Friday, February 01, 2013

And so, it ends.

Yesterday, I left my job for the last time. I was filled with nostalgia, remembering how when I first went into the building for my interview what it felt like to walk through the reception office. Remembering how I wondered if I felt at home in the office and if it felt like a place I could see myself being at.

I let it wash over me, the nostalgia, the sadness, the hope - I let myself have the "this is the last time I'll sit in this chair, at this desk" or "the last time I'll use this slightly disgusting bathroom where the toilet never flushes fully" and of course the "my last meeting of all the meetings" (seriously, we had a lot of meetings).

And now it's done. I'm unemployed.

I'm exhausted with the weight of it all. I feel like I could sleep for days and days. I'm just tired.

But I have some plans for January - Dessert Days are in the works.

I think I want to do another month of blogging every day, get my blogging mojo back and reconnect with all of you, my friends. I want to share some of the things that have been inspiring me lately (mostly you!) and I want to share some of the things that haven't been so lovely (our washing machine exploded...).

But currently, at this very moment, I want to watch comforting tv shows like Scrubs and Friends and West Wing and bathe in the familiarity of my tv friends for a while. I want the comfort of the situational comedy where the drama of the episode get's neatly wrapped up on 22 minutes and I want to remember that this is just one episode of my own life. It feels like a season finale - with a bit of cliff hanger. But don't worry, it ends well. We just have to stay tuned to for what happens next.

What's happening in your sit com life?


  1. I think you more than ever deserve marathons of TV series to get yourself comforted with people you know, watching other peoples' dramas and getting the well deserved happy ever after ending of each episode (hopefully -- I don't know any of the series myself, just heard of them).

    get your well deserved time out and when time is there you will start all over and fresh again, leaving the past behind!

    Chin up and go, girl!
    But tv series first ;-)

    Love from Germany
    Svenja xx

  2. Maybe you just need to take some time to veg out? If it's any consolation, I'm looking around for a new job too.

  3. Silly TV can help so much..if only to distract us (temporarily) from our own thoughts. I've been watching a lot of stuff lately...

    My advice is just to take the time you need to grieve the job. You owe yourself that much. There's no point in job searching/going to interviews when you are still sad about the last one. It's like the rebound boyfriend - never really a good idea.

    I'm still searching vain. So don't worry, you are most certainly not alone :)

  4. Eek! Your the second person I know whose washing machine exploded. What is with?

    And I'm with the girls above--a wee holiday, just for you . . . to grieve, do what you want, reevaluate, and regroup. And know we're rooting for you . . . and looking forward to see what new adventure awaits!


  5. I think this new season's going to be your best yet! And, I can't wait to hear about the dessert days you have planned ;)

  6. You totally deserve the time to veg. And can I say, I'm a wee bit jealous? Given what you're going through that sounds a bit insensitive, but I think you know what I mean, right? Hey, I know! Now that you have some free time, you could totally get a puppy. Just sayin.' :)

  7. You deserve a little hiatus. Just as you said, this was a little bit of a season finale, but next season everything will turn out just fine. So rest up, and get prepared! Good things are coming your direction.

  8. Ah! You must have so much going on in your head! Whenever I'm overwhelmed, I always watch ridiculously silly TV shows with overly simple plots that are easily solved. May I reccommend to you "Better off Ted" on Netflix? I just watched all of it in the last few weeks.

    all in all, I hope all is well soon. I still have my fingers crossed that you get that dream of all dreams job!

  9. I love a good TV marathon with your favorite characters when you need it. Be kind to yourself and bake and cuddle with IC and *HUGS*

  10. I was just watching Friends last night... those re-runs just never get old! (Sometimes I also watch Full House!) Congratulations on this new chapter of your life, I'm sure it will be filled with wonderful new opportunities and adventures!

  11. I got laid off twice and It's no fun. I am crossing my fingers that your TV marathons are short and you'll be back to work soon!

  12. When my job went under almost two years ago I was the one to shut off the light and I felt just like a series finale. I'm sorry you had to go through all of this. Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities and new opportunities! You'll get through this!! *HUGS*

    Ergo - Blog

  13. Yes. Go home and relax and do whatever comforts you. I am sorry that everything is happening. BUT always remember that a new and better chapter will come along!!!

    I am kind of looking forward to the daily posts from you! It will definitely brighten my day.

    XO Lourdes

  14. But don't worry, it ends well. We just have to stay tuned to for what happens next.

    What a great attitude! This ranks way up there on the list of life's most stressful moments. This kind of optimism will serve you well.

    But it's also OK to just say it sucks and it's not fair and you wish things were different.

  15. Does this mean you have lots of time to catch up? We should have a coffee/tea/chai/other beverage of choice. :)

  16. Leaving a job for the last time, even if it's a job you disliked {which it doesn't sound like this in this case} is always a somewhat surreal and strange feeling, particularly when the unknown awaits. I went through the same thing about five months ago and whether it's of any consolation or not, I can say it was the best thing that ever happened to me :)

  17. Take some time to process everything. I can only imagine how hard all of this may be. Just know that your future holds great things, I am sure of it!