Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello I'm returning from where I've been.

So, that whole blog every day of February thing? That clearly has not happened. I would be sad. But eh.

I haven't been in a happy place though. In fact I'm fairly certain I turned into a sloth. I just couldn't move. I couldn't get out of bed. Going from the bed to the couch was an emotionally exhausting journey. But I'm back. I went to yoga today. I've already started making some popsicles. I'm going to cook food today. I've written two cover letters. All things that yesterday were too exhausting for me to even think about. Oh, Jorgita...we meet again.

Anyway, so while I was in the depths of despair I did what anyone does. Watched really terrible movies on youtube (say what now? That's not what you do?).

I wanted something I hadn't seen before and I found the Vow. Now, the Vow is not normally the type of rom com I'm into - but desperate times (Not here to judge if it is your favourite movie. That's cool).

But it did make me think what would happen if I lost 8 years of my memory? Would I believe that I up and left my life in the US to move to Australia? Would I come to turns with the fact that I have no memory of the man I married? Well, of course I don't have the answers - having never lost my memory. However, while this is a stretch, living in Melbourne - barely in touch with the people I was closest to while I was in college - married! I think if I lived even one or two days in my life here I'd know it's the right fit for me.

Of course, thinking about 8 years ago has gotten my lost in what life was like 8 years ago. 2006. I was in the middle of the most ridiculous relationship with someone who we shall call Jon, as that was his name. And it can only be considered a relationship if you hurting each other routinely (not physically, but emotionally, spiritually, quintessentially, mentally - look, we just weren't that nice to each other).

So besides all this deep thinking, the saddest thing happened to me yesterday. As you may know - I want a furry friend more then almost anything in all the world. But I currently live in an apartment where we're not allowed to have a cat.

AND YET, we seemed to have made a cat friend.  Meet our newest guest (who has not been invited in even though I sat on the couch nearly in tears because a cuddle buddy was so close yet so far).

"I'm so pretty."

"Cuddllllllleeee meeeeeeeee!"

I seriously can't take it. If the kitty graces us with its presents again...I may not have the will power to just nonchalantly not open the door. I'M ONLY HUMAN.

Also, I made these brownies with salted caramel (holy bejesus):


  1. First of all, I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Secondly, cover letters are the worst. Thirdly, I would so cuddle that cat. Finally, I want a brownie.

  2. Cuddle the kitty!!! Just do it.

    And sweet jeebus, those brownies... You are killing me with them. Yum!

  3. My mouth is watering over that brownie picture. Drooling at work (okay, drooling anywhere really) is not attractive! The kitty has clearly arrived to fill a cuddle need. DO IT! It will improve your already-improved mood and that's a good thing!

  4. such a cute little cat!! and yum to the brownies

  5. Ohhh, those brownies look so delicious... Mmmmhhh with salted caramel :-) nom nom... Don't get me started ... I am on abstinence (my first one ever) and I have decided I will go without sweets for 7 weeks. Including cake and Nutella. I guess it was a good choice. But when I see those babies .....
    Cool, that you went back to Yoga today! What kind of yoga do you practice in your class? I recently started with Kundalini yoga, which focusses more on the breathing and I quite liked it...

    How about moving apartments - to be able to have a small kitty yourself?! :)



  6. Open the damn door next time. Life is too short :)

    And brownies? Yes.

  7. That kitty is so gorgeous! No-one can resist a tabby. :)

  8. 1. Those brownies look amazing.
    2. Animals that are that close but not cuddle-able are like a legal form of torture.
    3. Jorgita is a bitch. Glad you're feeling better(ish).
    4. I'm over the disgusting snottiness now, shall we schedule another Dessert Day soon?!

  9. I had this whole list of comments . . . but suddenly, all I can think is, "Mmm . . . salted brownie! . . . "

  10. Um, I think I just shed a tear of joy at the mention and sight of your brownies. *melts*

    Sending you virtual love and hugs.

  11. Aw, that kitty is the cutest! And I WANT those brownies with salted caramel!! Yum.

  12. Those brownies. They look so yummy!

    Oh and break all the rules. Get a kitty :)

    XO Lourdes

  13. I'm glad you're feeling a bit more relaxed. Good for you! I agree with the others, just play with the cat. Nothing to lose, really!

    (and I'm jealous of your brownies. That delicious image is going to stay with me all day)

  14. You surfaced with a vengeance! Talk about a productive day....I see those brownies and I would consider your day a smashing success based on those alone! I'm glad you've found your foreign "fit" and despite the rough time, I think that's a good testament that all will come together as it should! Sending love!

  15. I always forget that you're originally from Australia. And it looks a little like that cat is taunting you ;)

  16. Shame that you can't have a kitty- it might really help you deal with the whole Jorgita thing. Those brownies looks amazing...

  17. Oohh but now you have a kitty you don't have to pay for food for nor worry about looking after if you want to go on holidays!

  18. I love the kitty. We once had a cat that color.
    Rick ~ Your latest follower.

  19. I can't relate to anyone who doesn't turn into a sloth now and then.

  20. It's so hard not to open the door to your new found friend. I can relate to week days while watching everyone going to work in the mornings while I'm preoccupied with the laundry for the day. I'm kind of missing (no matter how weird that sounds) the corporate life, busy meetings even though I hated my past job-the feeling of doing something at least more productive. This leads me to stay in bed in the mornings for the dread of not knowing what the future is going to be like. That aside, yoga sounds great and have purchased a yoga magazine wondering which one is the best to try first. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  21. That's great that you are starting to improve! Um... can I have that brownie?

  22. Next time just open the door and invite the kitty in. They'll be a guest not a lodger so it's not technically breaking the rules