Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What is possible?

A few days ago as frolicked around blog land I came across a new to me blog called House of Glass. I was instantly smitten. I particularly liked this little question and answer segment she did on her blog and thus I am copying it.

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I actually went to my life list to see where I want travel, but recently I've been thinking about how awesome it would be to get a around-the-world ticket where I just visited bloggers - pop over to Chile to see Kyle and France to see Crystal, (maybe some stops in England, Germany, South Africa) go all over the US to meet all of you. Le sigh. I realise you haven't invited me yet, but I'm rude like that.

what makes you happy?
baby animals. Last night my favourite tv had new episodes - it's call Zoo Juniors - and it's about the Berlin Zoo which has more baby animals then any zoo. Seriously. I couldn't handle the cuteness. The amount of times that I asked Inspector Climate if we could get a baby lion cub? I'm still asking. If you remember a similar conversation meant we nearly didn't make it to alter.

what inspires you?
People who ask not what are the limitations but what are the possibilities.

what is your dream job?
Using social media and writing to inspire people to action on climate change.

describe yourself in five words.
Silly, Thoughtful (as in has lots of thoughts), cook, laughter, moral

what do you look forward to most in life?
I love those rare moments when everyone I love is sitting around a table filled with food that we've cooked sharing stories.

what's the first thing you do every day?
Snuggle with Inspector Climate, then read your blogs.

what would you do with a million dollars?
Do my around the world trip to meet all of you I think! Fly my brothers to Australia so they can see where I live. Invest it wisely and live off the interest (what can I say, I'm a saver not a spender).

do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't NOT believe in it. 

who is your biggest role model, why?
My dad. He's had many careers, taught himself new things, has the patience of a saint.

describe your perfect date.
Going to the moonlight cinema was a very perfect date, we walked to the cinema, talking and holding hands, got to snuggle in the grass and watch a movie, and then walk back discussing the film. Mostly I think that sometimes 'the date' in my mind is so wrapped up in what we do, that I forget how we get there and how we get back are often my most favourite parts of the date any way.


  1. That does sound like the perfect date!! =)

    I cannot resist baby animal anything...and If you stop by in New York you'll have to come see me! =)


  2. Seriously, baby animals are amazing!

    ps I can't wait for our trip to Chile and Easter Island!

  3. Come see me... Come see me!

    XO Lourdes

  4. You're welcome anytime, and you already know you love it here! That is a win on two fronts for visiting =)

  5. You're welcome here (or wherever I happen to be when you make the trip)!

  6. Aww, what an inspiring list!! I too love baby animals, in fact all animals. My favourites are giraffes though. And penguins. And I read all of those amazing blogs as well in the mornings. First blogs, then news! ;-) One has to have priorities.
    I would love to host you if your around the world ticket also brings you to Germany! I'd happily show you around in all the good places ;-)



  7. I would be happy to show you around Dubai if you're dropping by for a visit. Perhaps we see some baby camels. I believe in love at first sight :)

  8. Yes! Please come visit! I've got lots of cute pets too, so it's a win-win.

    I like Q&A posts. It's a quick and interesting way to get to know someone even better.

    I believe in lust, but not love, at first sight :p

  9. You're officially invited to come visit me in Seattle, doubly so if you bake me delicious gluten-free treats while you're here.

  10. oh that's great. i'm happy for you. lovely greets and hugs.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  11. Ha, I love this. I also, if your ventures bring you back to're welcome to come visit me on the seacoast.

    Also, I read "live off the interest" as "live off the internet" and I was like...but HOW WILL I KNOW HOW SHES SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY?!?!

  12. I'd love to fly round the world and meet all my blogger friends. That would be brilliant. Great post and a nice insight to you.

  13. you're welcome to come see me in morocco anytime! :)
    and who can resist baby animals? they're lie the cutest! ever!

  14. Love this!
    you have a great blog!

  15. An around the world trip to visit bloggers would be so fabulous! What a fun post to read.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  16. hi! well if you ever do that trip and find yourself in England, i will take you for Afternoon Tea :)

  17. Love this answer: do you believe in love at first sight?
    I don't NOT believe in it.

    and the moonlight cinema sounds so great!!

  18. I love the idea of traveling around and meeting blog friends.

    And it would take some courage, yes?

  19. My dad is my biggest role model too. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. So much fun to read your answers! Animals make me happy too! Even when I am really sad. Animals cheer me up! :)

  21. baby animals are the best. there's a show on Animal Planet called "Too Cute" and the kittens and puppies on it literally make me cry because they are THAT cute!

    - Val @

  22. As a new reader here, it was fun reading this! I'm glad to see someone else out there is a firm disbeliever in love at first sight too!

  23. Oh my goodness, baby animals are a love of mine too. One of my favourite blogs is called The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, written by a woman who boards and cares for really young kittens before they're strong enough to be adopted. She takes amazing pictures of those tiny animals, that make me melt.


  24. Is there really a day that cannot be made better by baby animals? I don't think so. :-) If you're ever in the Seattle area I will show you a good time!

  25. Awesome Q & A. Climate change means that it's 35 Celsius in JHB at the moment. Not pretty.

  26. Oh, I loved reading this! Baby animals are the best thing ever. The town where I went to law school was very ag-based so there were quite a few cute little farms that would open up in the spring and fall to let people come meet all the new babies. It was at one of those farms I made the bucket list plan of having baby goats and baby chicks at some point in my future. :)

  27. Love this Q&A type of post. You come visit the states and we will come visit Australia! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  28. ...action on climate change...YES! I just noticed you mentioned it again in your Monday post. I am glad to read these things :-)

    This was a fun q&a!

  29. lovely post and great answers! :-) x

  30. Love it!

    And I've often thought how fun it would be to meet my blog friends. Not to mention, it wouldn't be quite so awkward when I tell a non-blogging person about something or another my 'friend' wrote and they inquire which friend? And I have to confess, well, I've never actually met said person. Blogger, you know. :)

  31. Interesting post
    and interesting post as well.
    Hmmm, your a saver not a spender? Only few woman I know who are like you,most women would love to go shopping and spend a lot.

    And props to you're traveling around the world and meeting bloggers, I guess that would really be exciting.

  32. You can come over to Spain also and visit me if you want,I Also want to travel around the world but still need to win the lottery first.
    Australia would be one of my first options...
    You know what? Mt dad id also a great role model to me and have loads of patience.

  33. You sound so cute, great getting to know you better

    A little bit Unique


  34. South Africa's pretty cool :) I love showing people around...

  35. Hi Deirdre, that's a very insightful post!

    I would also love to travel round the word and Australia is on top of my list since so long that I cannot even remember it anymore! I think that raising awareness on climate change is a great cause that really needs lots of support, so go ahead :)

    Thanks for you comment and have a nice weekend!

  36. Limitless travel sounds absolutely lovely!

    Also, baby animals! YES! I have quite the problem with TOO CUTE! on Animal Planet. My head basically explodes.