Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I'm at the part of the process where I need to reevaluate (and give myself a swift kick in my yogi ass).

Well hello. I'm back from my holiday which was absolutely spectacular and I will be writing a number of posts on it over the next couple days/weeks/however-long-it-takes-me. However, there are some things we need to discuss first.

Like how when we were getting on the plane leaving our island paradise yesterday and I started feeling more and more downtrodden about the fact that I'd be coming home to unemployment land. This was intensified by an experience I had the night before we flew out.

But of course this story, this rollercoaster called unemployment, doesn't start last week. It starts in January. And if you follow me on twitter, you'll have noticed some sporadic tweeting about it. Like when my Dream Job was advertised. I was still working, and I could barely contain myself to wait until I got out of there to read every morsel about the position and the organisation.

Applying for this job was involved. Very involved. So involved I think I spent about 30+ hours preparing the initial documents.

I then didn't hear back from them for weeks. So many weeks, I actually assumed I hadn't gotten an interview, but it was my dream job, so I was willing to be pushy. So I emailed them asking them about the status of my application. And lo, I had gotten into the second round of the application process. An interview? Sadly, no.

I had complete three other tasks that showcased my creativity, responsibility-ness, and my capacity to pick good content for Facebook. So, another 21 hours of work later and I emailed it in.

Great, so we all on board here? That brings us to last Thursday when I received an email saying that I was unsuccessful. I was devastated. I opened the email and sobbed so hard that I literally choked on my sobs - which later I realised is probably why they call it "choked up." Death by sobbing, what a way to go.
So coming back to Melbourne after a relaxing and satisfying holiday and feeling almost immediately distraught set off some alarm bells. Things need to change up here in Decoybetty Unemployment land.

And change they shall. So I've done some thinking, and this is where we stand as of right now.

1. This unemployment needs a theme song. (Last time it was "All Fired Up" by Pat Benatar)

Thanks Tom Petty. You can stand me up at the gates of Unemployment, and I won't be back down. No I won't back down.

This song is key for two reasons:

A. I'll keep pushing to get a job.

B. Not just any job. The job. I'm not going to settle for just anything. It doesn't have to be The Dream Job, but it has to be the "Happy Job."

2. I need a new routine, because the one I'm in now lends itself to the funk. And not the "groovy, get down with it" funk, but the "I haven't changed out of yoga clothes in 4 days or said more than "namaste" to someone who isn't Inspector Climate in weeks" funk (there may or may not be weeks when showering occurred so rarely that my Jew fro started dreading. Maybe. I mean, we can't know for sure).

A. I'll do 15 minutes of cleaning everyday - I read this on a blog some where. But it sounds brilliant, if sometimes cleaning sounds like a bit too much. Today's 15 minutes was spent folding and organising my clothing cupboard. Tomorrow? Dusting!

B. I'll not be watching as many movies.

C. I'll be getting out of the house at least weekly. Whether that's Dessert Day, taking the train to some place I've never been or walking to the beach, whatever it is. I'll be getting out of the house.

3. I'm going to leave no stone unturned. I'm going to look in places that aren't conventional AND I'm going to learn new things - like how to do graphic design.

Join me in kicking some bad habits?


  1. That sounds like a great set of rules - I hope it helps you! I also hope a job of great awesomeness comes your way soon.

  2. What Katie said.

    I hope that the Happy Job arrives soon. And I hope in the meantime you can find other ways to be happy :-)

  3. Sounds like a good plan! Also, I absolutely agree with you that you should not settle for any job, but for THE job, or at least the happy job.
    I have just been through the same, found my dream job, had my first day, and was utterly surprised why I accepted all the other crappy jobs before .... it is just not worth it, We spend most of our time in there and at least it should be fun and enjoyable!

    Keep going, yours is just out there somewhere! Until then try to 'enjoy' the time you have. I know it sounds odd especially because all other persons around oneself are pushy, asking on the job status update etc. Don;t let them make you uneasy about it (we make ourselves already uneasy enough). Maybe you just need a small time out...

    When I stumbled across my dream job it was completely out of my usual criteria. I am sure your stone uncovering will show some results soon! All the best!!

  4. Hey! I'm totally in! You pretty much just described my life right now.

    "Not just any job. The job. I'm not going to settle for just anything. It doesn't have to be The Dream Job, but it has to be the "Happy Job."

    ^^ And THIS is my new mantra :)

    Good luck job searching and keep us posted! Can't wait to see vacay pics too!

  5. I am sure that the Happy Job will be there soon for you! I am keeping my fingers crossed! You deserve it!
    And I can't wait to hear about your vacation!

  6. I think changing up the schedule is a great idea, it might offer some new opportunities to be inspired. You'll find your happy job soon!

  7. your rules sound great! :-) I agree with only "settling" on the Happy Job. anything besides that, and you'll just be wishing you were still unemployed again, and that would not be cool.

    - Val @

  8. Sorry to hear about the dream job slipping away. I am glad you are setting limits for yourself and not settling!

  9. I'm gutted for you that you missed out on the dream job after so much hard work, but things aren't always what they seem and maybe the real dream job is still out there ;) I've just sent off an application for a job I would love to get today, so fingers crossed! I know exactly what you mean about getting stuck in a funk - I love all your ideas for getting out of it! I find just little things like making my bed in the morning and washing up dishes straight after a meal instead of leaving them til later give me a boost, and I have also been trying to get out and about more this year and it's definitely made me happier! Hope you find a Happy Job soon :)

  10. Oh man... I already knew the story but it was still a roller coaster re-living it while reading this post! Hang in there... that wasn't your real dream job. Your actual Dream Job is still out there, just on the horizon...

  11. Sorry to hear about the job - but when one door closes, another opens. At least that's what I've been telling myself about my own unemployment which could result in me leaving Germany. Thus, doing way too much to stay here right now and I so hope it's worth it as it is completely out of my hands and in the hands of "the boss" aka Germany.

    It's been hard for me to avoid the funk, too. I sleep in a bit too late and lounge around too much in the morning, so I enrolled back in German class to get my butt up and working.

  12. This sounds like a step in the right direction. I'll be praying for you

    xo Stephanie

  13. oh, I hear you. same (similar) situation here. go for it girl :) xxo

  14. I love that song for your theme! And all your daily/weekly goals are achievable. You can do it!

  15. I wasn't in 'unemployment land' but kind of underemployment land last year where often the only person I would see all day was my UPS guy. I swear, I would order more stuff from Amazon just so I could have someone to talk to in the afternoon.

    I think you're making the right move in kicking some of those bad habits. Try and get out of the house. I know it's tough to motivate yourself but it really does help!

  16. Here's a test comment, using Chrome.


  17. AMEN! sista-friend! Tom P. is great for motivational rebellion for those of us who don't often rebel. Did that just make sense? Anyway. This post is one I totally have been NEEDING! (And apparently I am now able to follow you as JD ...hey, I just realized the irony there.. ::backtotopic:: I have no idea why, but I could never get it to go through before - sigh. Wordpress.) I may have to pingback to you - if I knew how to do that, so I may just copy a link.
    Hang in there girl. Hold on until your fun job comes. I've had one of those - and it is sooooooo worth the wait. Fingers crossed for you!

  18. Hi Deirdre, sorry to read that you didn't get your dream job. Hopefully that'll change soon.
    I think it's good to have a routine, I'll be landing in unemployment land in a couple of months, when my studies are over, and I'll try to keep these tips in mind. Also, I like that idea of not settling for any less than a happy job. Go for it!