Friday, March 01, 2013

Job Search 3.0

Today I had a job interview, it's my second in The Job Search 3.0. After the interview I was on the fence on whether I did well enough to warrant getting the job. But I didn't have to wait long to find out! The Interviewers took they parting words of "we'll let you know soon" VERY seriously. So seriously, that they actually called me a mere three hours later to tell me I was unsuccessful. 

I wasn't that disappointed. If I'd gotten the job a number of bigger questions would come up - it was a good job, but it wasn't The Job and I've sent several applications in the past two weeks to jobs that were much closer to The Job. It was going to be a puzzle if I'd been successful, and frankly, I'm kind of glad I don't have to figure it out.

I never know what to say when they call and tell you didn't get the job. This time I said "That's fantastic [is it? really?], thanks so much! [my enthusiasm will make you change your mind]" which I think was probably a bit awkward.

I was thinking of Job Search 1.0 and Job Search 2.0 and I remembered this blog post (below) and when I searched the archives to see if it held up I realised that while nearly two years has gone by, how I prepare for a job interview hasn't change one iota. The post held up (well, I think so) so I've reposted it below.


Today I had an interview for a job because of this blog.  And so now, I must bow to you, blog, and to you, bloggers, for letting this little space on the internet be a place that causes me so much joy that I can't help but blog every day.  No seriously, thank you.  I adore you, blog, and each one of you.  If I could get a puppy to give you a kiss right now I would. THAT is how much I love you.

With that in mind, I thought I'd show my gratitude the only way I know how, which is to impart a bit advice I've learned from my panic attacks over job interviews.  Let thee not panic in case a job interview falls in your lap. Just follow this step by step process.

  1. Sit on your bed and contemplate how this happened to you.  That's right, remind yourself why you deserve to have a job interview - which is because you're awesome. As if that needs explaining.
  2. Research the organisation's mission and history. You know to find out what they do.
  3. Read it about 12 times.
  4. Convince yourself you have no idea what they do or how they do it.
  5. Assume that sometime in the interview you'll have a major epiphany and the reading you've done will come out of your month in your own words. 
  6. Write questions for when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions.
  7. Write back up questions for your questions because chances are they'll answer the question you so cleverly wrote.
  8. Remind yourself of your "biggest weakness" and remember to turn it into your biggest asset.
  9. Take a shower.
  10. Ahhh, hot water.
  11. Iron your foxy interview outfit.
  12. Hold it up and realise that you've somehow added MORE wrinkles. Curse.
  13. Re-iron shirt.
  14. Realise that you keep making it worse.
  15. Iron skirt. 
  16. Be slightly more successful in skirt de-wrinkling objective (this is good start throwing around words like 'horizontal integration' and 'key objectives')
  17. Leave for interview so that you arrive one-hour early to your destination. 
  18. Find the building you're going to while nonchalantly walking past, you know in case they're watching you.
  19. Find a Hudson's or Gloria Jean's coffee shop.
  20. Order a soy chai latte.
  21. Check watch.
  22. Burn your tongue.
  23. Re-read your notes, realise that your hand writing is an abomination.
  24. Freak out that you have no idea what you're doing or why your doing it.
  25. Worry that you have soy foam on your nose.
  26. Check watch again.
  27. Notice that you're 'freshly' ironed shirt is wrinkled.
  28. Wish you took home-ec so that you learned how to iron.
  29. Check your watch again.
  30. Tell yourself to man up, and walk to the building where the interview will be held.
I can't give you any advice past that point.  And you wouldn't want me to, today during the interview I said "vivor" instead of vigor.  Le sigh.


  1. I particularly like this list you've made for an interview. Yes coffee shop -first destination and I always end up spilling on my white blouse. I get anxious the night before every interview. The toughest one that I can recall was with a psychologist hired by the company during my 5th interview for the same position to assess and read me through and through. He made me do a sales pitch and he'll pretend to be the client, to find out whether I can close a deal. I laugh about it now but not so much at that time :)

  2. this list is pretty spot on! ugh, I get anxious even THINKING about interviews :-/

    - Val @

  3. I have to say at least the job called to say no. It is crazy frustrating to be in that waiting game!!

    This list is absolutely perfect and I think for one interview I ironed a skirt like 50 times and then when it was raining that day and I just gave up! hehe. =)

    From the week i've had at my job I maybe having to look at this list in the near future for a better opportunity! I will keep this in mind! =)

    Once again, GOOD LUCK!!!

    Ergo - Blog

  4. I love the list! Never know when you might need it :)

  5. Well obviously that job wasn't the one for you, but at least you didn't have to sit there wondering about it for long. And what an awesome list!

  6. This pretty much sums up every interview I've ever had. I have no idea how I have a job.

  7. Good luck with the job search! I hope you fine The Job, or one close to it. Sucks to be in a "this'll do job".

  8. Fantastic list Deirdre! Sorry that you didn't get the job- their loss. But you will find the one that is THE job. I have no doubt and good luck.

  9. Your response is so something I would say. I love your honesty in this post Deidre. Being rejected is close the worst feeling I have ever had, but it has shaped me and made me stronger than anything else. Those people who didn't hire you suck! Does that make you feel any better? ;) Sending good thoughts for next time.

  10. That list is so key, so many great suggestions. You'll get the next one! :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

  11. I love this list. Some of them i akready follow and some of them just made me laugh. Haha!

  12. I hate interviews because I get SOOOO nervous. This list was great. I read it and laughed because I do the same things.

    XO Lourdes

  13. This is spot on!! I would maybe add going to the bathroom to pee (approx. 150 times). If I am nervous I need to pee. A lot.

    Oh, and I loved what you've told them when they called you! Admirable!!!



  14. I had a good laugh reading your list. I'm also looking for a job that will be more of a career as opposed to just another pay cheque. I rarely drink coffee when going into an interview because it might turn me into a hyper active person when coupled with nerves.

    I always get nervous just a few minutes before the interview. I always repeat to myself in my head that i am nervous and that seems to ease the tension

    xo Stephanie

  15. That is some intense interview prep! I do some of these things, but not all. However, if it works for you and takes you to the perfect ending destination, that is all that matters!

  16. haha, such a lovely list! and good luck with the job search! x

  17. Interview Anxiety is probably the number one anxiety (aside from public speaking) in the world!!

  18. Oh I love this list - I am so keeping it handy for if (*when!*) I get ajob interview for next year! As for interview outfits - ugh! What a nightmare! And the weather is always entirely wrong for whatever you've finally decided on! Glad to hear you weren't too disappointed not to get this one, hope you get some good news about the others soon!

  19. Better that you wait for 'the job' right? One spends so much time at work that it must feel right. Good of them to let you know so quickly so you weren't left wondering. Fingers crossed for the right thing to come along.

  20. i'm applying for jobs right now as well and i'm having such a hard time, it's a bit depressing really but i hope that it'll be alright at the end :)

  21. I know the feeling exactly. I've followed many of these steps everytime but still nothing gets moving. It gets to the point where I've failed every interview I go to and I just think 'why did I bother?'

  22. Ugh, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't successful but trust me, I kept a spreadsheet of all the different places I applied to and my hit ratio was not impressive in the least. Keep your chin up - I promise you'll land something

  23. That's a great advice and it's actually cool that you get a job interview thanks to your blog.

    Sorry that it was not succesful but if you managed to say that it was fantastic after hearing you were not the chosen candidate then it wasn't the job for you for sure.

    Good luck with your job-hunt!