knit something soon too.

    Yet, me included, I hate my smile. However, I find my significant other's very endearing.

  8. IC is a model of the kind of man you should be in a relationship! You are very lucky to have him but he is also very lucky to have you - you who will go through crazy knitting missions to make something special for his friends. You guys are the best!

  9. There is NOTHING more thoughtful than a homemade gift. I'm glad Inspector Climate's friends appreciate that!

  10. How fantastic is Mr. Climate... seriously, know where there are any more like him? I reckon the next time you can't sleep, go to your window and count your lucky stars ;)

    Maybe you can learn how to do the thing he doesn't like doing and do it for him?

  11. A: Do not act like cooking deliciousness is some small task! Being a culinary goddess is quite an accomplishment!

    B: You are fabulous. And lovely. And every wonderful thing in between. When you're that great, a mood swing now and again means nothing.

    C: You shame me and my lack of domesticity. Knitting a baby sweater?! That's nowhere near anything that might happen for me in this lifetime.

  12. I am very impressed by your knitting skills. The only thing I can knit is scarves. Why? It's so easy!

    Your description of Inspector Climate is so heart warming!

  13. You have a beautiful smile :) He sounds like a real sweetie but you bring so much goodness to the relationship too. But I get what you're saying, I look at me and then look at Patrick and think 'I definitely got the better end of this deal'! xoxox

  14. You're amazing!! And IC obviously sees that. I think it is sometimes hard to see things that others see in ourselves.

  15. Reading your posts, I can sense how deeply Inspector Climate loves you. The way he looks at you on your photos. It's unbelievable how we are often oblivious to special attributes that others see and love about us. I often wonder how lucky I am to have found my husband. XX