Sunday, December 02, 2012

Liner notes! + giveaway winners.

Announcement! Twisted Susan and Crystal are the two winners of my giveaway! Congratulations, ladies! I've sent you an email so please respond with your address and I'll send you your prize shortly!

I've really enjoyed liner notes during NaBloPoMo, so I thought I'd continue to do it, until I decide to not...

On Thursday night, we had the trip from hell getting home from Sister Climate's place.  We were stuck at Flinders St station for about an hour as trains were delayed and they didn't say it until the train should've been arriving so then we missed other trains we could've caught. It was a disaster, and I nearly threw a giant tantrum like a five year on the platform. Which wasn't awkward or embarrassing at all.

The train we finally caught.

It's been over a year, but our lemon tree is finally producing some lemons. I think! It's got about 5 of these quite fat little guys on them! I'm so excited.

Advent calendar time.


  1. yay me! I'm so happy I won! Can't wait to wear the necklace just as soon as I get back from Canada :)

    Your advent calendar is making me totally jealous by the way.

  2. ah, i don't have an advent calendar yet! x

  3. I'm glad you're going to continue with your liner notes posts - I really enjoy them!

    Blogging life is a bit quieter after NaBloPoMo, isn't it? I've had the weekend off blogging but I'm planning to get all noisy with my blogging from today onwards. It was a fantastic excise!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a lemon tree before!!

    I love Cadbury chocolate...yummm!!

  5. Dang it! Mike keeps reminding me that it's time for advent calendars, and we STILL don't have one!!

  6. Yay for the tiny lemons on your lemon tree! No doubt I would kill those, so I'm always impressed when other people can successfully grow something :)

  7. Great pics, looks like a lot of fun!

    Elly @ Caribbean Living