Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh, reading. That thing.

It's so rare these days that I switch off for long periods of time. My brain is always working and worrying about the next thing. That job application I should be working on, that work thing that I have to do next week, how to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, and how to fit yoga into it all. Yes, my brain never slows down and is anxious and impatient for that thing I should be doing while I'm relaxing.

And so over the weekend, I was surprised when I relaxed completely. There is a book series that Ruby suggested to me over a year ago, and I gobbled up the first five of them so quickly. And then I was busy. I was busy worrying, and I stopped reading almost completely.

So when I was in the library the other day, I grabbed the last two in the series and of course and started reading them immediately. I spent my childhood living in the world created by books. Immersing myself in lands with magic, unrealistic love stories, or tales of incredible human strength and bravery.

On Sunday, I did just that, I wrapped myself up in the world of the Tomorrow* series and it was delicious. It was after the moonlight cinema where I had to stay up until midnight because you know, it's summer here and it gets dark really late so the movies start late, and staying up until midnight for me is SO LATE. I could barely function. And reading felt so goooood. So luxurious and extravagance.

Oh reading, how could I have forgotten about you?

What takes you out of your worries and anxiety? Also, what have you been reading lately?

*The Tomorrow series is by John Marsden and is quite captivating and enthralling - I've heard that the books changed quite dramatically when adapted for American audiences though, so perhaps try to get the series printed in Australia.


  1. Ugh I know how you feel about not being able to turn your brain off. I feel so guilty if I'm not doing something productive - making a good dinner, looking for jobs, writing cover letters, cleaning my apartment...Sitting down and reading or watching a good show feels like a reward for doing nothing, and it never feels quite right.

    But some days, all there is to do is read. I recently read "On the Island" by Tracey Garvis Graves, which was light and fun, and now I'm reading something about dog psychology by Stanley Coren.

    P.S. It's snowy and cold here in the Alps, which is quite the contrast to Australia's hot sunny summer!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion--there's always room on my list for another book or two!

    I just finished reading a friend's manuscript, actually. A thrilling fantasy. Now, I'll probably start on a couple books received for Christmas. One's a teashop mystery? I don't know, light and cute I imagine . . . always good for these snowy days! :)

  3. Over my break I read the latest Barbara Kingsolver book, Flight Behavior. Her books are so captivating! But I miss reading in general. I have The History of Love by Nicole Krauss on my nightstand. It came highly recommended but I haven't even opened it. And a book in French - the French equivalent of Nicholas Sparks I think - but reading in French still feels like work. Meh.

    I also had a totally relaxing weekend though! It must have been in the stars. :)

  4. Sometimes that is the hardest thing- to sit still, stop worrying, and read. I feel ya sista!

  5. Reading is my go-to favorite to calm down and relax. I've never heard of the "Tomorrow" series! I'll have to check it out!! I just finished a couple victorian romance novels by Leda Swann that were quite fun to read! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. I've been having the same problem lately with not being able to turn off my brain. I started reading a biography that has helped.

  7. There is nothing better than getting engrossed in a good book!

  8. I'm reading Gone Girl, though I just finished The Snow Child and The Night Circus.

    Reading is it for me, especially with a cozy blanket and something to sip on.


  9. I can relate - its increasingly difficult for me to disengage. I've been trying t read the same book for the past 2 months already. *sigh*

  10. Oh I simply adore unwinding with a good book and now you have reminded me that it has been entirely too long! Must do something to fix that:)

  11. I use to read and read and read but these days I just don't seem to make time, it's really sad actually. Maybe I need to designate half an hour a night to reading.

    The tomorrow series is one of my favourite!

  12. I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and it has definitely made me read more.

  13. Love a good read. I'll have a look at the series. Atm I'm trying to finish Aleph by Paul Coelho - the holidays etc have distracted me. It has such wonderful quotes in them. One that I particularly like is "It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future.”

  14. Ah, reading. I always hate going without it for whatever reason and it's always such a pleasure to get back into it.

    Of course, now my mind is occupied with how the Tomorrow series was altered for the American market. This intrigues me.

  15. Few things can bring as much joy as a wonderful book :)

  16. Being lost in a good book is priceless. :) A moment where I can temporarily forget major life altering decisions and the pressure of what I need to do next. I just finished an inspiring non-fiction book by Peter Buffet, Life is What You Make It and I'm at the last chapter of Mitch Albom's Tuesday with Morrie.

  17. Well Deirdre, I know what you mean. I have a monkey brain that NEVER gives up. The only thing that calms me down is either some sort of hypnotherapy mind relaxing thing or David Attenborough! I also need to read more - I have a pile of books I'm dying to read but so little time. I need a duvet day!

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  19. I love this! I started reading again the past week and felt like a missing puzzle piece slipped back into place! And I'm only really managing it on my metro commute, but it's totally changing my day. How is it that we so easily forget a piece of ourselves?! Here's to less productivity and more turned pages!!! :)

  20. So glad you have gotten to reading the rest of the books. Have you seen the film?

    Also, I was shocked to hear that they have been "adapted" for American audiences. What the?!?!

  21. I NEED to check out that series!

    Oh and I know what you mean about the job search. I am in the middle of doing that right now. It's so hard because I have NO IDEA what I want to do.

    XO Lourdes

  22. There are a couple of things which would get me out of the worrying stage (of which I am an expert): The thing which probably works best is running. I try to keep up my running workouts 3-4 times a week, which during the winter can be quite challenging due to slippery roads and temperatures (in the latter it is lazyness). So far it works ok, even if we had -10 C I went out. The second thing helping me against a state lost in worries is writing blog posts (which of course are not necessary for publishing, ha ha). Another thing is yoga and meditations - these kind of things.

    Currently I am reading 'the Unseen' by Katherine Webb. 'Crime and Punishment' is laying ready for after, which I'll be reading in my mother tongue though (which is German).

    I so love reading, and at times I can absolutely sink into a book. At other times when worries are too present I won't manage to read one chapter of my favorite book.